California Historical Resources

California's historical resources represent the contributions and collective human experiences of a diversified population spanning 10,000-12,000 years of occupancy in California. This rich heritage is embodied in the cultural and historical landscapes of California as evidenced by archaeological remains, historic buildings, traditional customs, tangible artifacts, historical documents, and public records extant in California. All these evidences of the past contribute to the sum total of California's history. Such historical resources provide continuity with our past and enhance our quality of life.

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Name (Landmark Plaque Number) National Register California State Historical Landmark California Register of Historical Resources Point of Interest Date Listed City (County)
B. F. BUTTERFIELD STORE (P100) Checkmark 6/7/1968 Jamestown (Tuolumne)
BAKER HIGHWAY MAINTENANCE STATION (N2264) Checkmark 9/2/2004 Strawberry (Tuolumne)
BIG OAK FLAT (406) Checkmark 4/14/1948 Big Oak Flat (Tuolumne)
CADY HOUSE (N1047) Checkmark 2/25/1982 Sonora (Tuolumne)
CHEROKEE (445) Checkmark 11/2/1949 Tuolumne City (Tuolumne)
CHINAMAN MORTAR SITE (N374) Checkmark 6/20/1975 Strawberry (Tuolumne)
CHINESE CAMP (423) Checkmark 3/4/1949 Chinese Camp (Tuolumne)
CITY HOTEL (N1195) Checkmark 6/30/1983 Sonora (Tuolumne)
COLUMBIA (123) Checkmark 7/6/1933 Columbia (Tuolumne)
COLUMBIA HISTORIC DISTRICT (N34) Checkmark 10/15/1966 Sonora (Tuolumne)
EMPORIUM (N558) Checkmark 2/17/1978 Jamestown (Tuolumne)
FERRETTI SHRINE (P349) Checkmark 9/13/1974 Big Oak Flat (Tuolumne)
GAMBLE BUILDING AND MINER'S BEAN KETTLE (N1680) Checkmark 3/22/1991 Big Oak Flat (Tuolumne)
GREAT SIERRA MINE HISTORIC SITE (N623) Checkmark 5/24/1978 Lee Vining (Tuolumne)
GREAT SIERRA WAGON ROAD (N657) Checkmark 8/25/1978 Yosemite Valley (Tuolumne)
GROVELAND (446) Checkmark 11/2/1949 Groveland (Tuolumne)
GROVELAND HOTEL (N1866) Checkmark 5/6/1994 Groveland (Tuolumne)
HOTEL CHARLOTTE (N1877) Checkmark 9/26/1994 Groveland (Tuolumne)
HOTEL VICTORIA, SONORA INN (P621) Checkmark 8/16/1983 Sonora (Tuolumne)
JACKSONVILLE (419) Checkmark 2/28/1949 Chinese Camp (Tuolumne)
JAMESTOWN (431) Checkmark 3/16/1949 Jamestown (Tuolumne)
MARK TWAIN CABIN (138) Checkmark 6/6/1934 Tuttletown (Tuolumne)
MCCAULEY CABIN (N478) Checkmark 3/8/1977 Lee Vining (Tuolumne)
MONTEZUMA (122) Checkmark 7/6/1933 Chinese Camp (Tuolumne)
NIAGARA CAMP (N369) Checkmark 6/6/1975 Tuolumne (Tuolumne)
PARROTT'S FERRY (438) Checkmark 6/2/1949 Columbia (Tuolumne)
PARSONS MEMORIAL LODGE (N771) Checkmark 4/30/1979 Yosemite National Park (Tuolumne)
QUAIL SITE (N334) Checkmark 3/10/1975 Long Barn (Tuolumne)
SAWMILL FLAT (424) Checkmark 3/4/1949 Columbia (Tuolumne)
SECOND GARROTE (460) Checkmark 5/9/1950 Groveland (Tuolumne)
SHAW'S FLAT (395) Checkmark 3/8/1948 Columbia (Tuolumne)
SIERRA RAILROAD ROUNDHOUSE (P99) Checkmark 6/7/1968 Jamestown (Tuolumne)
SIERRA RAILWAY SHOPS (1053) Checkmark 8/28/2014 Jamestown (Tuolumne)
SODA SPRINGS CABIN (N762) Checkmark 4/19/1979 Lee Vining (Tuolumne)
SONORA-MONO ROAD (422) Checkmark 3/4/1949 Sugar Pine (Tuolumne)
SOULSBYVILLE (420) Checkmark 2/28/1949 Soulsbyville (Tuolumne)
SPRINGFIELD (432) Checkmark 3/16/1949 Columbia (Tuolumne)
ST. JAMES EPISCOPAL CHURCH (139) Checkmark 6/6/1934 Sonora (Tuolumne)
SUGG HOUSE (N1307) Checkmark 9/13/1984 Sonora (Tuolumne)
SUMMERSVILLE (TUOLUMNE) (407) Checkmark 4/14/1948 Tuolumne (Tuolumne)
TIOGA PASS ENTRANCE STATION (N719) Checkmark 12/14/1978 Lee Vining (Tuolumne)
TUOLUMNE COUNTY COURTHOUSE (N972) Checkmark 9/17/1981 Sonora (Tuolumne)
TUOLUMNE COUNTY JAIL (N684) Checkmark 11/7/1978 Sonora (Tuolumne)
TUOLUMNE MEADOWS (N709) Checkmark 11/30/1978 Lee Vining (Tuolumne)
TUTTLETOWN (124) Checkmark 7/6/1933 Tuttletown (Tuolumne)
WATTS & TANNAHILL COMPANY STORE (N1908) Checkmark 3/31/1995 Groveland (Tuolumne)
WELLS FARGO EXPRESS COMPANY BUILDING (140) Checkmark 6/6/1934 Chinese Camp (Tuolumne)
YOSEMITE VALLEY (N2349) Checkmark 12/14/2006 Yosemite (Tuolumne)