California Historical Resources

California's historical resources represent the contributions and collective human experiences of a diversified population spanning 10,000-12,000 years of occupancy in California. This rich heritage is embodied in the cultural and historical landscapes of California as evidenced by archaeological remains, historic buildings, traditional customs, tangible artifacts, historical documents, and public records extant in California. All these evidences of the past contribute to the sum total of California's history. Such historical resources provide continuity with our past and enhance our quality of life.

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Name (Landmark Plaque Number) National Register California State Historical Landmark California Register of Historical Resources Point of Interest Date Listed City (County)
ADIN SUPPLY COMPANY (N1972) Checkmark 2/7/1997 Adin (Modoc)
ALTURAS PASSENGER STATION (P320) Checkmark 1/10/1974 Alturas (Modoc)
ANKLIN VILLAGE ARCHEOLOGICAL SITE (N423) Checkmark 6/3/1976 Canby (Modoc)
APPLEGATE-LASSEN EMIGRANT TRAIL (FANDANGO PASS) (546) Checkmark 1/27/1956 Fort Bidwell (Modoc)
BATTLE OF LAND'S RANCH-1872 (108) Checkmark 3/29/1933 Tule Lake (Modoc)
BLACK COW SPRING (N291) Checkmark 7/9/1974 Canby (Modoc)
BLOODY POINT (8) Checkmark 6/1/1932 Tule Lake (Modoc)
BONNER GRADE (15) Checkmark 6/1/1932 Cedarville (Modoc)
CHIMNEY ROCK (109) Checkmark 3/29/1933 Alturas (Modoc)
CORE SITE (N279) Checkmark 4/8/1974 Canby (Modoc)
CRESSLER AND BONNER TRADING POST, 1865 (14) Checkmark 6/1/1932 Cedarville (Modoc)
CUPPY CAVE (N295) Checkmark 7/12/1974 Canby (Modoc)
EVANS AND BAILEY FIGHT-1861 (125) Checkmark 7/6/1933 Canby (Modoc)
FERN CAVE ARCHEOLOGICAL SITE (N363) Checkmark 5/29/1975 Tule Lake (Modoc)
FIRST JAIL & OFFICE OF FIRST AUDITOR & RECORDER OF MODOC (P182) Checkmark 9/24/1970 Alturas (Modoc)
FORT BIDWELL (430) Checkmark 3/16/1949 Fort Bidwell (Modoc)
FRÉMONT'S CAMP (6) Checkmark 6/1/1932 Tule Lake (Modoc)
INFERNAL CAVERNS BATTLEGROUND, 1867 (16) Checkmark 6/1/1932 Likely (Modoc)
JESS VALLEY SCHOOLHOUSE (N2055) Checkmark 5/20/1999 Likely (Modoc)
MADIGAN MEMORIAL (P368) Checkmark 1/17/1975 Alturas (Modoc)
MILDRED ANN ARCHEOLOGICAL SITE (N424) Checkmark 6/3/1976 Canby (Modoc)
MODOC COUNTY COURTHOUSE (P708) Checkmark 11/22/1988 Alturas (Modoc)
NCO RAILWAY DEPOT (N1349) Checkmark 2/28/1985 Alturas (Modoc)
NELSON SPRINGS (N2183) Checkmark 11/21/2002 Likely (Modoc)
OLD EMIGRANT TRAIL (111) Checkmark 3/29/1933 Canby (Modoc)
PETROGLYPH POINT ARCHEOLOGICAL SITE (N364) Checkmark 5/29/1975 Tulelake (Modoc)
SACRED HEART CATHOLIC CHURCH (N1194) Checkmark 6/30/1983 Alturas (Modoc)
SEVEN MILE FLAT SITE (N318) Checkmark 12/24/1974 Devil's Garden Ranger District (Modoc)
SKULL RIDGE (N292) Checkmark 7/9/1974 Canby (Modoc)
SKULL SPRING (N293) Checkmark 7/9/1974 Canby (Modoc)
TULE LAKE RELOCATION CENTER (850) Checkmark 1/20/1972 Tule Lake (Modoc)
TULE LAKE SEGREGATION CENTER (N2315) Checkmark 2/17/2006 Newell (Modoc)
WILLOW RANCH TOWNSITE (P691) Checkmark 8/13/1987 Davis Creek (Modoc)