California Historical Resources

California's historical resources represent the contributions and collective human experiences of a diversified population spanning 10,000-12,000 years of occupancy in California. This rich heritage is embodied in the cultural and historical landscapes of California as evidenced by archaeological remains, historic buildings, traditional customs, tangible artifacts, historical documents, and public records extant in California. All these evidences of the past contribute to the sum total of California's history. Such historical resources provide continuity with our past and enhance our quality of life.

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Name (Landmark Plaque Number) National Register California State Historical Landmark California Register of Historical Resources Point of Interest Date Listed City (County)
A. A. SARGENT RESIDENCE, SARGENT-FREEMAN RESIDENCE (P305) Checkmark 7/13/1973 Nevada City (Nevada)
AARON BARUH HOUSE (P382) Checkmark 3/20/1975 Nevada City (Nevada)
ALPHA HYDRAULIC DIGGINGS (628) Checkmark 1/29/1958 Washington (Nevada)
AMERICAN HILL DIGGINS (P273) Checkmark 11/1/1972 Nevada City (Nevada)
BOCA DAM (N947) Checkmark 3/25/1981 Truckee (Nevada)
BOCA ICE HARVEST SITE (P610) Checkmark 3/2/1983 Truckee (Nevada)
BR #17C-24 / PURDON BRIDGE (P839) Checkmark 9/13/2000 Nevada City (Nevada)
BRIDGEPORT COVERED BRIDGE (N100) Checkmark 7/14/1971 French Corral (Nevada)
BRIDGEPORT HISTORIC DISTRICT (390) Checkmark 8/26/1947 French Corral (Nevada)
CALDWELL'S UPPER STORE SITE (P304) Checkmark 7/13/1973 Nevada City (Nevada)
CAROLINE HANSEN HOUSE (P402) Checkmark 5/9/1975 Grass Valley (Nevada)
COLUMBIA HILL SCHOOL (P194) Checkmark 5/19/1971 Nevada City (Nevada)
DONNER MONUMENT (or) PIONEER MONUMENT (134) Checkmark 1/31/1934 Truckee (Nevada)
DONNER SUMMIT BRIDGE (P709) Checkmark 11/22/1988 Donner Lake (Nevada)
DR. W.C. JONES HOME (P547) Checkmark 3/31/1980 Grass Valley (Nevada)
EMMANUEL EPISCOPAL CHURCH (P246) Checkmark 4/25/1972 Grass Valley (Nevada)
EMPIRE MINE (298) Checkmark Checkmark 2/23/1939 Grass Valley (Nevada)
ENGLEBRIGHT HOUSE (P326) Checkmark 3/15/1974 Nevada City (Nevada)
FIRST MANUFACTURING SITE OF THE PELTON WHEEL (1012) Checkmark 5/27/1993 Nevada City (Nevada)
FIRST TRANSCONTINENTAL RAILROAD-TRUCKEE (780) Checkmark 11/20/1962 Truckee (Nevada)
FOOTE'S CROSSING (P401) Checkmark 5/9/1975 North San Juan (Nevada)
GILMORE AIR FIELD (P242) Checkmark 1/19/1972 Grass Valley (Nevada)
GRASS VALLEY PUBLIC LIBRARY (N1755) Checkmark 3/26/1992 Grass Valley (Nevada)
HOLBROOKE HOTEL (914) Checkmark 12/30/1977 Grass Valley (Nevada)
HOME OF LOLA MONTEZ (292) Checkmark 7/20/1938 Grass Valley (Nevada)
HOME OF LOTTA CRABTREE (293) Checkmark 8/15/1938 Grass Valley (Nevada)
IDAHO-MARYLAND MINE SITE (P640) Checkmark 11/16/1984 Grass Valley (Nevada)
