California Historical Resources

California's historical resources represent the contributions and collective human experiences of a diversified population spanning 10,000-12,000 years of occupancy in California. This rich heritage is embodied in the cultural and historical landscapes of California as evidenced by archaeological remains, historic buildings, traditional customs, tangible artifacts, historical documents, and public records extant in California. All these evidences of the past contribute to the sum total of California's history. Such historical resources provide continuity with our past and enhance our quality of life.

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Name (Landmark Plaque Number) National Register California State Historical Landmark California Register of Historical Resources Point of Interest Date Listed City (County)
HAVENS, WESTON, HOUSE (N2410) Checkmark 6/11/2008 Berkeley (Alameda)
10TH STREET MARKET (N2139) Checkmark 8/3/2001 Oakland (Alameda)
14 MILE HOUSE SITE (P636) Checkmark 11/16/1984 Chico (Butte)
1953 NATIONAL BOY SCOUT JAMBOREE SITE (P513) Checkmark 10/14/1977 Newport Beach (Orange)
20-MULE-TEAM BORAX TERMINUS (652) Checkmark 7/1/1958 Mojave (Kern)
25TH STREET HISTORIC DISTRICT (P776) Checkmark 8/21/1992 San Bernardino (San Bernardino)
500 VARAS SQUARE--GOVERNMENT RESERVE (N1429) Checkmark 3/12/1986 Los Angeles (Los Angeles)
A H CHAPMAN HOUSE / "THE LITTLE CHAPMAN MANSION" (P573) Checkmark 9/11/1981 Chico (Butte)
A. A. SARGENT RESIDENCE, SARGENT-FREEMAN RESIDENCE (P305) Checkmark 7/13/1973 Nevada City (Nevada)
A. B. MILLER COMMUNITY PARK AND PLUNGE (P626) Checkmark 12/31/1983 Fontana (San Bernardino)
A. C. BURRAGE MANSION (P433) Checkmark 8/7/1975 Redlands (San Bernardino)
A. K. SMILEY PUBLIC LIBRARY (N463) Checkmark 12/12/1976 Redlands (San Bernardino)
A. W. CLIFTON HOUSE, COMPTON MANSION (C17) Checkmark 2/1/2002 Sacramento (Sacramento)
A.K. SMILEY PUBLIC LIBRARY (994) Checkmark 8/17/1990 Redlands (San Bernardino)
AARON BARUH HOUSE (P382) Checkmark 3/20/1975 Nevada City (Nevada)
ABRAHAM LINCOLN ELEMENTARY SCHOOL (P701) Checkmark 8/23/1988 Pomona (Los Angeles)
ACACIA LODGE (N1982) Checkmark 7/9/1997 Santa Barbara (Santa Barbara)
ACTING SUPERINTENDENT'S HEADQUARTERS (N629) Checkmark 6/9/1978 Wawona (Mariposa)
ADALINE CARSON STILTS GRAVE SITE (P18) Checkmark 3/29/1967 Lee Vining (Mono)
ADAMS AND COMPANY BUILDING (607) Checkmark 5/22/1957 Sacramento (Sacramento)
ADAMSON HOUSE (966) Checkmark Checkmark 10/1/1985 Malibu (Los Angeles)
ADAMSVILLE (P537) Checkmark 7/31/1979 Modesto (Stanislaus)
ADIN SUPPLY COMPANY (N1972) Checkmark 2/7/1997 Adin (Modoc)
ADMINISTRATION AND VETERAN'S MEMORIAL BUILDING (958) Checkmark 8/16/1983 Atascadero (San Mateo)
ADMINISTRATION BUILDING, ATASCADERO COLONY (N536) Checkmark 11/17/1977 Atascadero (San Luis Obispo)
ADMINISTRATION BUILDING, SHERMAN INSTITUTE (N851) Checkmark 1/9/1980 Riverside (Riverside)
ADMINISTRATION BUILDING, TREASURE ISLAND (N2401) Checkmark 2/26/2008 (San Francisco)
ADOBE CHAPEL OF THE IMMACULATE CONCEPTION (49) Checkmark 12/6/1932 San Diego (San Diego)
ADOBE DE PALOMARES (372) Checkmark 4/21/1941 Pomona (Los Angeles)
ADOBE FLORES (N240) Checkmark 6/18/1973 South Pasadena (Los Angeles)
AETNA SPRINGS RESORT (N1490) Checkmark 3/9/1987 Pope Valley (Napa)
AFTERTHOUGHT MINE (P135) Checkmark 6/6/1969 Round Mountain (Shasta)
AGENTS HOME (P231) Checkmark 10/5/1971 Thermal (Riverside)
AGNEWS INSANE ASYLUM (N1987) Checkmark 8/13/1997 Santa Clara (Santa Clara)
AGUA FRIA (518) Checkmark 4/26/1954 Mariposa (Mariposa)
AGUA MANSA (121) Checkmark 5/15/1933 Colton (San Bernardino)
AH LOUIS STORE (802) Checkmark Checkmark 3/25/1965 San Luis Obispo (San Luis Obispo)
AHWAHNEE HOTEL (N470) Checkmark 2/15/1977 Yosemite National Park (Mariposa)
AIKEN'S WASH NATIONAL REGISTER DISTRICT (N1108) Checkmark 5/24/1982 Baker (San Bernardino)
AINSLEY, JOHN COLPITTS, HOUSE NO. 3 (N2307) Checkmark Checkmark 10/3/2005 Campbell (Santa Clara)
AINSWORTH, LEWIS, HOUSE (N944) Checkmark 3/13/1981 Orange (Orange)
AL MALAIKAH TEMPLE (N1499) Checkmark 4/2/1987 Los Angeles (Los Angeles)
ALAMEDA CITY HALL (N908) Checkmark 10/14/1980 Alameda (Alameda)
ALAMEDA COUNTY COURTHOUSE (P163) Checkmark 3/19/1970 San Leandro (Alameda)
ALAMEDA COUNTY GAZETTE NEWSPAPER (P171) Checkmark 3/19/1970 San Leandro (Alameda)
ALAMEDA FREE LIBRARY (N1117) Checkmark 6/25/1982 Alameda (Alameda)
ALAMEDA HIGH SCHOOL (N495) Checkmark 5/12/1977 Alameda (Alameda)
ALAMEDA VETERANS' MEMORIAL BUILDING (N2371) Checkmark 9/27/2007 Alameda (Alameda)
ALCATRAZ (N428) Checkmark 6/23/1976 San Francisco (San Francisco)
ALEXANDER BAILEY HOUSE "THE GABLES" (P674) Checkmark 9/2/1986 Inverness (Marin)
