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Information Center Procedural Advisory Committee

The Information Center Procedural Advisory Committee (ICPAC) was created by the State Historical Resources Commission (SHRC) in 1989 (as the "Subcommittee on Historic Preservation"). The SHRC's purpose for the committee, consistent with the responsibilities set forth in Section 5020.4 of the California Public Resources Code, is to evaluate the mission and scope of the California Historical Resources Information System (CHRIS), operational policies and procedures, and accessibility of information from the California Historic Resources Inventory.

ICPAC Rules of Order (adopted October 15, 2013)
ICPAC Meeting Public Participation Protocols (adopted October 15, 2013)

Committee Meeting Notices and Agenda

Upcoming Meetings
  March 11, 2016 Notice and Agenda

Previous Meetings
   August 4, 2014 Notice and Agenda
   October 15, 2013 Notice and Agenda
   September 27, 2013 Notice and Agenda
   January 21, 2014 Notice and Agenda
   June 3, 2014 Notice and Agenda

Committee Meeting Notes

September 27, 2013 Meeting Notes (Final)
October 15, 2013 Meeting Notes (Final)
January 21 2014 Meeting Notes (Final)