California Historical Resources

California's historical resources represent the contributions and collective human experiences of a diversified population spanning 10,000-12,000 years of occupancy in California. This rich heritage is embodied in the cultural and historical landscapes of California as evidenced by archaeological remains, historic buildings, traditional customs, tangible artifacts, historical documents, and public records extant in California. All these evidences of the past contribute to the sum total of California's history. Such historical resources provide continuity with our past and enhance our quality of life.

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Name (Landmark Plaque Number) National Register California State Historical Landmark California Register of Historical Resources Point of Interest Date Listed City (County)
ADMINISTRATION BUILDING, SHERMAN INSTITUTE (N851) Checkmark 1/9/1980 Riverside (Riverside)
AGENTS HOME (P231) Checkmark 10/5/1971 Thermal (Riverside)
ALL SOULS UNIVERSALIST CHURCH (N666) Checkmark 9/18/1978 Riverside (Riverside)
ANDREAS CANYON (N201) Checkmark 1/8/1973 Palm Springs (Riverside)
ARCHEOLOGICAL SITES CA-RIV-504 AND CA-RIV-773 (N2195) Checkmark 3/12/2003 Blythe (Riverside)
ARLINGTON BRANCH LIBRARY AND FIRE HALL (N1839) Checkmark 7/22/1993 Riverside (Riverside)
ARMORY HALL (N1748) Checkmark 1/29/1992 Lake Elsinore (Riverside)
ARMORY HALL, GRAND ARMY OF THE REPUBLIC BUILDING (P822) Checkmark 5/15/1996 Lake Elsinore (Riverside)
ATCHISON, TOPEKA, AND SANTA FE RAILWAY DEPOT AT BLYTHE (P735) Checkmark 2/11/1991 Blythe (Riverside)
BANDINI ADOBE SITE (P120) Checkmark 6/6/1969 Norco (Riverside)
BANDINI-COTA ADOBE SITE (P122) Checkmark 6/6/1969 Corona (Riverside)
BANNING WOMEN'S CLUB (P725) Checkmark 11/20/1989 Banning (Riverside)
BARKER DAM (N394) Checkmark 10/29/1975 Twentynine Palms (Riverside)
BEAUMONT CARNEGIE LIBRARY (P807) Checkmark 12/4/1994 Beaumont (Riverside)
BLYTHE FERRY CROSSING (P195) Checkmark 5/19/1971 Blythe (Riverside)
BLYTHE INTAGLIOS (N384) Checkmark 8/22/1975 Blythe (Riverside)
BOGART HOUSE (P808) Checkmark 12/4/1994 Beaumont (Riverside)
BUTTERCUP FARMS PICTOGRAPH (N411) Checkmark 5/3/1976 Perris (Riverside)
BUTTERFIELD STAGE STATION (188) Checkmark 6/20/1935 Corona (Riverside)
CAMP EMERSON (P147) Checkmark 11/3/1969 Idyllwild (Riverside)
CAMP YOUNG--DESERT TRAINING CENTER, CAMA (P87) Checkmark 6/2/1968 Desert Center (Riverside)
CANTU RANCH/GALLEANO WINERY (P773) Checkmark 8/21/1992 Mira Loma (Riverside)
CARNEGIE, ANDREW, LIBRARY (N502) Checkmark 6/29/1977 Corona (Riverside)
CARVED ROCK (187) Checkmark 6/20/1935 Corona (Riverside)
CHILDS, WILLIAM, HOUSE (N2063) Checkmark 7/28/1999 Riverside (Riverside)
CHINATOWN (P74) Checkmark Checkmark 1/24/1968 Riverside (Riverside)
CITRUS EXPERIMENT STATION (P121) Checkmark 6/6/1969 Riverside (Riverside)
