Ahjumawi landscapeHosted by California tribes, THPO/SHPO summits provide an opportunity to discuss a variety of topics and issues related to tribal historic preservation concerns. Summits typically occur once per year, though not necessarily on an annual basis. Attendees include tribal members, tribal historic preservation officers (THPOs), federal, state, and local agency representatives, and the State Historic Preservation Officer (SHPO) and staff from the California Office of Historic Preservation (OHP). The OHP is pleased to participate in these summits as part of our partnership with California’s tribal communities, and in fulfillment of goals outlined in Sustainable Preservation: California's Statewide Historic Preservation Plan 2013-2017.

Upcoming Summits

2019 CalTHPO/SHPO Summit, July 24-26, 2019

Hosted by the United Auburn Indian Community, this year's summit will focus on building consultation partnerships and working together on environmental stewardship issues, particularly managing changing landscape conditions due to climate change and extreme weather. Click here for the 2019 Summit Agenda.