California Historical Resources

California's historical resources represent the contributions and collective human experiences of a diversified population spanning 10,000-12,000 years of occupancy in California. This rich heritage is embodied in the cultural and historical landscapes of California as evidenced by archaeological remains, historic buildings, traditional customs, tangible artifacts, historical documents, and public records extant in California. All these evidences of the past contribute to the sum total of California's history. Such historical resources provide continuity with our past and enhance our quality of life.

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Name (Landmark Plaque Number) National Register California State Historical Landmark California Register of Historical Resources Point of Interest Date Listed City (County)
HAVENS, WESTON, HOUSE (N2410) Checkmark 6/11/2008 Berkeley (Alameda)
10TH STREET MARKET (N2139) Checkmark 8/3/2001 Oakland (Alameda)
ALAMEDA CITY HALL (N908) Checkmark 10/14/1980 Alameda (Alameda)
ALAMEDA COUNTY COURTHOUSE (P163) Checkmark 3/19/1970 San Leandro (Alameda)
ALAMEDA COUNTY GAZETTE NEWSPAPER (P171) Checkmark 3/19/1970 San Leandro (Alameda)
ALAMEDA FREE LIBRARY (N1117) Checkmark 6/25/1982 Alameda (Alameda)
ALAMEDA HIGH SCHOOL (N495) Checkmark 5/12/1977 Alameda (Alameda)
ALAMEDA VETERANS' MEMORIAL BUILDING (N2371) Checkmark 9/27/2007 Alameda (Alameda)
ALTENHEIM (N2353) Checkmark 1/10/2007 Oakland (Alameda)
ALVARADO SCHOOL (P504) Checkmark 7/27/1977 Union City (Alameda)
AMERICAN BAG CO.--UNION HIDE CO. (N2065) Checkmark 8/13/1999 Oakland (Alameda)
ANNA HEAD SCHOOL FOR GIRLS (N896) Checkmark 8/11/1980 Berkeley (Alameda)
BACHELDER, THOMAS FOXWELL, BARN (N1861) Checkmark 4/15/1994 Sunol (Alameda)
BANK OF ITALY (N695) Checkmark 11/16/1978 Livermore (Alameda)
BELLEVUE-STATEN, THE (N1745) Checkmark 12/27/1991 Oakland (Alameda)
BERKELEY CITY CLUB (908) Checkmark 5/12/1977 Berkeley (Alameda)
BERKELEY DAY NURSERY (N516) Checkmark 9/15/1977 Berkeley (Alameda)
BERKELEY HIGH SCHOOL CAMPUS HISTORIC DISTRICT (N2379) Checkmark 1/7/2008 Berkeley (Alameda)
BERKELEY HILLSIDE CLUB (N2233) Checkmark 4/16/2004 Berkeley (Alameda)
BERKELEY HISTORIC CIVIC CENTER DISTRICT (N2040) Checkmark 12/3/1998 Berkeley (Alameda)
BERKELEY PUBLIC LIBRARY (N1118) Checkmark 6/25/1982 Berkeley (Alameda)
BERKELEY WOMEN'S CITY CLUB (N523) Checkmark 10/28/1977 Berkeley (Alameda)
BEST TRACTOR COMPANY / CATERPILLAR TRACTOR COMPANY (P170) Checkmark 3/19/1970 San Leandro (Alameda)
BOONE'S UNIVERSITY SCHOOL (N1157) Checkmark 11/1/1982 Berkeley (Alameda)