CITRUS MACHINERY PIONEERING (P123) Checkmark 6/6/1969 Riverside (Riverside)
COACHELLA VALLEY COUNTY WATER DISTRICT (P141) Checkmark 8/29/1969 Coachella (Riverside)
COACHELLA VALLEY FISH TRAPS (N175) Checkmark 6/13/1972 Valerie (Riverside)
COPLIN HOUSE SPOKANE HOTEL PLUEGER REALTY (P759) Checkmark 11/8/1991 Banning (Riverside)
CORN SPRINGS (P80) Checkmark 1/24/1968 Desert Center (Riverside)
CORN SPRINGS (N2038) Checkmark 10/30/1998 Desert Center (Riverside)
CORNELIUS AND MERCEDES JENSON RANCH (943) Checkmark 6/12/1981 Rubidoux (Riverside)
CORONA FOUNDERS MONUMENT (738) Checkmark 6/6/1960 Corona (Riverside)
CORONA HIGH SCHOOL (N2297) Checkmark 8/3/2005 Corona (Riverside)
COTTONWOOD SCHOOL (P520) Checkmark 2/1/1978 Sage (Riverside)
CRESCENT BATHHOUSE (N380) Checkmark 7/30/1975 Lake Elsinore (Riverside)
DE ANZA CROSSING OF THE SANTA ANA RIVER, 1775 AND 1776 (787) Checkmark 9/18/1963 Riverside (Riverside)
DESERT INN (P307) Checkmark 7/13/1973 Palm Springs (Riverside)
DESERT QUEEN MINE (N402) Checkmark 1/17/1976 Twentynine Palms (Riverside)
DOS PALMAS (P78) Checkmark 1/24/1968 Mecca (Riverside)
EAGLE MOUNTAIN IRON (P229) Checkmark 10/5/1971 Desert Center (Riverside)
EL MIRADOR HOTEL AND TOWER (P570) Checkmark 6/12/1981 Palm Springs (Riverside)
ELSINORE WOMEN'S CLUB (P832) Checkmark 2/5/1998 Lake Elsinore (Riverside)
ELSINORE'S HOTTEST SULPHUR SPRINGS (P97) Checkmark 6/7/1968 Lake Elsinore (Riverside)
ESTUDILLO MANSION (N2146) Checkmark 10/25/2001 San Jacinto (Riverside)
FEDERAL POST OFFICE (N705) Checkmark 11/20/1978 Riverside (Riverside)
FIRST CHURCH OF CHRIST, SCIENTIST (N1794) Checkmark 9/22/1992 Riverside (Riverside)
FIRST CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH OF RIVERSIDE (N1975) Checkmark 4/3/1997 Riverside (Riverside)
FIRST POST OFFICE (P174) Checkmark 3/19/1970 Temecula (Riverside)
FRINK RANCH (P94) Checkmark 6/7/1968 Beaumont (Riverside)
GALLEANO WINERY (N2207) Checkmark 6/22/2003 Mira Loma (Riverside)
GARBANI, ROCCO, HOMESTEAD (N2079) Checkmark 12/22/1999 Winchester (Riverside)
GIANT DESERT FIGURES (101) Checkmark 3/29/1933 Blythe (Riverside)
GILMAN RANCH (P41) Checkmark Checkmark 6/2/1967 Banning (Riverside)
HALL CITY AND HALL'S GRADE (P124) Checkmark 6/6/1969 Cabazon (Riverside)
HAMILTON SCHOOL (#1), LITTLE RED SCHOOL HOUSE (P746) Checkmark 8/2/1991 Anza (Riverside)
HARADA HOUSE (N517) Checkmark 9/15/1977 Riverside (Riverside)
HEMET DAM AND LAKE HEMET (P95) Checkmark 6/7/1968 Hemet (Riverside)
HEMET MAZE STONE (557) Checkmark 8/24/1956 Hemet (Riverside)
HENDERSON/REID BUILDING (P774) Checkmark 8/21/1992 Banning (Riverside)
HERITAGE HOUSE (N205) Checkmark 2/28/1973 Riverside (Riverside)
HIGHGROVE HYDROELECTRIC PLANT (P108) Checkmark 12/11/1968 Riverside (Riverside)
HIGHLAND SPRINGS (P38) Checkmark 6/2/1967 Banning (Riverside)
IDYLLWILD (P335) Checkmark 7/12/1974 Idyllwild (Riverside)
INDIAN SCHOOL AGENCY OFFICE, INDIAN SCHOOL AGENCY (P233) Checkmark 10/5/1971 Thermal (Riverside)
