Cultural Resources Climate Change Task Force

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Addressing Climate Change in California

Safeguarding California Plan: 2018 Update, developed by 38 agencies across state government, is a holistic plan of ongoing actions and recommendations that protect infrastructure, communities, services, and the natural environment from climate change. The plan is intended to serve as a durable guide for state government that both makes its efforts transparent to the public and holds agencies accountable for real progress.  One initiative set forth in this document is the establishment of the Cultural Resources Climate Change Task Force.  Led by the California Office of Historic Preservation (OHP), with participation of partner state agencies, the Task Force is charged with considering the intersection of cultural resources and climate change to create mitigation and adaptation measures to advance the goals of the Paris Agreement.  A Cultural Resources Climate Change Strategic Plan (Plan) is envisioned for completion to coincide with the next update of Safeguarding California. The overall strategy will be to develop and implement non-traditional ways to address the state’s cultural resources before they suffer irreversible effects of climate change. Learn more about the Safeguarding California initiative.

Joining the Global Call for Climate Action

In September 2018, the Global Climate Action Summit was held at multiple venues throughout San Francisco, with various additional climate related events held around the city. This international event brought together leaders and people from around the globe and from a variety of public and private sectors to make a united call for climate action. The OHP, along with many national and international partners, facilitated an officially affiliated session, Climate Heritage Mobilization. The Mobilization session continued an already building conversation around the intersection of culture, preservation, and climate change.  The session had three goals: 1) Introduce the Cultural Resources Climate Change Task Force; 2) Introduce the Climate Heritage Network; and 3) Provide thoughtful input on the subject to the Talanoa Dialogue in advance of COP 24 (United Nations Climate Change Conference) in Katowice, Poland. All three goals were successfully realized.


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