KRUGER HOUSE (N1115) Checkmark 6/17/1982 Truckee (Nevada)
LITTLE TOWN OF ROUGH AND READY (294) Checkmark 9/19/1938 Rough and Ready (Nevada)
LONE GRAVE, THE (P8) Checkmark 12/16/1966 Nevada City (Nevada)
MALAKOFF DIGGINS-NORTH BLOOMFIELD HISTORIC DISTRICT (N224) Checkmark 4/11/1973 North Bloomfield (Nevada)
MARSH, MARTIN LUTHER, HOUSE (N225) Checkmark 4/11/1973 Nevada City (Nevada)
MARTIN LUTHER MARSH HOUSE (P241) Checkmark 1/19/1972 Nevada City (Nevada)
MEADOW LAKE PETROGLYPHS (N84) Checkmark 5/6/1971 French Lake (Nevada)
MOUNT SAINT MARY'S CONVENT AND ACADEMY (855) Checkmark 4/24/1972 Grass Valley (Nevada)
MOUNT ST. MARY'S ACADEMY AND CONVENT (N285) Checkmark 5/3/1974 Grass Valley (Nevada)
NATIONAL HOTEL (899) Checkmark Checkmark 6/16/1976 Nevada City (Nevada)
NEVADA BREWERY (N1380) Checkmark 9/12/1985 Nevada City (Nevada)
NEVADA CITY DOWNTOWN HISTORIC DISTRICT (N1382) Checkmark 9/23/1985 Nevada City (Nevada)
NEVADA CITY FIREHOUSE NO. 2 (N286) Checkmark 5/3/1974 Nevada City (Nevada)
NEVADA CITY FREE PUBLIC LIBRARY (N1659) Checkmark 12/10/1990 Nevada City (Nevada)
NEVADA THEATRE (863) Checkmark Checkmark 9/13/1973 Nevada City (Nevada)
NORTH BLOOMFIELD MINING AND GRAVEL COMPANY (852) Checkmark 1/20/1972 Nevada City (Nevada)
NORTH SAN JUAN METHODIST EPISCOPAL CHURCH (P248) Checkmark 4/25/1972 North San Juan (Nevada)
NORTH STAR MINE POWERHOUSE (843) Checkmark 9/24/1970 Grass Valley (Nevada)
OLD BEAR RIVER BRIDGE (P802) Checkmark 8/23/1994 Grass Valley (Nevada)
OLD NORTH SAN JUAN SCHOOL SITE (P710) Checkmark 11/22/1988 North San Juan (Nevada)
OMEGA HYDRAULIC DIGGINGS AND TOWNSITE (629) Checkmark 1/29/1958 Washington (Nevada)
OTT'S ASSAY OFFICE (N346) Checkmark 4/14/1975 Nevada City (Nevada)
OVERLAND EMIGRANT TRAIL (799) Checkmark 9/16/1964 Grass Valley (Nevada)
PIONEER CEMETERY (P324) Checkmark 3/15/1974 Nevada City (Nevada)
PLAZA GROCERY (P325) Checkmark 3/15/1974 Nevada City (Nevada)
RED CASTLE, THE (P191) Checkmark 5/19/1971 Nevada City (Nevada)
RED DOG TOWNSITE (N2143) Checkmark Checkmark 9/14/2001 Nevada City (Nevada)
ROOT CELLAR ON MEXICAN WAR LAND GRANT (P603) Checkmark 12/31/1982 Grass Valley (Nevada)
SARGENT, AARON A., HOUSE (N884) Checkmark 6/20/1980 Nevada City (Nevada)
SEARLS HISTORICAL LIBRARY (P257) Checkmark 6/22/1972 Nevada City (Nevada)
SOUTH YUBA CANAL OFFICE (832) Checkmark 8/29/1969 Nevada City (Nevada)
THE UNION - GRASS VALLEY NEWSPAPER (P247) Checkmark 4/25/1972 Grass Valley (Nevada)
TOWN OF WASHINGTON (P604) Checkmark 12/31/1982 Washington (Nevada)
TRUCKEE JAIL (P193) Checkmark 5/19/1971 Truckee (Nevada)
WESTERN SKISPORT MUSEUM (P192) Checkmark 5/19/1971 Truckee (Nevada)
WILLIAM MORRIS STEWART HOUSE (P272) Checkmark 11/1/1972 Nevada City (Nevada)
WORLD'S FIRST LONG-DISTANCE TELEPHONE LINE (247) Checkmark 3/25/1937 French Corral (Nevada)
YOU BET TOWNSITE (P400) Checkmark 5/9/1975 Nevada City (Nevada)