California Historical Resources

California's historical resources represent the contributions and collective human experiences of a diversified population spanning 10,000-12,000 years of occupancy in California. This rich heritage is embodied in the cultural and historical landscapes of California as evidenced by archaeological remains, historic buildings, traditional customs, tangible artifacts, historical documents, and public records extant in California. All these evidences of the past contribute to the sum total of California's history. Such historical resources provide continuity with our past and enhance our quality of life.

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Name (Landmark Plaque Number) National Register California State Historical Landmark California Register of Historical Resources Point of Interest Date Listed City (County)
20-MULE-TEAM BORAX TERMINUS (652) Checkmark 7/1/1958 Mojave (Kern)
BAKERSFIELD CALIFORNIA BUILDING (N1182) Checkmark 3/10/1983 Bakersfield (Kern)
BANDIT ROCK (N397) Checkmark 10/31/1975 Inyokern (Kern)
BEALVILLE (741) Checkmark 7/5/1960 Caliente (Kern)
BUENA VISTA REFINERY (504) Checkmark 7/31/1953 McKittrick (Kern)
BURRO SCHMIDT'S TUNNEL (N2198) Checkmark 3/20/2003 Ridgecrest (Kern)
BUTTONWILLOW TREE (492) Checkmark 10/8/1951 Buttonwillow (Kern)
CALIENTE (757) Checkmark 2/15/1961 Caliente (Kern)
CALIFORNIA STANDARD OIL WELL 1 (376) Checkmark 11/7/1941 McKittrick (Kern)
CAMPSITE OF EDWARD M. KERN (742) Checkmark 7/5/1960 Lake IsabelIa (Kern)
CLAY PITS (P88) Checkmark 6/4/1968 Rosamond (Kern)
COLONEL THOMAS BAKER MEMORIAL (382) Checkmark 1/3/1944 Bakersfield (Kern)
DESERT SPRING (476) Checkmark 11/30/1950 Cantil (Kern)
DISCOVERY WELL OF KERN RIVER OILFIELD (290) Checkmark 6/27/1938 Bakersfield (Kern)
ERREA HOUSE (N1986) Checkmark 7/29/1997 Tehachapi (Kern)
FAGES-ZALVIDEA CROSSING (291) Checkmark 6/27/1938 Mettler (Kern)
FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH (N739) Checkmark 1/2/1979 Bakersfield (Kern)
FORT TAFT (P559) Checkmark 12/19/1980 Taft (Kern)
FORT TEJÓN (129) Checkmark Checkmark 1/31/1934 Lebec (Kern)
FORT, THE (N963) Checkmark 7/22/1981 Taft (Kern)
FREEMAN JUNCTION (766) Checkmark 11/3/1961 (Kern)
GARCÉS BAPTISMAL SITE (631) Checkmark 1/29/1958 Woody (Kern)
GARCÉS CIRCLE (277) Checkmark 10/21/1937 Bakersfield (Kern)
GLENNVILLE ADOBE (495) Checkmark 10/17/1951 Glennville (Kern)
GORDON'S FERRY ON THE KERN RIVER (137) Checkmark Bakersfield (Kern)
GREEN HOTEL (N1584) Checkmark 3/16/1989 Shafter (Kern)
GREEN HOTEL / HITCHCOCK HOTEL / SHAFTER HOTEL (P678) Checkmark 11/28/1986 Shafter (Kern)
GROSS, COURTLANDT, HOUSE (N1491) Checkmark 3/22/1987 Tehachapi (Kern)
HAVILAH (100) Checkmark 3/29/1933 Havilah (Kern)
INDIAN WELLS (457) Checkmark 1/11/1950 (Kern)
JAMESON 17-24 C OIL WELL (P495) Checkmark 1/13/1977 Taft (Kern)
JASTRO BUILDING (N1247) Checkmark 9/22/1983 Bakersfield (Kern)
JOSIE BISHOP MINING CLAIM SITE (P806) Checkmark 12/4/1994 California City (Kern)