ALEXANDER THEATRE (N1935) Checkmark 2/16/1996 Glendale (Los Angeles)
ALEXANDER-ACACIA BRIDGE (N1262) Checkmark 1/5/1984 Larkspur (Marin)
ALEXANDRIA HOTEL AND ANNEX (N989) Checkmark 1/11/1982 Napa (Napa)
ALF'S BLACKSMITH SHOP (P362) Checkmark 11/19/1974 Daggett (San Bernardino)
ALFORD--NIELSON HOUSE (N1414) Checkmark 1/23/1986 Ferndale (Humboldt)
ALKALI FLAT CENTRAL HISTORIC DISTRICT (N1294) Checkmark 7/26/1984 Sacramento (Sacramento)
ALKALI FLAT NORTH HISTORIC DISTRICT (N1279) Checkmark 4/19/1984 Sacramento (Sacramento)
ALKALI FLAT WEST HISTORIC DISTRICT (N1295) Checkmark 7/26/1984 Sacramento (Sacramento)
ALL SAINTS CHURCH (P319) Checkmark 11/13/1973 Oceanside (San Diego)
ALL SOULS UNIVERSALIST CHURCH (N666) Checkmark 9/18/1978 Riverside (Riverside)
ALLEN & SANDHORFER BLACKSMITH, AUBURN IRON WORKS (P619) Checkmark 8/16/1983 Auburn (Placer)
ALLEN, THEOPHILUS, HOUSE (N2056) Checkmark 5/20/1999 Palo Alto (Santa Clara)
ALLEN--SOMMER--GAGE HOUSE (N481) Checkmark 4/13/1977 Chico (Butte)
ALLENSWORTH HISTORIC DISTRICT (N158) Checkmark 2/23/1972 Allensworth and (Tulare)
ALLENSWORTH HISTORIC TOWN SITE (1047) Checkmark 8/5/2012 (Tulare)
ALMA (SCOW SCHOONER) (N389) Checkmark 10/10/1975 San Francisco (San Francisco)
ALMADEN VINEYARDS (505) Checkmark 7/31/1953 San Jose (Santa Clara)
ALPHA HYDRAULIC DIGGINGS (628) Checkmark 1/29/1958 Washington (Nevada)
ALPINE COUNTY COURTHOUSE (P761) Checkmark Checkmark 2/14/1992 Markleeville (Alpine)
ALTA MESA FARM BUREAU HALL (N1476) Checkmark 1/7/1987 Wilton (Sacramento)
ALTADENA TOWN AND COUNTRY CLUB (P750) Checkmark 8/8/1991 Altadena (Los Angeles)
ALTAVILLE (288) Checkmark 2/4/1938 Altaville (Calaveras)
ALTAVILLE GRAMMAR SCHOOL (N795) Checkmark 8/24/1979 Altaville (Calaveras)
ALTENHEIM (N2353) Checkmark 1/10/2007 Oakland (Alameda)
ALTURAS PASSENGER STATION (P320) Checkmark 1/10/1974 Alturas (Modoc)
ALUM ROCK PARK (P262) Checkmark 6/22/1972 San Jose (Santa Clara)
ALVARADO ADOBE (512) Checkmark 11/6/1953 San Pablo (Contra Costa)
ALVARADO PARK (N1766) Checkmark 4/9/1992 Richmond (Contra Costa)
ALVARADO SCHOOL (P504) Checkmark 7/27/1977 Union City (Alameda)
ALVARADO TERRACE HISTORIC DISTRICT (N1282) Checkmark 5/17/1984 Los Angeles (Los Angeles)
ALVISO HISTORIC DISTRICT (N260) Checkmark 10/9/1973 Alviso (Santa Clara)
ALVISO, JOSE MARIA, ADOBE (N1992) Checkmark 10/7/1997 Milpitas (Santa Clara)
AMADOR CITY (P498) Checkmark 5/5/1977 Amador City (Amador)
AMADOR COUNTY HOSPITAL BUILDING (N148) Checkmark 2/23/1972 Jackson (Amador)
AMERICAN BAG CO.--UNION HIDE CO. (N2065) Checkmark 8/13/1999 Oakland (Alameda)
AMERICAN HILL DIGGINS (P273) Checkmark 11/1/1972 Nevada City (Nevada)
AMERICAN RIVER GRANGE HALL #172 (P823) Checkmark Checkmark 5/15/1996 Rancho Cordova (Sacramento)
AMERICAN TRONA CORPORATION BUILDING (N1300) Checkmark 8/30/1984 Los Angeles (Los Angeles)
AMERICANIZATION SCHOOL (N1860) Checkmark 4/8/1994 Oceanside (San Diego)
ANACAPA ISLAND ARCHEOLOGICAL DISTRICT (N819) Checkmark 9/12/1979 Port Hueneme (Ventura)
ANACAPA ISLAND LIGHT STATION (N1729) Checkmark 9/3/1991 Oxnard (Ventura)
ANAHEIM LANDING (219) Checkmark 6/20/1935 Seal Beach (Orange)
ANDALUCIA BUILDING (N2080) Checkmark 12/22/1999 Santa Barbara (Santa Barbara)
ANDALUSIA (N2211) Checkmark 8/21/2003 Los Angeles (Los Angeles)
ANDERSON MARSH ARCHEOLOGICAL DISTRICT (N656) Checkmark 8/24/1978 Lower Lake (Lake)
ANDERTON COURT SHOPS (N2239) Checkmark 5/14/2004 Beverly Hills (Los Angeles)
ANDREAS CANYON (N201) Checkmark 1/8/1973 Palm Springs (Riverside)
ANDREASEN, F. W.--JOHN ROSSEN HOUSE (N1616) Checkmark Checkmark 9/25/1989 Ferndale (Humboldt)
ANDRESON BUILDING (P549) Checkmark 3/31/1980 San Bernardino (San Bernardino)
ANDREW LANDRUM HOUSE, BATTLE HOUSE (P269) Checkmark 8/28/1972 Santa Clara (Santa Clara)
ANDREWS, WILLIAM, HOUSE (N1773) Checkmark 6/18/1992 Napa (Napa)
ANGEL ISLAND (529) Checkmark 3/7/1955 Angel Island (Marin)
ANGEL ISLAND, U.S. IMMIGRATION STATION (N118) Checkmark 10/14/1971 Tiburon (Marin)
ANGEL, MYRON, HOUSE (N1164) Checkmark 11/22/1982 San Luis Obispo (San Luis Obispo)
ANGELES NATIONAL FOREST (717) Checkmark 12/2/1959 La Canada (Los Angeles)
ANGELES NATIONAL FOREST (717) Checkmark 12/2/1959 La Canada (Los Angeles)
ANGELS CAMP (287) Checkmark 2/4/1938 Angels Camp (Calaveras)
ANGELS FLIGHT RAILWAY (N2107) Checkmark 10/13/2000 Los Angeles (Los Angeles)
ANGELS HOTEL (734) Checkmark Checkmark 4/8/1960 Angels Camp (Calaveras)
ANGELUS MESA BRANCH (N1508) Checkmark 5/19/1987 Los Angeles (Los Angeles)
ANGELUS TEMPLE (N1768) Checkmark 4/27/1992 Los Angeles (Los Angeles)
ANIMAL SCIENCE BUILDING (N1442) Checkmark 6/17/1986 Davis (Yolo)
ANKLIN VILLAGE ARCHEOLOGICAL SITE (N423) Checkmark 6/3/1976 Canby (Modoc)
ANNA HEAD SCHOOL FOR GIRLS (N896) Checkmark 8/11/1980 Berkeley (Alameda)
