Tribal Historic Preservation Officers Program (THPOs)

Tribal Historic Preservation Officers (THPOs) are officially designated by a federally-recognized Indian tribe to direct a program approved by the National Park Service and the THPO must have assumed some or all of the functions of State Historic Preservation Officers on Tribal lands. This program was made possible by the provisions of Section 101(d)(2) of the National Historic Preservation Act.

Before a Tribe may assume the functions of a State Historic Preservation Officer, the National Historic Preservation Act requires Tribes to submit a formal plan to the National Park Service describing how the proposed Tribal Historic Preservation Officer functions will be carried out.

Developing a Tribal Historic Preservation Plan

List of California Tribal Historic Preservation Officers

Map of California Reservations and THPOs
(Created for California's Tribal Historic Preservation Officers by the Aqua Caliente Indian Reservation)

National Association of Tribal Historic Preservation Officers (NATHPO)

Map of THPOs Nationwide
(Created for NATHPO by the Agua Caliente Indian Reservation)

National Park Service Tribal Historic Preservation Program


Hosted by California tribes, THPO/SHPO summits provide an opportunity to discuss a variety of topics and issues related to tribal historic preservation concerns. Summits typically occur once per year, though not necessarily on an annual basis. 

For information about upcoming or previous summits, please visit our THPO/SHPO Summits page.