INDIAN WELLS (P83) Checkmark 1/24/1968 Palm Desert (Riverside)
JENSEN, CORNELIUS, RANCH (N815) Checkmark 9/6/1979 Rubidoux (Riverside)
JOHN W. NORTH PARK / SEVENTH STREET HISTORIC DISTRICT (P308) Checkmark 7/13/1973 Riverside (Riverside)
LAKE NORCONIAN CLUB (N2083) Checkmark 2/4/2000 Norco (Riverside)
LEDERER, GUS, SITE (N2196) Checkmark 3/12/2003 Desert Center (Riverside)
LORING OPERA HOUSE, GOLDEN STATE THEATER (P64) Checkmark 9/22/1967 Riverside (Riverside)
MARCH FIELD HISTORIC DISTRICT (P93) Checkmark 6/7/1968 Moreno Valley (Riverside)
MARCH FIELD HISTORIC DISTRICT (N1893) Checkmark 12/6/1994 Riverside (Riverside)
MARTINEZ CANYON ROCKHOUSE (N2074) Checkmark 12/14/1999 North Palm Springs (Riverside)
MARTINEZ HISTORICAL DISTRICT (N236) Checkmark 5/17/1973 Torres-Martinez Indian Reservation (Riverside)
MASONIC TEMPLE (N872) Checkmark 6/6/1980 Riverside (Riverside)
MCCOY SPRING ARCHEOLOGICAL SITE (N1103) Checkmark 5/10/1982 Blythe (Riverside)
MISSION COURT BUNGALOWS (N1835) Checkmark 7/8/1993 Riverside (Riverside)
MISSION INN (761) Checkmark Checkmark 4/28/1961 Riverside (Riverside)
MOROVIAN CHURCH AND INDIAN SCHOOL, INDIAN SCHOOL (P230) Checkmark 10/5/1971 Thermal (Riverside)
MOUNT RUBIDOUX (P65) Checkmark 9/22/1967 Riverside (Riverside)
MURRIETA CREEK ARCHEOLOGICAL AREA (N229) Checkmark 4/24/1973 Temecula (Riverside)
NOBLE'S RANCH (P82) Checkmark 1/24/1968 Beaumont (Riverside)
NORTH CHUCKWALLA MOUNTAIN QUARRY DISTRICT (N966) Checkmark 8/24/1981 Desert Center (Riverside)
NORTH CHUCKWALLA MOUNTAINS PETROGLYPH DISTRICT CA-RIV 1383 (N969) Checkmark 9/3/1981 Desert Center (Riverside)
OLD MORENO SCHOOL (P702) Checkmark 8/23/1988 Moreno Valley (Riverside)
OLD TEMESCAL ROAD (638) Checkmark 3/31/1958 Corona (Riverside)
OLD YWCA BUILDING (N1009) Checkmark 1/28/1982 Riverside (Riverside)
ORIGINAL PALM SPRINGS, THE (P118) Checkmark 6/6/1969 Palm Springs (Riverside)
PAINTED ROCK (190) Checkmark 6/20/1935 Corona (Riverside)
PALM CANYON THEATER / STEVENS, FRANCES S., SCHOOL (C21) Checkmark 11/7/2003 Palm Springs (Riverside)
PALMDALE RAILROAD SITE / RAILROAD THAT FAILED (P146) Checkmark 11/3/1969 Palm Springs (Riverside)
PARENT WASHINGTON NAVEL ORANGE TREE (20) Checkmark 6/1/1932 Riverside (Riverside)
PEDLEY-TYPE DAM (P337) Checkmark 7/12/1974 Banning (Riverside)
PERRIS DEPOT (N1871) Checkmark 8/5/1994 Perris (Riverside)
PINACATE MINING DISTRICT (P553) Checkmark 6/6/1980 Good Hope (Riverside)
PINACATE, PINACATE MINING DISTRICT (P554) Checkmark 6/6/1980 Perris (Riverside)
RAMONA BOWL, SITE OF THE RAMONA PAGEANT (1009) Checkmark 2/16/1993 Hemet (Riverside)
RANCHO SANTA ROSA (P719) Checkmark 11/3/1989 Murrieta (Riverside)
RIVERSIDE CEMENT COMPANY (P336) Checkmark 7/12/1974 Riverside (Riverside)
RIVERSIDE COUNTY COURTHOUSE (P96) Checkmark 6/7/1968 Riverside (Riverside)
RIVERSIDE FIRST CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH (P76) Checkmark 1/24/1968 Riverside (Riverside)