ANSON VAN LEUVEN HOUSE AND ORANGE GROVE (P249) Checkmark 4/25/1972 Loma Linda (San Bernardino)
ANTELOPE VALLEY INDIAN MUSEUM (P588) Checkmark Checkmark 3/1/1982 Lancaster (Los Angeles)
ANTLERS INN (P700) Checkmark 3/31/1988 Twin Peaks (San Bernardino)
ANTONIO BUELNA ADOBE (P152) Checkmark 11/3/1969 Palo Alto (Santa Clara)
ANZA BORREGO-PALO VERDE SITE, S-2 (N1397) Checkmark 10/25/1985 Borrego Springs (San Diego)
ANZA BORREGO-SIN NOMBRE, S-4 (N1398) Checkmark 10/25/1985 Borrego Springs (San Diego)
ANZA BORREGO-SPIT MOUNTAIN SITE, S-3 (N1399) Checkmark 10/25/1985 Borrego Springs (San Diego)
ANZA EXPEDITION CAMP (47) Checkmark 12/6/1932 San Mateo (San Mateo)
ANZA EXPEDITION CAMP (48) Checkmark 12/6/1932 San Mateo (San Mateo)
ANZA HOUSE (N47) Checkmark 4/15/1970 San Juan Bautista (San Benito)
APOLLO (STORESHIP) (N1693) Checkmark 5/16/1991 San Francisco (San Francisco)
APPLEGATE-LASSEN EMIGRANT TRAIL (FANDANGO PASS) (546) Checkmark 1/27/1956 Fort Bidwell (Modoc)
AQUATIC PARK HISTORIC DISTRICT (N1266) Checkmark 1/26/1984 San Francisco (San Francisco)
ARCATA AND MAD RIVER RAIL ROAD COMPANY (842) Checkmark 7/27/1970 Blue Lake (Humboldt)
ARCHEOLOGICAL SITE 4 SLO 834 (N1045) Checkmark 2/25/1982 Atascadero (San Luis Obispo)
ARCHEOLOGICAL SITE CA SBR 3186 (N940) Checkmark 2/10/1981 Silver Lake (San Bernardino)
ARCHEOLOGICAL SITE CA-INY-134 (N2194) Checkmark 3/12/2003 Olancha (Inyo)
ARCHEOLOGICAL SITE CA-SBR-140 (N2205) Checkmark 6/10/2003 Baker (San Bernardino)
ARCHEOLOGICAL SITE NO. CA-LAK-711 (N780) Checkmark 5/25/1979 Anderson Springs (Lake)
ARCHEOLOGICAL SITE NO. D-4 (N1395) Checkmark 10/25/1985 Needles (San Bernardino)
ARCHEOLOGICAL SITE NO. E-21 (N1396) Checkmark 10/25/1985 Parker (San Bernardino)
ARCHEOLOGICAL SITE SMA-151 (N560) Checkmark 2/23/1978 Princeton (San Mateo)
ARCHEOLOGICAL SITES CA-RIV-504 AND CA-RIV-773 (N2195) Checkmark 3/12/2003 Blythe (Riverside)
ARCHWAY, THE (P614) Checkmark 5/18/1983 Rio Linda (Sacramento)
ARD EEVIN (N2346) Checkmark 11/21/2006 Glendale (Los Angeles)
ARENA COVE HISTORIC DISTRICT (N1638) Checkmark 9/13/1990 Point Arena (Mendocino)
ARGONAUT AND KENNEDY MINES (786) Checkmark 9/18/1963 Jackson (Amador)
ARLETA PARK MODEL HOME (P791) Checkmark 11/15/1993 Half Moon Bay (San Mateo)
ARLINGTON BRANCH LIBRARY AND FIRE HALL (N1839) Checkmark 7/22/1993 Riverside (Riverside)
ARMORY HALL (N1748) Checkmark 1/29/1992 Lake Elsinore (Riverside)
ARMORY HALL, GRAND ARMY OF THE REPUBLIC BUILDING (P822) Checkmark 5/15/1996 Lake Elsinore (Riverside)
ARROWHEAD, THE (977) Checkmark 4/1/1988 San Bernardino (San Bernardino)
ARROYO DE CANTUA (344) Checkmark 8/8/1939 Coalinga (Fresno)
ARROYO DE SAN JOSEPH CUPERTINO (800) Checkmark 12/23/1964 Cupertino (Santa Clara)
ARROYO GRANDE IOOF HALL (N1679) Checkmark 3/22/1991 Arroyo Grande (San Luis Obispo)
ARTESIA SCHOOL (P12) Checkmark 12/16/1966 Lompoc (Santa Barbara)
ARTZ BUILDING (N1862) Checkmark 4/18/1994 Tustin (Orange)
ASH MOUNTAIN ENTRANCE SIGN (N595) Checkmark 4/27/1978 Three Rivers (Tulare)
ASHBY HOUSE (P465) Checkmark 12/22/1975 Palo Alto (Santa Clara)
ASHWORTH-REMILLARD HOUSE (N465) Checkmark 12/12/1976 San Jose (Santa Clara)
ASILOMAR (1052) Checkmark 6/20/2014 Pacific Grove (Monterey)
ASILOMAR CONFERENCE GROUNDS (N1487) Checkmark 2/27/1987 Pacific Grove (Monterey)
ASISTENCIA SAN ANTONIO DE PALA (243) Checkmark 6/10/1936 Pala (San Diego)
ATASCADERO PRINTERY (N2223) Checkmark 1/2/2004 Atascadero (San Luis Obispo)
ATCHISON VILLAGE DEFENSE HOUSING PROJECT, CAL. 4171-X (N2204) Checkmark 5/30/2003 Richmond (Contra Costa)
ATCHISON, TOPEKA AND SANTA FE RAILWAY PASSENGER AND FREIGHT DEPOT (N2119) Checkmark 2/2/2001 San Bernardino (San Bernardino)
ATCHISON, TOPEKA, AND SANTA FE RAILROAD STATION (N1128) Checkmark 7/15/1982 Claremont (Los Angeles)
ATCHISON, TOPEKA, AND SANTA FE RAILWAY DEPOT AT BLYTHE (P735) Checkmark 2/11/1991 Blythe (Riverside)
ATCHISON, TOPEKA, AND SANTA FE RAILWAY STEAM LOCOMOTIVE NO. 3751 (N2105) Checkmark 10/4/2000 Los Angeles (Los Angeles)
ATCHISON, TOPEKA, AND SANTA FE RAILWAY-REDLANDS STATION (P489) Checkmark 10/29/1976 Redlands (San Bernardino)
ATHERTON HOUSE (N745) Checkmark 1/31/1979 San Francisco (San Francisco)
ATKINSON HOUSE (N1653) Checkmark 9/13/1990 Rutherford (Napa)
ATWOOD ADOBE SITE (P251) Checkmark 4/25/1972 San Bernardino (San Bernardino)
AUBURN IOOF HALL (P803) Checkmark 8/23/1994 Auburn (Placer)
AUBURN PUBLIC LIBRARY, OLD AUBURN LIBRARY (P838) Checkmark 9/11/2000 Auburn (Placer)
AUDIFFRED BUILDING (P114) Checkmark Checkmark 12/11/1968 San Francisco (San Francisco)
AUDITORIUM (N1253) Checkmark 10/13/1983 Torrance (Los Angeles)
AVENEL COOPERATIVE HOUSING PROJECT (N2278) Checkmark 2/27/2005 Los Angeles (Los Angeles)
