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Archaeological Resources Committee

The Archaeological Resources Committee (Committee) of the State Historical Resources Commission (SHRC) was established in 2006. The purpose of the Committee is to increase awareness of archaeology and improve the quality of professional archaeological practice in California.  To this end, the Committee is building upon previous decades’ work to meet the goals of the California Statewide Historic Preservation Plan 2006-2010.

Specifically, the Committee is working toward establishing best practices standards for professional archaeological investigations in California, particularly investigations undertaken as part of state and federal regulatory compliance work.  This work by the Committee is consistent with the powers and duties of the SHRC, as spelled out in Public Resources Code 5020.5, which reads:

a) The Commission shall develop criteria and methods for determining the significance of  archaeological sites, for selecting the most important archaeological sites, and for determining whether the most significant archaeological sites should be preserved intact or excavated and interpreted.

The Committee drafted white papers that address five policy areas: Conservation; Curation; Interpretation; Preservation; and Standards and Guidelines. The Archaeological White Papers were adopted by the State Historical Resources Commission on July 30, 2010.