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Preservation Partners

Tribal Historic Preservation Officers (THPO)

Tribal Historic Preservation Officers (THPOs) are officially designated by a federally-recognized Indian tribe to direct a program approved by the National Park Service. THPOs assume some or all of the functions of State Historic Preservation Officers on Tribal lands.

List of Tribal Historic Preservation Officers in California

Advisory Council on Historic Preservation

The Advisory Council on Historic Preservation  (ACHP) promotes the preservation, enhancement, and sustainable use of our nation’s diverse historic resources, and advises the President and the Congress on national historic preservation policy.

California Preservation Foundation

The California Preservation Foundation (CPF) is California's only statewide non-profit education, advocacy and membership organization for historic preservation. Founded in 1976, CPF's mission is to ensure that California's rich and diverse historic resources are identified, protected and celebrated for their history and their valuable role in California's economy, environment and quality of life. CPF sponsors the annual California Preservation Conference, Preservation Design Awards, CPF Workshops, and publishes a quarterly newsletter.

California Council for the Promotion of History

Founded in 1977, California Council for the Promotion of History (CCPH) provides a forum for professional historians, curators, archeologists, interpreters, archivists, preservationists, historical organizations, and advocationalists to share knowledge and ideas about California's history and historical resources.

National Alliance of Preservation Commissions

The mission of the National Alliance of Preservation Commissions (NACP) is to build strong local preservation programs through education, advocacy, and training. NAPC provides technical support and manages an information network to help local commissions accomplish their preservation objectives. NAPC also serves as an advocate at federal, state and local levels of government to promote policies and programs that support preservation commission efforts.

National Council of State Historic Preservation Officers

The National Conference of State Historic Preservation Officers (NCSHPO) is the professional association of the State government officials who carry out the national historic preservation program as delegates of the Secretary of the Interior pursuant to the National Historic Preservation Act of 1966, as amended (NHPA) (16 USC 470).

National Park Service Department of the Interior

The National Parks Service (NPS) is part of a national preservation partnership working with American Indian tribes, states, local governments, nonprofit organizations, historic property owners, and others who believe in the importance of our shared heritage – and its preservation. The NPS develops standards and guidelines for historic preservation planning and the treatment and rehabilitation of historic properties and administers the following programs on behalf of the Secretary of the Interior:

National Trust for Historic Preservation

The National Trust for Historic Preservation  (NTHP) is a private nonprofit organization with more than a quarter million members. The NTHP provides leadership, education and advocacy to save America's diverse historic places and revitalize our communities through regional and field offices. The NTHP offers technical assistance through consultations and field visits and small grants to help jump start local efforts. They also provide leadership on issues that concern entire regions, such as saving historic schools, fighting sprawl, and revitalizing cities through historic preservation.

National Trust for Historic Preservation Western Regional Office

Society for California Archaeology

The Society for California Archaeology (SCA) is a nonprofit scientific and educational organization dedicated to research, understanding, interpretation and conservation of the heritage of California and the regions that surround and pertain to it. SCA sponsors regional data sharing meetings and an annual meeting, promotes professional standards and ethical guidelins for the practice of archaeology, and seeks to increase public appreciation and support for the conservation of California's archaeological resources.