AVERY HOTEL-HALFWAY HOUSE (P602) Checkmark 12/31/1982 Avery (Calaveras)
AVILA ADOBE (145) Checkmark 6/6/1934 Los Angeles (Los Angeles)
AZTEC BOWL (N1869) Checkmark 5/19/1994 San Diego (San Diego)
AZTEC HOTEL (N609) Checkmark 5/22/1978 Monrovia (Los Angeles)
AZUSA CIVIC CENTER (N2160) Checkmark 2/21/2002 Azusa (Los Angeles)
B. F. BUTTERFIELD STORE (P100) Checkmark 6/7/1968 Jamestown (Tuolumne)
B. F. HASTINGS BUILDING (606) Checkmark 5/22/1957 Sacramento (Sacramento)
BABCOCK, DR. RAYMOND, HOUSE (N2258) Checkmark 8/19/2004 Willits (Mendocino)
BACHELDER, THOMAS FOXWELL, BARN (N1861) Checkmark 4/15/1994 Sunol (Alameda)
BACKS, FERDINAND, HOUSE (N910) Checkmark 10/14/1980 Anaheim (Orange)
BAGBY STATIONHOUSE, WATER TANKS AND TURNTABLE (N760) Checkmark 4/13/1979 El Portal (Mariposa)
BAILEY, JONATHAN, HOUSE (N513) Checkmark 8/29/1977 Whittier (Los Angeles)
BAIRDSTOWN (P369) Checkmark 1/17/1975 Big Bear City (San Bernardino)
BAKER AND HAMILTON (N2273) Checkmark 2/9/2005 San Francisco (San Francisco)
BAKER HIGHWAY MAINTENANCE STATION (N2264) Checkmark 9/2/2004 Strawberry (Tuolumne)
BAKER, PEARL, ROW HOUSE (N1848) Checkmark 9/30/1993 Rancho Santa Fe (San Diego)
BAKERSFIELD CALIFORNIA BUILDING (N1182) Checkmark 3/10/1983 Bakersfield (Kern)
BALBOA INN (N1438) Checkmark 4/11/1986 Newport Beach (Orange)
BALBOA PARK (N549) Checkmark 12/22/1977 San Diego (San Diego)
BALBOA PAVILION (959) Checkmark Checkmark 12/15/1983 Balboa (Orange)
BALBOA THEATRE (N1963) Checkmark 10/24/1996 San Diego (San Diego)
BALCLUTHA (N444) Checkmark 11/7/1976 San Francisco (San Francisco)
BALD HILLS ARCHEOLOGICAL DISTRICT (N1126) Checkmark 7/9/1982 Orick (Humboldt)
BALDWIN ESTATE (N1495) Checkmark 4/1/1987 South Lake Tahoe (El Dorado)
BALDWIN HILLS VILLAGE (N1820) Checkmark 4/1/1993 Loa Angeles (Los Angeles)
BALDWIN LAKE (P280) Checkmark 1/31/1973 Big Bear City (San Bernardino)
BALE MILL (N181) Checkmark 6/22/1972 St. Helena (Napa)
BALLARD PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH (P11) Checkmark 12/16/1966 Santa Ynez (Santa Barbara)
BALLARD SCHOOL (P10) Checkmark 12/16/1966 Santa Ynez (Santa Barbara)
BALLAST POINT WHALING STATION SITE (50) Checkmark 12/6/1932 San Diego (San Diego)
BALLS FERRY (P131) Checkmark 6/6/1969 Anderson (Shasta)
BANCROFT RANCH HOUSE (626) Checkmark 1/13/1958 Spring Valley (San Diego)
BANDINI ADOBE SITE (P120) Checkmark 6/6/1969 Norco (Riverside)
BANDINI-COTA ADOBE SITE (P122) Checkmark 6/6/1969 Corona (Riverside)
BANDIT ROCK (N397) Checkmark 10/31/1975 Inyokern (Kern)
BANDY HOUSE (N1816) Checkmark 1/12/1993 Escondido (San Diego)
BANK OF BALBOA--BANK OF AMERICA (N1448) Checkmark 7/24/1986 Newport Beach (Orange)
BANK OF CALIFORNIA (P112) Checkmark 12/11/1968 San Francisco (San Francisco)
BANK OF EUREKA BUILDING (N1087) Checkmark 4/12/1982 Eureka (Humboldt)
BANK OF ITALY (N1140) Checkmark 10/29/1982 Fresno (Fresno)
BANK OF ITALY (N626) Checkmark 6/2/1978 San Francisco (San Francisco)
BANK OF ITALY (N695) Checkmark 11/16/1978 Livermore (Alameda)
BANK OF ITALY (N2018) Checkmark 3/19/1998 Paso Robles (San Luis Obispo)
BANK OF ITALY (N1364) Checkmark 7/18/1985 Tracy (San Joaquin)
BANK OF ITALY BUILDING (N1086) Checkmark 4/1/1982 Visalia (Tulare)
BANK OF ITALY, MERCED (N2269) Checkmark 10/12/2004 Merced (Merced)
BANK OF LOLETA (N1345) Checkmark 2/28/1985 Loleta (Humboldt)
BANK OF LOS BANOS BUILDING (N796) Checkmark 8/24/1979 Los Banos (Merced)
BANK OF NAPA (N1774) Checkmark 6/18/1992 Napa (Napa)
BANK OF PINOLE (N1961) Checkmark 10/24/1996 Pinole (Contra Costa)
BANK OF SANTA CRUZ COUNTY (N1060) Checkmark 3/15/1982 Santa Cruz (Santa Cruz)
BANK OF SUISUN (P600) Checkmark 6/9/1982 Suisun City (Solano)
BANK OF TRACY (N867) Checkmark 6/3/1980 Tracy (San Joaquin)
BANNING HOUSE (N78) Checkmark 5/6/1971 Wilmington (Los Angeles)
BANNING PARK (147) Checkmark 1/11/1935 Wilmington (Los Angeles)
BANNING WOMEN'S CLUB (P725) Checkmark 11/20/1989 Banning (Riverside)
BARD, ELIZABETH, MEMORIAL HOSPITAL (N530) Checkmark 11/11/1977 Ventura (Ventura)
BARDSDALE METHODIST EPISCOPAL CHURCH (N1458) Checkmark 8/28/1986 Fillmore (Ventura)
BARKER DAM (N394) Checkmark 10/29/1975 Twentynine Palms (Riverside)
BARNSDALL PARK (N79) Checkmark 5/6/1971 Los Angeles (Los Angeles)
BARRETT, WILLIAM G., HOUSE (N881) Checkmark 6/17/1980 Sausalito (Marin)
BARRON--LATHAM--HOPKINS GATE LODGE (N1457) Checkmark 8/28/1986 Menlo Park (San Mateo)
BARTLETT BUILDING (P834) Checkmark 6/22/1999 San Clemente (Orange)
BARTON MOUND (218) Checkmark 6/20/1935 Irvine (Orange)
BARTON VILLA (N1962) Checkmark 10/24/1996 Redlands (San Bernardino)
BARTON-LACKEY CABIN (N573) Checkmark 3/30/1978 Mineral King (Tulare)
BASELINE ROAD (P278) Checkmark 1/31/1973 Highland (San Bernardino)
BASS HILL (148) Checkmark 1/11/1935 Central Valley (Shasta)
