CHRIS Digital Data Availability

There are two main sources of information for the CHRIS Inventory:

1) Resource Records, which contain information about historical resources, and

2) Study Reports. Both of these items are submitted to the CHRIS by its users. 

From each of these two sources, the CHRIS copies or derives three types of data:

1) Resource and Report Geographic Information System (GIS) shapes, indicating locations of resources and studies,

2) Resource and Report Database Records, containing descriptive data that are separate from the GIS datasets, but may be linked to them and provide details about the nature of the resources and reports in the CHRIS Inventory, and

3) Resource and Report PDFs (electronic document), which are copies of the records and reports submitted to the CHRIS.

The chart below indicates which of these six types of digital data are available for each county in California and at which Information Centers (ICs) as of 30 July 2019. For more detailed information regarding data, please contact the appropriate Information Center. 

Information Center Initials (see the IC Roster for contact information):

CCaIC = Central California
CCoIC = Central Coast
EIC = Eastern
NCIC = North Central
NEIC = Northeast
NWIC = Northwest
SCCIC = South Central Coastal
SCIC = South Coastal
SSJVIC = Southern San Joaquin Valley   

CHRIS Data Availability Chart

Chart (downloadable pdf)

CHRIS Data Availability Chart