BOWLES HALL (N1583) Checkmark 3/16/1989 Berkeley (Alameda)
CALIFORNIA HALL (N1063) Checkmark 3/25/1982 Berkeley (Alameda)
CALIFORNIA HOTEL (N1570) Checkmark 6/30/1988 Oakland (Alameda)
CALIFORNIA MEMORIAL STADIUM (N2348) Checkmark 11/27/2006 Berkeley (Alameda)
CALIFORNIA NURSERY CO. GUEST HOUSE (N73) Checkmark 5/6/1971 Fremont (Alameda)
CALVARY CEMETERY (P224) Checkmark 10/5/1971 San Leandro (Alameda)
CAMERON-STANFORD HOUSE (N172) Checkmark 6/13/1972 Oakland (Alameda)
CAMINO OF RANCHO SAN ANTONIO (299) Checkmark 3/22/1939 Oakland (Alameda)
CASA PERALTA (N979) Checkmark 1/4/1982 San Leandro (Alameda)
CASA PERALTA (P225) Checkmark 10/5/1971 San Leandro (Alameda)
CHAMBER OF COMMERCE BUILDING (N1370) Checkmark 8/29/1985 Berkeley (Alameda)
CHRISTOPHER BUCKLEY ESTATE, RAVENSWOOD (P380) Checkmark 3/20/1975 Livermore (Alameda)
CHURCH OF ST. JAMES THE APOSTLE (694) Checkmark 9/11/1959 Oakland (Alameda)
CHURCH OF THE GOOD SHEPHERD-EPISCOPAL (N1471) Checkmark 12/1/1986 Berkeley (Alameda)
CITY HALL (N971) Checkmark 9/11/1981 Berkeley (Alameda)
CITY OF OAKLAND (USS HOGA) (N1596) Checkmark 6/30/1989 Oaklnad (Alameda)
CLAY BUILDING (N699) Checkmark 11/20/1978 Oakland (Alameda)
CLOYNE COURT HOTEL (N1806) Checkmark 12/24/1992 Berkeley (Alameda)
COASTGUARD LIGHTSHIP WLV-605 - RELIEF (Decommissioned) (1036) Checkmark Checkmark Checkmark 9/26/2003 Oakland (Alameda)
COHEN, ALFRED H., HOUSE (N241) Checkmark 6/19/1973 Oakland (Alameda)
COLLEGE WOMEN'S CLUB (N997) Checkmark 1/21/1982 Berkeley (Alameda)
CONCANNON VINEYARD (641) Checkmark 4/28/1958 Livermore (Alameda)
CORDER BUILDING (N984) Checkmark 1/11/1982 Berkeley (Alameda)
COWELL MEMORIAL HOSPITAL (N1809) Checkmark 1/6/1993 Berkeley (Alameda)
CRESTA BLANCA WINERY (586) Checkmark 5/22/1957 Livermore (Alameda)
CROLL BUILDING (954) Checkmark 1/14/1983 Alameda (Alameda)
CROLL BUILDING (N1135) Checkmark 10/4/1982 Alameda (Alameda)
DANIEL BEST HOME (P216) Checkmark 10/5/1971 San Leandro (Alameda)
DOE MEMORIAL LIBRARY (N1064) Checkmark 3/25/1982 Berkeley (Alameda)
DOWNTOWN OAKLAND HISTORIC DISTRICT (N2024) Checkmark 7/1/1998 Oakland (Alameda)
DRAWING BUILDING (N452) Checkmark 11/18/1976 Berkeley (Alameda)
DUNNS BLOCK (N691) Checkmark 11/15/1978 Oakland (Alameda)
DUNSMUIR HOUSE (N171) Checkmark 5/19/1972 Oakland (Alameda)
DURANT HALL (N1065) Checkmark 3/25/1982 Berkeley (Alameda)
EDEN CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH (N2368) Checkmark 8/3/2007 (Alameda)
EDWARDS, GEORGE C., STADIUM (N1819) Checkmark 4/1/1993 Berkeley (Alameda)
ELLISTON (N1361) Checkmark 6/19/1985 Sunol (Alameda)
