Preservation Training


Whether you are a local or tribal government administering a preservation program, involved with a government or agency project, or a grass-roots group advocating for a valued historic resource, it is always good to be informed about procedures, policies, and programs related to historic preservation. Scroll through the content on this page to find training and learning opportunities offered by the staff of the OHP and our preservation partners. Expand your knowledge and improve your outcomes! 

OHP Workshop Series for Local Governments

The Office of Historic Preservation (OHP) now offers an annual series of free preservation workshops for local governments presented by the staff of our Local Government and Environmental Compliance Unit. The workshops are hosted by communities throughout the state, and focus on a variety of preservation-related topics related to the work of local planning and preservation agencies.

Please visit our Local Government Preservation Workshops page for information about current workshops.  

OHP Webinars and eLearning Modules

Have a question about Section 106? Registering a property? Tax credits for historic preservation projects? What the OHP really is all about? We probably have a webinar that answers your questions! Visit our OHP Webinar Archives page to view a selection of webinars presented by our staff on a variety of historic preservation topics. 

Interpretation and Application of Secretary of the Interior's Standards for the Treatment of Historic Properties

Training Opportunities from Preservation Organizations

The California Preservation Foundation (CPF) co-sponsors a wide variety of timely workshops, webinars, and other preservation events. 

The California Preservation Program (CPP) sponsors trainings and provides information and assistance on the preservation of collections for archives, historical societies, history museums, libraries, and record repositories.

The National Preservation Institute, a nonprofit organization founded in 1980, educates those involved in the management, preservation, and stewardship of our cultural heritage.