RIVERSIDE-ARLINGTON HEIGHTS FRUIT EXCHANGE (N877) Checkmark 6/9/1980 Riverside (Riverside)
RUINS OF THIRD SERRANO ADOBE (224) Checkmark 6/20/1935 Corona (Riverside)
RYAN HOUSE AND LOST HORSE WELL (N368) Checkmark 6/5/1975 Twentynine Palms (Riverside)
SAAHATPA (749) Checkmark 8/17/1960 (Riverside)
SAN PEDRO, LOS ANGELES, & SALT LAKE RR DEPOT (N491) Checkmark 4/18/1977 Riverside (Riverside)
SAN TIMOTEO CANYON SCHOOLHOUSE (P125) Checkmark Checkmark 6/6/1969 Redlands (Riverside)
SANTA FE RAILWAY DEPOT (P711) Checkmark 11/22/1988 Hemet (Riverside)
SANTA ROSA RANCHO (1005) Checkmark 2/18/1992 Murieta (Riverside)
SERRANO BOULDER (185) Checkmark 6/20/1935 Corona (Riverside)
SERRANO TANNING VATS (186) Checkmark 6/20/1935 Corona (Riverside)
SHAVER'S WELL (P148) Checkmark 11/3/1969 Mecca (Riverside)
SIMON'S, M. H., UNDERTAKING CHAPEL (N878) Checkmark 6/9/1980 Riverside (Riverside)
SITE OF BLYTHE INTAKE (948) Checkmark 3/1/1982 Blythe (Riverside)
SITE OF BLYTHE INTAKE (P63) Checkmark 9/22/1967 Blythe (Riverside)
SITE OF CONTRACTOR'S GENERAL HOSPITAL (992) Checkmark 8/17/1990 (Riverside)
SITE OF DE ANZA CAMP, MARCH 1774 (103) Checkmark 3/29/1933 Anza (Riverside)
SITE OF INDIAN VILLAGE OF POCHEA (104) Checkmark 3/29/1933 Hemet, (Riverside)
SITE OF LOUIS RUBIDOUX HOUSE (102) Checkmark 3/29/1933 Rubidoux (Riverside)
SITE OF OLD RUBIDOUX GRIST MILL (303) Checkmark 7/12/1939 Rubidoux (Riverside)
SMILEY PLACE (P760) Checkmark 11/8/1991 Indio (Riverside)
SOUTHERN HOTEL (N1803) Checkmark 10/15/1992 Perris (Riverside)
SOVIET TRANSPOLAR LANDING SITE (989) Checkmark 10/20/1989 San Jacinto (Riverside)
SPEED OF LIGHT EXPERIMENT SITE (P119) Checkmark 6/6/1969 Idyllwild (Riverside)
ST. BONIFACE SCHOOL (P415) Checkmark 8/7/1975 Beaumont (Riverside)
SUTHERLAND FRUIT COMPANY (N1439) Checkmark 4/11/1986 Riverside (Riverside)
TAHQUITZ CANYON (N189) Checkmark 10/31/1972 Palm Springs (Riverside)
TEMECULA QUARRIES (P175) Checkmark 3/19/1970 Temecula (Riverside)
TEMESCAL TIN MINES (P79) Checkmark 1/24/1968 Corona (Riverside)
THOMAS-GARNER RANCH (P176) Checkmark 3/19/1970 Idyllwild (Riverside)
TORO VILLAGE (P81) Checkmark 1/24/1968 Indio (Riverside)
TRUJILLO ADOBE (P75) Checkmark 1/24/1968 Riverside (Riverside)
UNIVERSITY HEIGHTS JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL (N1832) Checkmark 6/24/1993 Riverside (Riverside)
VALERIE JEAN'S DATE SHOP,RUSSELL NICOLL HOME/OL KING SOLO (P736) Checkmark 2/11/1991 Thermal (Riverside)
VICTORIA AVENUE (N2108) Checkmark 10/26/2000 Riverside (Riverside)
WEAVER ADOBE (P39) Checkmark 6/2/1967 Banning (Riverside)
WHITEWATER (P40) Checkmark 6/2/1967 Banning (Riverside)
WILEY'S WELL (P77) Checkmark 1/24/1968 Blythe (Riverside)
WOMAN'S IMPROVEMENT CLUB CLUBHOUSE (N1579) Checkmark 11/3/1988 Corona (Riverside)
YERXA'S DISCOVERY (P560) Checkmark 12/19/1980 Desert Hot Springs (Riverside)