ENGLISH-MOHR HOUSE (P468) Checkmark 2/27/1976 Pleasanton (Alameda)
ESTUDILLO HOME (279) Checkmark 1/8/1938 San Leandro (Alameda)
FACULTY CLUB (N1066) Checkmark 3/25/1982 Berkeley (Alameda)
FALLON HOUSE (P411) Checkmark 8/7/1975 Pleasanton (Alameda)
FEDERAL REALTY BUILDING (N737) Checkmark 1/2/1979 Oakland (Alameda)
FIRST BERKELEY ADOBE SITE (P139) Checkmark 8/29/1969 Berkeley (Alameda)
FIRST CHURCH OF CHRIST, SCIENTIST (N548) Checkmark 12/22/1977 Berkeley (Alameda)
FIRST PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH SANCTUARY BUILDING (N928) Checkmark 11/25/1980 Alameda (Alameda)
FIRST UNITARIAN CHURCH (N976) Checkmark 12/10/1981 Berkeley (Alameda)
FIRST UNITARIAN CHURCH OF OAKLAND (896) Checkmark Checkmark 6/16/1976 Oakland (Alameda)
FOUNDERS' ROCK (N1067) Checkmark 3/25/1982 Berkeley (Alameda)
FOX COURT (N1018) Checkmark 2/4/1982 Berkeley (Alameda)
FOX-OAKLAND THEATER (N752) Checkmark 2/2/1979 Oakland (Alameda)
FRANCISCO SOLANO ALVISO ADOBE (510) Checkmark 9/24/1953 Dublin (Alameda)
GARFIELD INTERMEDIATE SCHOOL (N1112) Checkmark 6/14/1982 Berkeley (Alameda)
GIANNINI HALL (N1068) Checkmark 3/25/1982 Berkeley (Alameda)
GIRTON HALL (N1735) Checkmark 9/26/1991 Berkeley (Alameda)
GOLDEN SHEAF BAKERY (N575) Checkmark 3/31/1978 Berkeley (Alameda)
GREEK ORTHODOX CHURCH OF THE ASSUMPTION (N608) Checkmark 5/22/1978 Oakland (Alameda)
GREEN SHUTTER HOTEL (N2243) Checkmark 6/16/2004 Hayward (Alameda)
GREEN STORE (P544) Checkmark 12/7/1979 Dublin (Alameda)
HAGEMANN RANCH HISTORIC DISTRICT (N2380) Checkmark 1/10/2008 Livermore (Alameda)
HARRISON AND FIFTEENTH STS. HISTORIC DISTRICT (N1966) Checkmark 11/7/1996 Oakland (Alameda)
HAVILAND HALL (N1014) Checkmark 2/1/1982 Berkeley (Alameda)
HEARST GREEK THEATRE (N1069) Checkmark 3/25/1982 Berkeley (Alameda)
HEARST GYMNASIUM FOR WOMEN (N1070) Checkmark 3/25/1982 Berkeley (Alameda)
HEARST MEMORIAL MINING BUILDING (N1071) Checkmark 3/25/1982 Berkeley (Alameda)
HEATHCOTE--MACKENZIE HOUSE (N1742) Checkmark 10/29/1991 Pleasanton (Alameda)
HEINHOLD'S FIRST AND LAST CHANCE SALOON (N2100) Checkmark 9/1/2000 Oakland (Alameda)
HERRICK/STROBRIDGE HOUSE (P778) Checkmark 11/12/1992 Castro Valley (Alameda)
HILGARD HALL (N1072) Checkmark 3/25/1982 Berkeley (Alameda)
HILLSIDE SCHOOL (N1139) Checkmark 10/29/1982 Berkeley (Alameda)
HOLY GHOST CHAPEL, IDES HALL (P606) Checkmark 1/14/1983 San Leandro (Alameda)
JEWISH SYNAGOGUE (P168) Checkmark 3/19/1970 San Leandro (Alameda)
JOAQUIN MILLER HOME (107) Checkmark 3/29/1933 Oakland (Alameda)
KAHN'S DEPARTMENT STORE (N1588) Checkmark 3/30/1989 Oakland (Alameda)
KOTTINGER, JOHN W., ADOBE BARN (N1375) Checkmark 9/12/1985 Pleasanton (Alameda)