BASSETT ELEMENTARY SCHOOL (P623) Checkmark 12/15/1983 Bassett (Los Angeles)
BASSETT'S STATION (P236) Checkmark 10/5/1971 Sierra City (Sierra)
BATCHELDER HOUSE (N716) Checkmark 12/14/1978 Pasadena (Los Angeles)
BATTERY JOHN BARLOW AND SAXTON (N1098) Checkmark 5/4/1982 San Pedro (Los Angeles)
BATTERY OSGOOD-FARLEY (N305) Checkmark 10/16/1974 San Pedro (Los Angeles)
BATTLE OF BLOODY ISLAND (427) Checkmark 3/16/1949 Upper Lake (Lake)
BATTLE OF CHINO (P338) Checkmark 7/12/1974 Chino (San Bernardino)
BATTLE OF LAND'S RANCH-1872 (108) Checkmark 3/29/1933 Tule Lake (Modoc)
BATTLE ROCK (116) Checkmark 3/29/1933 Castella (Shasta)
BAXTER (P618) Checkmark 8/16/1983 Dutch Flat (Placer)
BAYLEY HOTEL (N721) Checkmark 12/18/1978 Pilot Hill (El Dorado)
BAYLISS CARNEGIE LIBRARY (P843) Checkmark 12/4/2001 Glenn (Glenn)
BAYSIDE GRANGE HALL (C18) Checkmark 8/2/2002 Bayside (Humboldt)
BAYVIEW HOTEL (N1759) Checkmark 3/30/1992 Aptos (Santa Cruz)
BEACH CHALET (N964) Checkmark 7/22/1981 San Francisco (San Francisco)
BEACH, A.H., HOUSE (N1857) Checkmark 12/30/1993 Escondido (San Diego)
BEALE'S CUT STAGECOACH PASS (1006) Checkmark 5/11/1992 Santa Clarita (Los Angeles)
BEALVILLE (741) Checkmark 7/5/1960 Caliente (Kern)
BEAMER, R. H., HOUSE (N1131) Checkmark 8/2/1982 Woodland (Yolo)
BEAR FLAG MONUMENT (7) Checkmark 6/1/1932 (Sonoma)
BEAR VALLEY (331) Checkmark 8/8/1939 Bear Valley (Mariposa)
BEAR VALLEY ARCHEOLOGICAL SITE (N296) Checkmark 7/30/1974 Pine Valley (San Diego)
BEAUMONT CARNEGIE LIBRARY (P807) Checkmark 12/4/1994 Beaumont (Riverside)
BECKWOURTH PASS (336) Checkmark 8/8/1939 Chilcoot (Plumas)
BEKINS STORAGE CO. ROOF SIGN (N1994) Checkmark 10/15/1997 Pasadena (Los Angeles)
BELDEN, C. A., HOUSE (N1217) Checkmark 8/11/1983 San Francisco (San Francisco)
BELL HOUSE (C3) Checkmark 8/6/1999 Bell (Los Angeles)
BELL'S BRIDGE (519) Checkmark 5/28/1954 Redding (Shasta)
BELLA UNION HOTEL SITE (656) Checkmark 9/26/1958 Los Angeles (Los Angeles)
BELLA UNION HOTEL SITE (P281) Checkmark 1/31/1973 San Bernardino (San Bernardino)
BELLEVUE-STATEN, THE (N1745) Checkmark 12/27/1991 Oakland (Alameda)
BELT RAILROAD ENGINE HOUSE AND SANDHOUSE (N1422) Checkmark 2/13/1986 San Francisco (San Francisco)
BEMBRIDGE AVIARY (C11) Checkmark 8/3/2001 Long Beach (Los Angeles)
BEMBRIDGE CARRIAGE HOUSE (C12) Checkmark 8/3/2001 Long Beach (Los Angeles)
BEMBRIDGE HOUSE / GREEN HOUSE (C15) Checkmark 8/3/2001 Long Beach (Los Angeles)
BENBOW INN (N1236) Checkmark Checkmark 9/15/1983 Garberville (Humboldt)
BENICIA ARSENAL (176) Checkmark Checkmark 3/6/1935 Benicia (Solano)
BENICIA CAPITOL (153) Checkmark 1/11/1935 Benicia (Solano)
BENICIA CAPITOL STATE HISTORIC PARK (N65) Checkmark 2/12/1971 Benicia (Solano)
BENICIA SEMINARY (795) Checkmark 9/6/1964 Benicia (Solano)
BENNETT-ARCANE LONG CAMP (444) Checkmark 10/24/1949 (Inyo)
BENSON'S FERRY (149) Checkmark 1/11/1935 Thornton (San Joaquin)
BENTON TRACT SITE (N134) Checkmark 11/12/1971 Redding (Shasta)
BENTZ, LOUISE C., HOUSE (N541) Checkmark 12/2/1977 Pasadena (Los Angeles)
BERDING, A., HOUSE (N1169) Checkmark 1/4/1983 Ferndale (Humboldt)
BERINGER BROTHERS WINERY (814) Checkmark Checkmark 12/19/1966 St. Helena (Napa)
BERKELEY (N1668) Checkmark 12/14/1990 San Diego (San Diego)
BERKELEY CITY CLUB (908) Checkmark 5/12/1977 Berkeley (Alameda)
BERKELEY DAY NURSERY (N516) Checkmark 9/15/1977 Berkeley (Alameda)
BERKELEY HIGH SCHOOL CAMPUS HISTORIC DISTRICT (N2379) Checkmark 1/7/2008 Berkeley (Alameda)
BERKELEY HILLSIDE CLUB (N2233) Checkmark 4/16/2004 Berkeley (Alameda)
BERKELEY HISTORIC CIVIC CENTER DISTRICT (N2040) Checkmark 12/3/1998 Berkeley (Alameda)
BERKELEY PUBLIC LIBRARY (N1118) Checkmark 6/25/1982 Berkeley (Alameda)
BERKELEY WOMEN'S CITY CLUB (N523) Checkmark 10/28/1977 Berkeley (Alameda)
BERNARD, SUSANA MACHADO, HOUSE AND BARN (N811) Checkmark 9/4/1979 Los Angeles (Los Angeles)
BERNARDO FERNANDEZ HOUSE (P277) Checkmark 1/31/1973 Pinole (Contra Costa)
BERRYESSA ADOBE (P270) Checkmark 8/28/1972 Santa Clara (Santa Clara)
BERWICK MANOR AND ORCHARD (N533) Checkmark 11/17/1977 Carmel Valley (Monterey)
BERYLWOOD (N519) Checkmark 9/15/1977 Port Hueneme (Ventura)
BEST TRACTOR COMPANY / CATERPILLAR TRACTOR COMPANY (P170) Checkmark 3/19/1970 San Leandro (Alameda)
BEVERLY HILLS WOMEN'S CLUB (N2344) Checkmark 10/4/2006 Beverly Hills (Los Angeles)
BEVERLY RANCH (N2228) Checkmark 2/11/2004 Redlands (San Bernardino)
BEVERLY WILSHIRE HOTEL (N1530) Checkmark 6/12/1987 Beverly Hills (Los Angeles)
BIDWELL MANSION (N165) Checkmark 3/24/1972 Chico (Butte)
BIDWELL POINT (P52) Checkmark 9/22/1967 Elk Creek (Glenn)
BIDWELL'S BAR (330) Checkmark 8/8/1939 Oroville (Butte)
BIDWELLS MILL SITE, BIDWELL MILLSTONES (P90) Checkmark 6/7/1968 Chico (Butte)
