Active Disasters: Immediate Response

This page, and related sub-pages, provide information related to the protection and care of historic resources during an actively occuring disaster or in the immediate hours and days following a disaster. This information is advisory only and should not be perceived as policy, nor should it supersede local, regional, or state policies and procedures put in place at the time of a disaster. During active disasters, related state or federal emergency declarations will be posted to this page for a period of thirty days.

Previous Disaster Proclamations

Active State Emergency Proclamations for California

Statewide Emergency Due to Fires, Extreme Weather Conditions
Declared 10/27/2019

State of Emergency in Sonoma and Los Angeles Counties Due to Fires
Declared 10/25/2019

For OHP database or contact information on counties impacted by disasters:

California Historical Resources Information System (CHRIS)

California Certified Local Government Coordinators

Historic Property Disaster Response

State and Federal Agency Emergency Response Advice

Local Jurisdiction Emergency Response Advice

Property Owner Emergency Response Advice