LADEIS' RELIEF SOCIETY CHILDREN'S HOME (N2328) Checkmark 7/13/2006 Oakland (Alameda)
LAKE CHABOT (P164) Checkmark 3/19/1970 San Leandro (Alameda)
LECONTE HALL (N2246) Checkmark 6/25/2004 Berkeley (Alameda)
LELAND STANFORD WINERY (642) Checkmark 4/28/1958 Fremont (Alameda)
LIBERTY HALL (N1589) Checkmark 3/30/1989 Oakland (Alameda)
LIGHTSHIP WAL-605, RELIEF (N1617) Checkmark 12/20/1989 Oakland (Alameda)
LITTLE BROWN CHURCH (P222) Checkmark 10/5/1971 San Leandro (Alameda)
LIVERMORE MEMORIAL MONUMENT (241) Checkmark 6/10/1936 Livermore (Alameda)
LOCKE HOUSE (N1591) Checkmark 4/7/1989 Oakland (Alameda)
LORENZO THEATER (C7) Checkmark 2/10/2000 San Lorenzo (Alameda)
LORING HOUSE (N1599) Checkmark 7/13/1989 Berkeley (Alameda)
M.V. SANTA ROSA (N781) Checkmark 5/29/1979 Oakland (Alameda)
MADISON PARK APARTMENTS (N1084) Checkmark 4/1/1982 Oakland (Alameda)
MAIN POST OFFICE AND FEDERAL BUILDING (N913) Checkmark 10/23/1980 Oakland (Alameda)
MANUEL GARCIA HOME (P217) Checkmark 10/5/1971 San Leandro (Alameda)
MARIO J. POLVOROSA RESIDENCE (P568) Checkmark 6/12/1981 San Leandro (Alameda)
MASONIC TEMPLE (N1127) Checkmark 7/15/1982 Berkeley (Alameda)
MASONIC TEMPLE AND LODGE (N1073) Checkmark 3/25/1982 Alameda (Alameda)
MCCONAGHY HOUSE (P410) Checkmark 8/7/1975 San Leandro (Alameda)
MCCREA HOUSE (N1024) Checkmark 2/11/1982 Oakland (Alameda)
MEEK ESTATE/PARK (P237) Checkmark 1/19/1972 Hayward (Alameda)
MEEK MANSION AND CARRIAGE HOUSE (N238) Checkmark 6/4/1973 Hayward (Alameda)
MILLS HALL (849) Checkmark Checkmark 10/12/1971 Oakland (Alameda)
MISSION SAN JOSE (334) Checkmark Checkmark 8/8/1939 Fremont (Alameda)
MONTGOMERY WARD AND COMPANY (N2059) Checkmark 6/15/1999 Oakland (Alameda)
MULFORD CLUBHOUSE (P218) Checkmark 10/5/1971 San Leandro (Alameda)
MURPHY, D. J., HOUSE (N583) Checkmark 4/6/1978 Livermore (Alameda)
NORTH GATE HALL (N1074) Checkmark 3/25/1982 Berkeley (Alameda)
OAKLAND CITY HALL (N1233) Checkmark 9/15/1983 Oakland (Alameda)
OAKLAND FREE LIBRARY--23RD AVENUE BRANCH (N1931) Checkmark 2/16/1996 Oakland (Alameda)
OAKLAND FREE LIBRARY--ALDEN BRANCH (N1932) Checkmark 2/16/1996 Oakland (Alameda)
OAKLAND FREE LIBRARY--GOLDEN GATE BRANCH (N1933) Checkmark 2/16/1996 Oakland (Alameda)
OAKLAND FREE LIBRARY--MELROSE BRANCH (N1934) Checkmark 2/16/1996 Oakland (Alameda)
OAKLAND HOTEL (N810) Checkmark 9/4/1979 Oakland (Alameda)
OAKLAND PUBLIC LIBRARY (N1214) Checkmark 8/11/1983 Oakland (Alameda)
OAKLAND TECHNICAL HIGH SCHOOL--MAIN BUILDING (P668) Checkmark 3/25/1986 Oakland (Alameda)
OAKLAND WATERFRONT WAREHOUSE DISTRICT (N2094) Checkmark 4/24/2000 Oakland (Alameda)