BIG BASIN REDWOODS STATE PARK (827) Checkmark 8/29/1968 Big Basin (Santa Cruz)
BIG GAP FLUME (N356) Checkmark 5/12/1975 Groveland (Mariposa)
BIG HOT SPRINGS (P19) Checkmark 3/29/1967 Bridgeport (Mono)
BIG OAK FLAT (406) Checkmark 4/14/1948 Big Oak Flat (Tuolumne)
BILL BUTLER HOUSE (P395) Checkmark 3/20/1975 Yuba City (Sutter)
BINGHAM, SAMUEL, HOUSE (N1709) Checkmark 8/5/1991 Rancho Santa Fe (San Diego)
BIRCH PARK (P524) Checkmark 12/6/1978 Santa Ana (Orange)
BIRD AND DINKELSPIEL STORE (N2073) Checkmark 10/21/1999 Bird's Landing (Solano)
BIRDS LANDING GENERAL STORE/BIRD & DINKELSPIEL STORE (P829) Checkmark 11/24/1997 Birds Landing (Solano)
BIRDWELL ROCK PETROGLYPH SITE (N2193) Checkmark 3/12/2003 Coalinga (Fresno)
BIRTHPLACE OF ARCHIE STEVENOT (769) Checkmark 12/1/1961 Angels Camp (Calaveras)
BIRTHPLACE OF HORACE MARDEN ALBRIGHT (P586) Checkmark 3/1/1982 Bishop (Inyo)
BIRTHPLACE OF SILICON VALLEY (976) Checkmark 8/13/1987 Palo Alto (Santa Clara)
BIRTHPLACE OF THE UNITED NATIONS, WAR MEMORIAL COMPLEX (964) Checkmark 5/13/1985 Van Ness (San Francisco)
BISHOP CREEK BATTLEGROUND (811) Checkmark 10/30/1965 Bishop (Inyo)
BISHOP, ELLIS, HOUSE (N2041) Checkmark 1/5/1999 Rancho Santa Fe (San Diego)
BISMARK (P420) Checkmark 8/7/1975 Yermo (San Bernardino)
BITTER SPRING ARCHAEOLOGICAL SITE (4-SBR-2659) (N1165) Checkmark 12/20/1982 Barstow (San Bernardino)
BIXBY--BRYANT RANCH HOUSE (N1969) Checkmark 1/16/1997 Yorba Linda (Orange)
BLACK COW SPRING (N291) Checkmark 7/9/1974 Canby (Modoc)
BLACK DIAMOND MINES (N1737) Checkmark 10/2/1991 Antioch (Contra Costa)
BLACK STAR CANYON INDIAN VILLAGE SITE (217) Checkmark 6/20/1935 Silverado (Orange)
BLACK, WILLIAM, HOUSE-SDM-W-12 LOCUS A (CA-SDI-4669) (N2407) Checkmark 5/2/2008 (San Diego)
BLACK, MARY C. W., STUDIO HOUSE (N1875) Checkmark 8/24/1994 Monterey (Monterey)
BLACK, SAMUEL M., HOUSE (N1313) Checkmark 9/20/1984 Salinas (Monterey)
BLACKBERRY FARM (P409) Checkmark 5/9/1975 San Jose (Santa Clara)
BLACKER, ROBERT R., HOUSE (N1420) Checkmark 2/6/1986 Pasadena (Los Angeles)
BLACKWATER WELL (N2112) Checkmark 11/21/2000 Red Mountains (San Bernardino)
BLINN, EDMUND, HOUSE (N2125) Checkmark 4/5/2001 Pasadena (Los Angeles)
BLOODY POINT (8) Checkmark 6/1/1932 Tule Lake (Modoc)
BLOOMINGTON GARAGE AND LA GUE RESIDENCE (P755) Checkmark 8/8/1991 Bloomington (San Bernardino)
BLOSS MANSION (N968) Checkmark 9/3/1981 Atwater (Merced)
BLUE ANCHOR BUILDING (N1171) Checkmark 2/3/1983 Sacramento (Sacramento)
BLUE WING INN (17) Checkmark 6/1/1932 Sonoma (Sonoma)
BLYTHE FERRY CROSSING (P195) Checkmark 5/19/1971 Blythe (Riverside)
BLYTHE INTAGLIOS (N384) Checkmark 8/22/1975 Blythe (Riverside)
BOARD OF TRADE BUILDING (N2383) Checkmark 1/24/2008 Los Angeles (Los Angeles)
BOB'S BIG BOY RESTAURANT AND SIGN (P779) Checkmark 11/12/1992 Burbank (Los Angeles)
BOCA DAM (N947) Checkmark 3/25/1981 Truckee (Nevada)
BOCA ICE HARVEST SITE (P610) Checkmark 3/2/1983 Truckee (Nevada)
BOCKIUS, GODFREY M., HOUSE (N1601) Checkmark 7/13/1989 Watsonville (Santa Cruz)
BODEGA BAY (N270) Checkmark 12/18/1973 Bodega Bay (Sonoma)
BODEGA BAY AND HARBOR (833) Checkmark 11/3/1969 Bodega Bay (Sonoma)
BODIE (341) Checkmark 8/8/1939 Bridgeport (Mono)
BODIE AND BENTON RAILROAD (P265) Checkmark 8/28/1972 Lee Vining (Mono)
BODIE TOLL HOUSE (P23) Checkmark 3/29/1967 Bridgeport (Mono)
BOGART HOUSE (P808) Checkmark 12/4/1994 Beaumont (Riverside)
BOK KAI TEMPLE (889) Checkmark Checkmark 12/29/1975 Marysville (Yuba)
BOLTON HALL (N140) Checkmark 11/23/1971 Tujunga (Los Angeles)
BOLTON HALL (P84) Checkmark 1/26/1968 Los Angeles (Los Angeles)
BOLTON, DR. W. T., HOUSE (N889) Checkmark 7/9/1980 Pasadena (Los Angeles)
BONNER GRADE (15) Checkmark 6/1/1932 Cedarville (Modoc)
BONNIE COURT (N1882) Checkmark 11/15/1994 Pasadena (Los Angeles)
BONO'S RESTAURANT AND DELI (N2382) Checkmark 1/10/2008 (San Bernardino)
BONTADELLI, PETER J., HOUSE (N890) Checkmark 7/15/1980 Salinas (Monterey)
BOONE'S UNIVERSITY SCHOOL (N1157) Checkmark 11/1/1982 Berkeley (Alameda)
BORATE (P419) Checkmark 8/7/1975 Yermo (San Bernardino)
BORAX LAKE--HODGES ARCHEOLOGICAL SITE (N1738) Checkmark 10/3/1991 Clearlake (Lake)
BORONDA, JOSE EUSEBIO, ADOBE (N216) Checkmark 3/20/1973 Salinas (Monterey)
BOULEVARD THEATRE / WEST COAST THEATER (P529) Checkmark 3/30/1979 Los Angeles (Los Angeles)
BOURN-ROTH ESTATE (N385) Checkmark 8/28/1975 Woodside (San Mateo)
BOWEN COURT (N1114) Checkmark 6/17/1982 Pasadena (Los Angeles)
BOWER CAVE (N2206) Checkmark 6/16/2003 Greeley Hill (Mariposa)
BOWERMAN BARN (N945) Checkmark 3/20/1981 Trinity Center (Trinity)
BOWLES HALL (N1583) Checkmark 3/16/1989 Berkeley (Alameda)
BOX CANYON (472) Checkmark 9/11/1950 Anza-Borrego (San Diego)
BOYD HOUSE (N317) Checkmark 12/17/1974 San Rafael (Marin)
