CHRIS Access and Use Agreement

Access and Use Agreements Updated
On January 11, 2013, the CHRIS Information Centers began using new Access and Use Agreements with their customers. On July 29, 2016, the forms were updated via approval by the State Historical Resources Commission. The update was done to provide clarification regarding access by California Native American tribes to CHRIS Information held by Access and Use Agreement holders for purposes of lead agency notification of and consultation with California Native American tribes, pursuant to California Public Resources Code § 21080.3.1 (a part of the changes to the California Environmental Quality Act implemented in 2015 through AB52). In addition, a grammatical error was corrected in the second-to-last paragraph of the agreement recitals, and a minor change was made to make filling out the first page of the Agreement a little easier. All other language in the Access and Use agreement template remains the same as the 2013 version. Existing Access and Use Agreements that were executed using the 2013 version are still valid.

If you need access to CHRIS information, you must have an Access and Use Agreement that has been processed through a CHRIS Information Center, with the following exceptions:

1) Information requests from individuals pertaining to historical resources located on private property which they own; or
2) Requests for summary information about historical resources, prepared by an Information Center; or
3) Information requests for educational or scholarly research only; or
4) Requests for information where the terms of access are specified in an agreement with the Information Center at which the information is being requested, and said agreement specifically excludes the requirement for a CHRIS Information Access and Use Agreement.

For the above exceptions, you must use the new Access Agreement Short Form for access to CHRIS information and services.

A CHRIS Access and Use Agreement may apply to an individual, office, company, district, agency, or some other administrative or organizational unit. Make sure this organizational scope is made clear when you are completing the agreement, using the “Region/Office” space on the agreement’s first page. Only one CHRIS Access and Use Agreement should be completed by the agreement holder, and this agreement will apply through the entire CHRIS, at all Information Centers. In other words, if you submit one to an Information Center, once it is processed and accepted, the agreement will apply to all of the Information Centers, and you need not submit another until the current one expires (if it has an expiration date).

Please allow for a processing time of several days during implementation of the new Access and Use Agreements.

For some Information Centers, use of the new agreements will coincide with their initial sale of spatial (GIS) data, non-spatial digital data, and/or electronic resource records and reports as part of their records search products. For other Information Centers that are already selling these digital products, they will simply switch over to the new agreements, and continue providing the same products and services. For more information on digital product availability, see our Digital Data Availability page.

There are several related forms which will come in to use at the same time as the new Access and Use Agreements. NOTE: These forms are only valid if you have an active Access and Use Agreement.

1) CHRIS Data Request Form – for use with all records searches submitted by holders of active Access and Use Agreements.
2) CHRIS Data Authorized User Form – for identifying each user that will be submitting information requests or conducting records searches under the terms of an Access and Use Agreement. The initial submittal of these forms should occur simultaneously with submittal of the Access and Use Agreement for processing at an Information Center. Any subsequent submittals of this form to add authorized users under an active Access and Use Agreement should be made by an individual who is already an authorized user, and should be made in advance of the new authorized users making CHRIS information requests. Updated to include a “Print Name” space on 1-29-13.
3) CHRIS Information Center Conditional Use Agreement  – for use when the holder of an active Access and Use Agreement desires to temporarily share CHRIS data with another person or entity who is not covered under that same agreement.

For additional information, see our CHRIS Access and Use Agreement Frequently Asked Questions page. Please contact the appropriate regional Information Center if you have more questions about use of the forms described above.

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