OAKLAND YWCA BUILDING (N1308) Checkmark 9/20/1984 Oakland (Alameda)
ORIGINAL MURRAY SCHOOLHOUSE (P448) Checkmark 12/22/1975 Dublin (Alameda)
PACIFIC GAS & ELECTRIC COMPANY BUILDING (N1445) Checkmark 7/17/1986 Oakland (Alameda)
PACIFIC PRESS BUILDING (N345) Checkmark 4/14/1975 Oakland (Alameda)
PANORAMIC HILL (N2308) Checkmark 10/21/2005 Berkeley (Alameda)
PARAMOUNT THEATRE (884) Checkmark Checkmark 5/9/1975 Oakland (Alameda)
PARDEE HOUSE (1027) Checkmark Checkmark 2/5/1998 Oakland (Alameda)
PARK STREET HISTORIC COMMERCIAL DISTRICT (N1105) Checkmark 5/12/1982 Alameda (Alameda)
PATTERSON, GEORGE WASHINGTON, RANCH--ARDENWOOD (N1405) Checkmark 11/29/1985 Fremont (Alameda)
PERALTA HACIENDA SITE (925) Checkmark 12/7/1978 Oakland (Alameda)
PERALTA HOUSE (285) Checkmark Checkmark 1/8/1938 San Leandro (Alameda)
PERALTA, ANTONIO MARIA, HOUSE (N531) Checkmark 11/17/1977 Oakland (Alameda)
PETERSON HOUSE (N1056) Checkmark 3/11/1982 Albany (Alameda)
PHI DELTA THETA CHAPTER HOUSE (N1170) Checkmark 1/11/1983 Berkeley (Alameda)
PIEDMONT WAY (986) Checkmark 6/12/1989 Berkeley (Alameda)
PORTUGUESE UNION OF THE STATE OF CALIFORNIA (UPEC) (P546) Checkmark 3/31/1980 San Leandro (Alameda)
RAINBOW TROUT SPECIES IDENTIFIED (970) Checkmark 9/2/1986 Oakland (Alameda)
RANCHO SAN ANTONIO (PERALTA GRANT) (246) Checkmark 12/18/1936 San Leandro (Alameda)
RAVENSWOOD (N786) Checkmark 6/26/1979 Livermore (Alameda)
REMAR BAKERY (N2162) Checkmark 4/11/2002 Emeryville (Alameda)
ROBERTS HOUSE (P219) Checkmark 10/5/1971 San Leandro (Alameda)
ROBERTS LANDING SITE (P162) Checkmark 3/19/1970 San Leandro (Alameda)
SAN LEANDRO BALL PARK (P166) Checkmark 3/19/1970 San Leandro (Alameda)
SAN LEANDRO METHODIST CHURCH (P169) Checkmark 3/19/1970 San Leandro (Alameda)
SAN LEANDRO OYSTER BEDS (824) Checkmark 6/7/1968 San Leandro (Alameda)
SAN LEANDRO PLAZA (P167) Checkmark 3/19/1970 San Leandro (Alameda)
SAN LEANDRO REPORTER (P215) Checkmark 10/5/1971 San Leandro (Alameda)
SAN LORENZO CEMETERY (P223) Checkmark 10/5/1971 San Leandro (Alameda)
SATHER GATE AND BRIDGE (N1075) Checkmark 3/25/1982 Berkeley (Alameda)
SATHER TOWER (N1076) Checkmark 3/25/1982 Berkeley (Alameda)
SECURITY BANK AND TRUST COMPANY BUILDING (N1130) Checkmark 7/26/1982 Oakland (Alameda)
SENIOR HALL (N307) Checkmark 11/5/1974 Berkeley (Alameda)
SITE OF BLOSSOM ROCK NAVIGATION TREES (962) Checkmark 11/13/1984 Oakland (Alameda)
SITE OF COLLEGE OF CALIFORNIA (45) Checkmark 12/6/1932 Oakland (Alameda)
SITE OF FIRST COUNTY COURTHOUSE (503) Checkmark 7/31/1953 Union City (Alameda)