BR #12C-8 / HONEY RUN COVERED BRIDGE (P3) Checkmark 8/5/1966 Paradise (Butte)
BR #17C-24 / PURDON BRIDGE (P839) Checkmark 9/13/2000 Nevada City (Nevada)
BRADBURY BUILDING (N96) Checkmark 7/14/1971 Los Angeles (Los Angeles)
BRADFORD HOUSE (N871) Checkmark 6/6/1980 San Rafael (Marin)
BRADFORD, A. S., HOUSE (N676) Checkmark 10/3/1978 Placentia (Orange)
BRANCIFORTE ADOBE (N749) Checkmark 1/31/1979 Santa Cruz (Santa Cruz)
BRAND PARK (MEMORY GARDEN) (150) Checkmark 1/11/1935 Los Angeles (Los Angeles)
BRANNAN, SAM, COTTAGE (N1221) Checkmark 8/18/1983 Calistoga (Napa)
BRAUN, CHARLES A., HOUSE (N1410) Checkmark 1/5/1986 Vista (San Diego)
BREA CITY HALL AND PARK (N1287) Checkmark 5/24/1984 Brea (Orange)
BREWSTER BUILDING (N2099) Checkmark 8/16/2000 Galt (Sacramento)
BREWSTER HOUSE (N638) Checkmark 6/23/1978 Galt (Sacramento)
BREWSTER-DUTRA HOUSE (N1153) Checkmark 10/29/1982 Paso Robles (San Luis Obispo)
BRICEBURG CONVICT LABOR CAMP SITE (P840) Checkmark 3/30/2001 Briceburg (Mariposa)
BRICK ROW (N250) Checkmark 7/16/1973 National City (San Diego)
BRIDGEPORT COVERED BRIDGE (N100) Checkmark 7/14/1971 French Corral (Nevada)
BRIDGEPORT HISTORIC DISTRICT (390) Checkmark 8/26/1947 French Corral (Nevada)
BRIGGSVILLE (P133) Checkmark 6/6/1969 Igo (Shasta)
BRIGHTON SCHOOL (N952) Checkmark 4/3/1981 Sacramento (Sacramento)
BRITT, EUGENE W., HOUSE (N775) Checkmark 5/17/1979 Los Angeles (Los Angeles)
BRITTAN, NATHANIAL, PARTY HOUSE (N1898) Checkmark 12/29/1994 San Carlos (San Mateo)
BRIX HOME / BRIX MANSION (P438) Checkmark 10/1/1975 Fresno (Fresno)
BRIX, H. H., MANSION (N1235) Checkmark 9/15/1983 Fresno (Fresno)
BROADWAY THEATER AND COMMERCIAL DISTRICT (N772) Checkmark 5/9/1979 Los Angeles (Los Angeles)
BRODERICK-TERRY DUELING PLACE (19) Checkmark 6/1/1932 Daly City (San Mateo)
BROMFIELD/BERNE HOUSE (C10) Checkmark 2/2/2001 Monterey (Monterey)
BROOKINGS SAWMILL SITE (P343) Checkmark 9/13/1974 Arrowbear Lake (San Bernardino)
BROTHER JONATHAN (SHIPWRECK SITE) (N2171) Checkmark 5/21/2002 Crescent City (Del Norte)
BROTHER JONATHAN CEMETERY (541) Checkmark 9/14/1955 Crescent City (Del Norte)
BROWN, ALLAN, SITE (N958) Checkmark 6/25/1981 Santa Cruz (Santa Cruz)
BROWN, JACKSON FAY, HOUSE (N2180) Checkmark 11/7/2002 Dixon (Solano)
BROWN, JOHN STANFORD, HOUSE (N2252) Checkmark 7/28/2004 Walnut Grove (Sacramento)
BRUFF'S ROCK PETROGLYPH SITE (N2222) Checkmark 1/2/2004 Susanville (Lassen)
BRYAN COURT (N1440) Checkmark 4/16/1986 Pasadena (Los Angeles)
BRYSON APARTMENT HOTEL (N1185) Checkmark 4/7/1983 Los Angeles (Los Angeles)
BUCK'S LAKE (197) Checkmark 6/20/1935 Quincy (Plumas)
BUCK, FRANK LAVERNE, HOUSE (N1463) Checkmark 9/11/1986 Pacific Grove (Monterey)
BUCK, WILL H., HOUSE (N1393) Checkmark 10/24/1985 Vacaville (Solano)
BUCKEYE HOT SPRINGS (P24) Checkmark 3/29/1967 Bridgeport (Mono)
BUCKNER'S BAR (P354) Checkmark 11/19/1974 Auburn (Placer)
BUCKRIDGE RANCH HOUSE (N1639) Checkmark 9/13/1990 Point Arena (Mendocino)
BUEHLER, MAYNARD AND KATHARINE, HOUSE (N2347) Checkmark 12/12/2006 Orinda (Contra Costa)
BUENA VISTA REFINERY (504) Checkmark 7/31/1953 McKittrick (Kern)
BUFORD HOUSE (N529) Checkmark 11/11/1977 Napa (Napa)
BUHACH GRAMMAR SCHOOL (N1187) Checkmark 4/7/1983 Merced (Merced)
BUILDERS EXCHANGE BUILDING (N1096) Checkmark 4/29/1982 Santa Ana (Orange)
BUILDING AT 1735--1737 WEBSTER STREET (N206) Checkmark 3/8/1973 San Francisco (San Francisco)
BUILDING AT 1813--1813B SUTTER STREET (N207) Checkmark 3/8/1973 San Francisco (San Francisco)
BUILDING AT 1840--1842 EDDY STREET (N208) Checkmark 3/8/1973 San Francisco (San Francisco)
BUILDING AT 27--29 FOUNTAIN ALLEY (N1053) Checkmark 3/2/1982 San Jose (Santa Clara)
BUILDING AT 33--35 BEIDEMAN PLACE (N209) Checkmark 3/8/1973 San Francisco (San Francisco)
BUILDING AT 45--57 BEIDEMAN PLACE (N210) Checkmark 3/8/1973 San Francisco (San Francisco)
BUILDING AT 465 TENTH ST. (N2057) Checkmark 6/4/1999 San Francisco (San Francisco)
BUILDING AT 735 MARKET STREET (N2250) Checkmark 7/27/2004 San Francisco (San Francisco)
BUILDING AT 816 SOUTH GRAND AVENUE (N2272) Checkmark 12/2/2004 Los Angeles (Los Angeles)
BUILDING H-12, VALLEY MEDICAL CENTER CAMPUS (P824) Checkmark 5/15/1996 San Jose (Santa Clara)
BULLOCK'S PASADENA (N1953) Checkmark 7/12/1996 Pasadena (Los Angeles)
BULLOCK'S WILSHIRE BUILDING (N624) Checkmark 5/25/1978 Los Angeles (Los Angeles)
BUNCHE, RALPH J., HOUSE (N610) Checkmark 5/22/1978 Los Angeles (Los Angeles)
BUNGALOW HEAVEN HISTORIC DISTRICT (N2405) Checkmark 4/10/2008 Pasadena (Los Angeles)
BURBANK, LUTHER, HOUSE AND GARDEN (234) Checkmark Checkmark 10/31/1935 Santa Rosa (Sonoma)
BURIAL PLACE OF JOHN BROWN (JUAN FLACO) (513) Checkmark 11/25/1953 Stockton (San Joaquin)
BURLINGAME RAILROAD STATION (846) Checkmark 3/29/1971 Burlingame (San Mateo)