KERN BRANCH, BEALE MEMORIAL LIBRARY (N949) Checkmark 4/1/1981 Bakersfield (Kern)
KERN COUNTY MUSEUM AND PIONEER VILLAGE (P558) Checkmark 12/19/1980 Bakersfield (Kern)
KERN RIVER SLOUGH STATION (588) Checkmark 5/22/1957 Lamont (Kern)
KERNVILLE (132) Checkmark 1/31/1934 Kernville (Kern)
KEYSVILLE (98) Checkmark 3/29/1933 Lake IsabelIa (Kern)
LAKEVIEW GUSHER 1 (485) Checkmark 8/7/1951 Maricopa (Kern)
LAST CHANCE CANYON (N193) Checkmark 12/5/1972 Johannesburg (Kern)
LAVERS CROSSING (672) Checkmark 2/16/1959 Glennville (Kern)
LONG CANYON VILLAGE SITE (N858) Checkmark 4/14/1980 South Lake (Kern)
McKITTRICK BREA PIT (498) Checkmark 12/4/1951 McKittrick (Kern)
MOUNTAIN HOUSE (589) Checkmark 5/22/1957 Woody (Kern)
NUESTRA SENORA REINA DE LA PAZ (1056) Checkmark Checkmark 10/8/2013 (Kern)
OAK CREEK PASS (97) Checkmark 3/29/1933 Tehachapi (Kern)
OLD TOWN (TEHACHAPI) (643) Checkmark 4/28/1958 Tehachapi (Kern)
PLACE WHERE FRANCISCO GARCÉS CROSSED THE KERN RIVER (278) Checkmark 10/21/1937 Bakersfield (Kern)
POINT ON THE JEDEDIAH SMITH TRAIL (660) Checkmark 9/26/1958 Edison (Kern)
POSEY STATION OF BUTTERFIELD OVERLAND MAIL LINES (539) Checkmark 9/14/1955 Bakersfield (Kern)
RAND MINING DISTRICT (938) Checkmark 1/15/1981 Randsburg (Kern)
ROGERS DRY LAKE (N1384) Checkmark 10/3/1985 Mojave Desert (Kern)
ROSE STATION (300) Checkmark 5/1/1939 Mettler (Kern)
SANTA FE PASSENGER AND FREIGHT DEPOT (N995) Checkmark 1/19/1982 Shafter (Kern)
SEBASTIAN INDIAN RESERVATION (133) Checkmark 1/31/1934 Mettler (Kern)
SHAFTER COTTON RESEARCH STATION (1022) Checkmark 3/3/1997 Shafter (Kern)
SHAFTER RESEARCH STATION (N1995) Checkmark 10/17/1997 Shafter (Kern)
SITE OF THE FLIGHT OF THE GOSSAMER CONDOR (923) Checkmark 10/15/1978 Shafter (Kern)
SITE OF THE HOME OF ELISHA STEVENS (732) Checkmark 4/8/1960 Bakersfield (Kern)
SITE OF THE LAST HOME OF ALEXIS GODEY (690) Checkmark 7/31/1959 Bakersfield (Kern)
SITE OF THE TOWN OF GARLOCK (671) Checkmark 12/1/1958 Cantil (Kern)
STANDARD OIL BUILDING, JASTRO BUILDING (P607) Checkmark 1/14/1983 Bakersfield (Kern)
TEHACHAPI LOOP (508) Checkmark 8/26/1953 Tehachapi (Kern)
TEHACHAPI RAILROAD DEPOT (N2070) Checkmark 10/20/1999 Tehachapi (Kern)
TEVIS BLOCK (N1272) Checkmark 3/29/1984 Bakersfield (Kern)
TOMO-KAHNI (1054) Checkmark 8/28/2014 (Kern)
TOP OF GRAPEVINE PASS, WHERE DON PEDRO FAGES PASSED IN 1772 (283) Checkmark 1/8/1938 Lebec (Kern)
TULAMNIU INDIAN S (374) Checkmark 9/6/1941 Taft (Kern)
TWENTY MULE TEAM ROAD (P91) Checkmark 6/7/1968 California City (Kern)
UNION ICE HOUSE (P592) Checkmark 6/9/1982 Bakersfield (Kern)
WALKER BASIN (P677) Checkmark 11/28/1986 Caliente (Kern)
WALKER'S PASS (99) Checkmark 3/29/1933 (Kern)
WASCO UNION HIGH SCHOOL AUDITORIUM (N1991) Checkmark 9/30/1997 Wasco (Kern)
WEEDPATCH CAMP (N1929) Checkmark 1/22/1996 Bakersfield (Kern)
WELL, 2-6 (581) Checkmark 5/1/1957 Fellows (Kern)
WILLOW SPRINGS (130) Checkmark 1/31/1934 Rosamond (Kern)
WILLOW SPRINGS INTERNATIONAL RACEWAY (P819) Checkmark 2/9/1996 Rosamond (Kern)