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At its core, historic preservation is people coming together to preserve their shared history and traditions. On this page we offer suggestions and links to ways that you can be an active part of the preservation community. Get Involved!


Preservation is Now

Highlighting some current opportunities and activities in historic preservation.

modernism week
Explore the Modern side of California's heritage at the annual Palm Springs Modernism Week, February 12-22, 2015Tour some of California's iconic mid-century modern homes and public buildings, hear about preservation success stories and challenges, and attend a panel discussion on modernism and the National Register of Historic Places hosted by the Modernism Committee of the State Historic Resources Commission. Become a part of the modernism community! 

Tour an architectural treasure in Los Angeles. A major restoration project was just completed at the Aline Barnsdall Hollyhock House in Los Angeles. Designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, the house has been restored as faithfully as possible back to its original 1921 presentation. Hollyhock House will be open free to the public for 24 hours beginning at 4pm on February 13, 2015, and from the 4pm opening until 11am the next morning the tour will be free! A regular schedule of tours will begin the week thereafter. 

Nominate an individual, organization, or project for the 2015 Governor's Historic Preservation Awards! This award program recognizes exceptional efforts to preserve California's heritage. Whether it is a small, grass roots effort, or a multi-agency project, good works deserve to be recognized!  Visit our Governor's Historic Preservation Awards webpage for program details and nomination forms.

Expand your knowledge about the issues and processes of historic preservation. The OHP, in partnership with the California Preservation Foundation, is offering four free webinars beginning in November of this year and continuing into 2015. Learn about the OHP, Section 106, National Register nominations, and more. For details and registration information, please visit our Training and Workshops page.

Latino History

to the Preserve Latino History Initiative! The Office of Historic Preservation is developing a historic context for properties in California associated with the history of Latinos during the twentieth century, and preparing a Multiple Property Documentation Form to help in nominating many of those properties to the National Register of Historic Places. You can be a part of this effort by identifying places in your community that are important to Latino history and culture. Visit our Preserve Latino History webpage for details.

your stories! The Advisory Council on Historic Preservation (ACHP) is creating a collection of Section 106 Success Stories as part of their preparations to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the National Historic Preservation Act in 2016. The Section 106 stories will be used to highlight the benefits and importance of this program in protecting treasured historical resources. Click here to learn how to nominate a project as a success story, or email your suggestions to

Preservation is Organized

Click on the links below to learn about preservation efforts at the state and national levels, and how you can be a part of it all....

Advisory Council on Historic Preservation (ACHP)
California Preservation Foundation (CPF)
California Council for the Promotion of History (CCPH)
National Park Service (NPS)
National Trust for Historic Preservation (NTHP)
Society for California Archaeology (SCA)
Tribal Historic Preservation Officers (THPO)

Preservation is Local

Check the list of local and regional preservation organizations, included on this page, to find preservation opportunities near you. Here are suggestions for some other ways that you can be an active preservationist:

Join a historical society or preservation organization in your community.

Visit a historic place or building in your local area. Take some photos and post them on your social media sites. Tell what you learned and liked about the place you visited.

Seek out and visit California Historical Landmarks in your county. Nominate a historically/culturally significant site or building in your town for a California Historical Landmark, or the National Register of Historic Places. Visit our Registration webpage to learn how.

Learn the historical and cultural heritage of your community. When was it founded and by who? Were there any California Indian communities on that site before settlers arrived? Attend a cultural festival or other event in your area.

local youth in creating a Then and Now photography project: locate historic photos of streets in your community, and then take photos of the streets as they are today. Research and write histories of the streets, and then post your Then and Now project on your community's website..

Create a guide to historic resources in your community.