CHRIS Access and Use Agreement Frequently Asked Questions

The following questions and answers apply to the CHRIS Access and Use Agreements and associated forms that were implemented January 11, 2013, and became mandatory for the majority of users (see below) on March 1, 2013.

Who should use the CHRIS Information Access and Use Agreement?
Any entity or individual who will be conducting or requesting a record search at a Regional Information Center (IC), with the following exceptions:

1. Anyone requesting information pertaining to historical resources located on private property which they own;
2. Anyone requesting summary information about historical resources, to be prepared by an Information Center;
3. Anyone requesting information for education or scholarly research only; or,
4. Anyone whose terms of access to CHRIS information are specified in an agreement with the Information Center at which the information is being requested, and said agreement specifically excludes the requirement for a CHRIS Information Access and Use Agreement.

If any of the above exceptions apply to you, please use the CHRIS Access Agreement Short Form to make a records search request. Otherwise, you should submit a single CHRIS Access and Use Agreement, and once that is approved by an Information Center, submit a CHRIS Data Request Form for each records search request.

My company/agency/other entity has a CHRIS Information Access and Use Agreement on file. Can anyone affiliated with my company/agency access a Regional Information Center under the same Access Agreement?
No. In order to request information, or conduct research at an Information Center, individuals affiliated with an entity that has an approved Access and User Agreement on file must also have a completed, signed and approved CHRIS Authorized User Form on file with an Information Center. Individuals who will be using the information after it has been received from an Information Center do not have to have a CHRIS Authorized User Form on file, but their access to the information and compliance with the terms of the pertinent Access and Use Agreement is the responsibility of the Agreement holder.

When should I use the CHRIS Data Request Form?
The CHRIS Data Request Form is required for all record search requests submitted by holders of active Access and Use Agreements. If you are exempt from the Access and Use Agreement requirement, please contact the pertinent Information Center about your information request/records search needs.

My company/agency/entity holds an active Access and User Agreement and I have an Authorized User Form on file with an Information Center of the CHRIS. Can I share CHRIS data temporarily with someone from another company/agency/entity?
Only if you have a completed, signed, and approved CHRIS Information Conditional Use Agreement must be on file with an Information Center. Unauthorized sharing of CHRIS data is a violation of the terms of the Access and Use Agreement, and may result in termination of that Agreement.

Do I need to submit an Access and Use Agreement to each Information Center that I intend to use?
No. A single Access and Use Agreement should be submitted for approval at just one CHRIS Information Center, and is applicable CHRIS]wide, once approved. All active Access and Use Agreements, and associated documents, are tracked via a centralized database that is accessed and maintained collectively by all Information Centers.

My agency/company/entity has an existing Memorandum of Understanding that
predates the new Access and Use Agreements. Is it still valid?
Yes, unless your Information Center has informed you that it is not valid. It is only applicable to the Information Center with which you have the existing MOU. In general, CHRIS access]oriented agreements are still valid, but you should check with the Information Center(s) regarding any additional restrictions in the new Access and Use Agreements, and to address any possible conflicts between your existing agreement and the new Access and Use Agreements.

The Information Center with which my company/agency/entity holds an agreement told me it is no longer valid. Now what?
The Information Center should also be helping you to craft a new agreement, or have given you other options to pursue. Please contact them if this has not yet happened.
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