SITE OF FIRST PUBLIC SCHOOL IN CASTRO VALLEY (776) Checkmark 9/25/1962 Castro Valley (Alameda)
SITE OF NATION'S FIRST SUCCESSFUL BEET SUGAR FACTORY (768) Checkmark 11/3/1961 Union City (Alameda)
SITE OF SAINT MARY'S COLLEGE (676) Checkmark 5/11/1959 Oakland (Alameda)
SITE OF SHELL MOUND (335) Checkmark 8/8/1939 Emeryville (Alameda)
SITE OF THE CHINA CLIPPER FLIGHT DEPARTURE (968) Checkmark 11/5/1985 Alameda (Alameda)
SOUTH BERKELEY COMMUNITY CHURCH (N2374) Checkmark 11/15/2007 Berkeley (Alameda)
SOUTH HALL (N1077) Checkmark 3/25/1982 Berkeley (Alameda)
ST. JOHN'S PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH (N297) Checkmark 8/7/1974 Berkeley (Alameda)
ST. JOSEPH'S BASILICA (N664) Checkmark 9/18/1978 Alameda (Alameda)
ST. RAYMOND'S CHURCH (N2321) Checkmark Checkmark 4/12/2006 Livermore (Alameda)
STANTON HOUSE (P412) Checkmark 8/7/1975 Castro Valley (Alameda)
STATE ASYLUM FOR THE DEAF,DUMB AND BLIND (N1137) Checkmark 10/14/1982 Berkeley (Alameda)
STUDIO BUILDING (N584) Checkmark 4/6/1978 Berkeley (Alameda)
THORSEN, WILLIAM R., HOUSE (N700) Checkmark 11/20/1978 Berkeley (Alameda)
THRASHER PARK (P220) Checkmark 10/5/1971 San Leandro (Alameda)
TOVERII TUPPA (N643) Checkmark 7/12/1978 Berkeley (Alameda)
TOWN HALL (P165) Checkmark 3/19/1970 San Leandro (Alameda)
TREADWELL MANSION AND CARRIAGE HOUSE (N506) Checkmark 7/15/1977 Oakland (Alameda)
TRINITY CHURCH (N1019) Checkmark 2/4/1982 Oakland (Alameda)
TUPPER AND REED BUILDING (N998) Checkmark 1/21/1982 Berkeley (Alameda)
U.S. POST OFFICE (N938) Checkmark 1/29/1981 Berkeley (Alameda)
UKRAINA, SITE OF AGAPIUS HONCHARENKO FARMSTEAD (1025) Checkmark 11/24/1997 San Francisco Bay (Alameda)
UNION IRON WORKS POWERHOUSE (N852) Checkmark 1/10/1980 Alameda (Alameda)
UNION IRON WORKS TURBINE MACHINE SHOP (N857) Checkmark 4/10/1980 Alameda (Alameda)
UNIVERSITY HIGH SCHOOL (N1799) Checkmark 10/2/1992 Oakland (Alameda)
UNIVERSITY HOUSE (N1078) Checkmark 3/25/1982 Berkeley (Alameda)
UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, BERKELEY CAMPUS (946) Checkmark 8/7/1981 Berkeley (Alameda)
USS HORNET (1029) Checkmark 3/25/1999 Alameda (Alameda)
USS POTOMAC (YACHT) (N1483) Checkmark 2/20/1987 Oakland (Alameda)
VALLEJO FLOUR MILL (46) Checkmark 12/6/1932 Fremont (Alameda)
WASHINGTON UNION HIGH SCHOOL (N975) Checkmark 10/5/1981 Fremont (Alameda)
WELLMAN HALL (N1079) Checkmark 3/25/1982 Berkeley (Alameda)
WENTE BROS. WINERY (957) Checkmark 5/18/1983 Livermore (Alameda)
WETMORE HOUSE (N588) Checkmark 4/14/1978 Piedmont (Alameda)
WHEELER HALL (N1080) Checkmark 3/25/1982 Berkeley (Alameda)
WHITE MANSION (N915) Checkmark 10/31/1980 Oakland (Alameda)