California Historical Resources

California's historical resources represent the contributions and collective human experiences of a diversified population spanning 10,000-12,000 years of occupancy in California. This rich heritage is embodied in the cultural and historical landscapes of California as evidenced by archaeological remains, historic buildings, traditional customs, tangible artifacts, historical documents, and public records extant in California. All these evidences of the past contribute to the sum total of California's history. Such historical resources provide continuity with our past and enhance our quality of life.

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Name (Landmark Plaque Number) National Register California State Historical Landmark California Register of Historical Resources Point of Interest Date Listed City (County)
ALLEN & SANDHORFER BLACKSMITH, AUBURN IRON WORKS (P619) Checkmark 8/16/1983 Auburn (Placer)
AUBURN IOOF HALL (P803) Checkmark 8/23/1994 Auburn (Placer)
AUBURN PUBLIC LIBRARY, OLD AUBURN LIBRARY (P838) Checkmark 9/11/2000 Auburn (Placer)
BAXTER (P618) Checkmark 8/16/1983 Dutch Flat (Placer)
BUCKNER'S BAR (P354) Checkmark 11/19/1974 Auburn (Placer)
BURNS HOME, HOWELL HOME (P656) Checkmark 7/2/1985 Auburn (Placer)
BUTCHER RANCH (P357) Checkmark 11/19/1974 Auburn (Placer)
CITY OF AUBURN (404) Checkmark 4/14/1948 Auburn (Placer)
CLIPPER GAP (P359) Checkmark 11/19/1974 Auburn (Placer)
COLFAX FREIGHT DEPOT (N2076) Checkmark 12/17/1999 Colfax (Placer)
COLFAX PASSENGER DEPOT (N2044) Checkmark 1/15/1999 Colfax (Placer)
DUTCH FLAT HISTORIC DISTRICT (N219) Checkmark 3/28/1973 Dutch Flat (Placer)
EMIGRANT GAP (403) Checkmark 4/14/1948 Emigrant Gap (Placer)
FINNISH TEMPERANCE HALL, FINN HALL (P664) Checkmark 8/20/1985 Rocklin (Placer)
FIRST TRANSCONTINENTAL RAILROAD-AUBURN (780) Checkmark 11/20/1962 Auburn (Placer)
FIRST TRANSCONTINENTAL RAILROAD-AUBURN (780) Checkmark 11/20/1962 Auburn (Placer)
FIRST TRANSCONTINENTAL RAILROAD-AUBURN (780) Checkmark 11/20/1962 Auburn (Placer)
FIRST TRANSCONTINENTAL RAILROAD-AUBURN (780) Checkmark 11/20/1962 Auburn (Placer)
FIRST TRANSCONTINENTAL RAILROAD-AUBURN (780) Checkmark 11/20/1962 Auburn (Placer)
GRIFFITH GRIFFITH RESIDENCE (P517) Checkmark 12/1/1977 Penryn (Placer)
GRIFFITH HOUSE (N725) Checkmark 12/19/1978 Penryn (Placer)
GRIFFITH QUARRY (N522) Checkmark 10/20/1977 Penryn (Placer)
GRIFFITH QUARRY (885) Checkmark 5/9/1975 Penryn (Placer)
GRIZZLY BEAR HOUSE (P355) Checkmark 11/19/1974 Auburn (Placer)
HAMAN HOUSE (N451) Checkmark 11/17/1976 Roseville (Placer)
HISTORIC GATEKEEPER'S LOG HOUSE (P228) Checkmark 10/5/1971 Tahoe City (Placer)
IOWA HILL (401) Checkmark 4/14/1948 Iowa Hill (Placer)
LAKE TAHOE DAM (N948) Checkmark 3/25/1981 Tahoe City (Placer)
LAKE TAHOE OUTLET GATES (797) Checkmark 9/16/1964 Tahoe City (Placer)
LIBERTY HOUSE (P356) Checkmark 11/19/1974 Auburn (Placer)
LINCOLN PUBLIC LIBRARY (N1660) Checkmark 12/10/1990 Lincoln (Placer)
MASONIC TEMPLE, MASONIC HALL (P821) Checkmark 5/15/1996 Auburn (Placer)
MICHIGAN BLUFF--LAST CHANCE TRAIL (N1779) Checkmark 6/26/1992 Michigan Bluff (Placer)
MOUNTAIN QUARRIES RAILROAD BRIDGE (1051) Checkmark Checkmark 4/7/2014 Auburn (Placer)
NEWCASTLE FRUIT SHEDS (P836) Checkmark 3/15/2000 Newcastle (Placer)
NEWCASTLE PORTUGUESE HALL (P578) Checkmark Checkmark 12/21/1981 Newcastle (Placer)
OLD AUBURN HISTORIC DISTRICT (N62) Checkmark 12/29/1970 Auburn (Placer)
OPHIR (463) Checkmark 8/30/1950 Auburn (Placer)
OUTLET GATES AND GATEKEEPER'S CABIN (N198) Checkmark 12/13/1972 Tahoe City (Placer)
OVERLAND EMIGRANT TRAIL (799) Checkmark 9/16/1964 Soda Springs (Placer)
PIONEER EXPRESS TRAIL (585) Checkmark 5/22/1957 Folsom (Placer)
PIONEER SKI AREA OF AMERICA, SQUAW VALLEY (724) Checkmark 1/18/1960 Squaw Valley (Placer)
SHERIDAN CASH STORE (P728) Checkmark 8/17/1990 Sheridan (Placer)
SPRING GARDEN SCHOOL (P361) Checkmark 11/19/1974 Auburn (Placer)
STEVENS TRAIL (N2181) Checkmark 11/20/2002 Colfax (Placer)
STRAP RAVINE NISENAN MAIDU INDIAN SITE (N200) Checkmark 1/8/1973 Roseville (Placer)
SUMMIT SODA SPRINGS (N720) Checkmark 12/15/1978 Soda Springs (Placer)
TODD'S VALLEY (P358) Checkmark 11/19/1974 Auburn (Placer)
TOWN OF DUTCH FLAT (397) Checkmark 4/14/1948 Dutch Flat (Placer)
TOWN OF FOREST HILL (399) Checkmark 4/14/1948 Forest Hill (Placer)
TOWN OF GOLD RUN (405) Checkmark 4/14/1948 Gold Run (Placer)
TOWN OF MICHIGAN BLUFF (402) Checkmark 4/14/1948 Michigan Bluff (Placer)
U.S. RANCH (P360) Checkmark 11/19/1974 Auburn (Placer)
VIRGINIATOWN (400) Checkmark 4/14/1948 Newcastle (Placer)
WATSON LOG CABIN (N798) Checkmark 8/24/1979 Tahoe City (Placer)
WOMAN'S CLUB OF LINCOLN (N2134) Checkmark 5/30/2001 Lincoln (Placer)
YANKEE JIM'S (398) Checkmark 4/14/1948 Forest Hill (Placer)