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Compatibility vs. Differentiation: A Discussion about Standard 9

As the result of a recent workshop on Integrity of Historic Resources, interest in the topic of compatibility vs. differentiation has been raised. In response to this interest, OHP is offering the below link to an article discussing the subtleties of meeting Standard 9 of the Secretary of the Interior's Standards, " work shall be differentiated from the old, and shall be compatible with the massing, size, scale, and architectural features to protect the historic integrity of the property and its environment."

The article below is reprinted by permission from Traditional Building magazine. The roundtable on "Compatibility vs. Differentiation" moderated by Steven Semes published in February 2011 captures the difference in thinking on compatibility with Standard 9.

Readers are invited to share other articles on this or other topics of interest with OHP to further the preservation community's understanding of preservation, design and conformance to the Secretary of the Interior's Standards.

"Compatibility vs. Differentiation" by Steven Semes, Traditional Building February 2011

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