BURLINGAME RAILROAD STATION (N592) Checkmark 4/19/1978 Burlingame (San Mateo)
BURN & WISE CELLARS; GREYSTONE CELLARS, CHRISTIAN BROS. (P831) Checkmark 2/5/1998 St. Helena (Napa)
BURNED WAGONS POINT (441) Checkmark 10/24/1949 Stovepipe Wells (Inyo)
BURNHAM--MARSTON HOUSE (N1466) Checkmark 9/22/1986 San Diego (San Diego)
BURNS HOME, HOWELL HOME (P656) Checkmark 7/2/1985 Auburn (Placer)
BURRO FLATS PAINTED CAVE (N412) Checkmark 5/5/1976 Santa Susana (Ventura)
BURRO SCHMIDT'S TUNNEL (N2198) Checkmark 3/20/2003 Ridgecrest (Kern)
BURTON MOUND (306) Checkmark 7/12/1939 Santa Barbara (Santa Barbara)
BUSH STREET-COTTAGE ROW HISTORIC DISTRICT (N1167) Checkmark 12/27/1982 San Francisco (San Francisco)
BUTCHER RANCH (P357) Checkmark 11/19/1974 Auburn (Placer)
BUTTE COUNTY RAIROAD DEPOT (P575) Checkmark 12/21/1981 Paradise (Butte)
BUTTE HOUSE WATERING TROUGH (P315) Checkmark 7/13/1973 Sutter (Sutter)
BUTTE STORE (39) Checkmark 8/1/1932 Jackson (Amador)
BUTTERCUP FARMS PICTOGRAPH (N411) Checkmark 5/3/1976 Perris (Riverside)
BUTTERFIELD OVERLAND MAIL ROUTE (647) Checkmark 5/29/1958 Anza-Borrego (San Diego)
BUTTERFIELD STAGE ROUTE (471) Checkmark 8/30/1950 Lindsay (Tulare)
BUTTERFIELD STAGE STATION (188) Checkmark 6/20/1935 Corona (Riverside)
BUTTERFIELD, JOHN A., HOUSE (N1461) Checkmark 9/11/1986 Jackson (Amador)
BUTTONWILLOW TREE (492) Checkmark 10/8/1951 Buttonwillow (Kern)
BUZZARD ROCK BARSTOW - PETROGLYPH (P347) Checkmark 9/13/1974 Barstow (San Bernardino)
C AND C RAILROAD / CARSON AND COLORADO RAILROAD (P26) Checkmark 3/29/1967 Benton (Mono)
C.A. THAYER (N39) Checkmark 11/13/1966 San Francisco (San Francisco)
CA SBR 1008A, CA SBR 1008B, CA SBR 1008C (N1109) Checkmark 5/24/1982 Johannesburg (San Bernardino)
CABIN CREEK RANGER RESIDENCE AND DORMITORY (N596) Checkmark 4/27/1978 Wilsonia (Tulare)
CABRILLO LANDING SITE (56) Checkmark 12/6/1932 San Diego (San Diego)
CACHE CREEK ARCHEOLOGICAL DISTRICT (N2001) Checkmark 12/30/1997 Lower Lake (Lake)
CADY HOUSE (N1047) Checkmark 2/25/1982 Sonora (Tuolumne)
CAHUENGA BRANCH (N1509) Checkmark 5/19/1987 Los Angeles (Los Angeles)
CALAVERAS COUNTY BANK (N1366) Checkmark 8/1/1985 Angels Camp (Calaveras)
CALAVERAS COUNTY COURTHOUSE (N159) Checkmark 2/28/1972 San Andreas (Calaveras)
CALAVERITAS (255) Checkmark 9/3/1937 San Andreas (Calaveras)
CALDWELL'S UPPER STORE SITE (P304) Checkmark 7/13/1973 Nevada City (Nevada)
CALEDONIA ADOBE (N101) Checkmark 7/14/1971 San Miguel (San Luis Obispo)
CALEXICO CARNEGIE LIBRARY (N2306) Checkmark 9/28/2005 Calexico (Imperial)
CALICO MOUNTAINS ARCHEOLOGICAL DISTRICT (N221) Checkmark 3/30/1973 Yermo (San Bernardino)
CALIENTE (757) Checkmark 2/15/1961 Caliente (Kern)
CALIFORNIA ALMOND GROWERS EXCHANGE PROCESSING FACILITY (967) Checkmark 10/1/1985 Sacramento (Sacramento)
CALIFORNIA AND NEVADA RAILROAD (P190) Checkmark 5/19/1971 El Sobrante (Contra Costa)
CALIFORNIA CAVERNS AT CAVE CITY (956) Checkmark 5/18/1983 San Andreas (Calaveras)
CALIFORNIA CHICORY WORKS (935) Checkmark 9/30/1980 French Camp (San Joaquin)
CALIFORNIA DEPARTMENT OF FORESTRY (YUCAIPA STATION) (P811) Checkmark 5/30/1995 Yucaipa (San Bernardino)
CALIFORNIA GOVERNOR'S MANSION (N60) Checkmark 11/10/1970 Sacramento (Sacramento)
CALIFORNIA HALL (N1063) Checkmark 3/25/1982 Berkeley (Alameda)
CALIFORNIA HOTEL (N1570) Checkmark 6/30/1988 Oakland (Alameda)
CALIFORNIA MEMORIAL STADIUM (N2348) Checkmark 11/27/2006 Berkeley (Alameda)
CALIFORNIA NURSERY CO. GUEST HOUSE (N73) Checkmark 5/6/1971 Fremont (Alameda)
CALIFORNIA QUADRANGLE (N287) Checkmark 5/17/1974 San Diego (San Diego)
CALIFORNIA STANDARD OIL WELL 1 (376) Checkmark 11/7/1941 McKittrick (Kern)
CALIFORNIA STATE CAPITOL (N222) Checkmark 4/3/1973 Sacramento (Sacramento)
CALIFORNIA THEATRE (86) Checkmark 3/29/1933 San Francisco (San Francisco)
CALIFORNIA'S CAPITOL COMPLEX (872) Checkmark 5/6/1974 Sacramento (Sacramento)
CALIFORNIA'S FIRST DRILLED OIL WELLS (543) Checkmark 11/2/1955 Petrolia (Humboldt)
CALIFORNIA'S FIRST PASSENGER RAILROAD (526) Checkmark 3/7/1955 Sacramento (Sacramento)
CALIFORNIA-OREGON RAILROAD DEPOT (P184) Checkmark 1/19/1971 Gridley (Butte)
CALL--BOOTH HOUSE (N1581) Checkmark 11/3/1988 Robles (San Luis Obispo)
CALLEGUAS CREEK SITE (N417) Checkmark 5/19/1976 Oxnard (Ventura)
CALPAK PLANT NO. 11 (N1285) Checkmark 5/17/1984 Sacramento (Sacramento)
CALVARY CEMETERY (P224) Checkmark 10/5/1971 San Leandro (Alameda)
CALVARY PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH (N600) Checkmark 5/3/1978 San Francisco (San Francisco)
CAMANCHE (254) Checkmark 9/3/1937 Burson (Calaveras)
CAMARILLO RANCH HOUSE (N2189) Checkmark Checkmark 2/20/2003 Camarillo (Ventura)
CAMERA OBSCURA (N2132) Checkmark 5/23/2001 San Francisco (San Francisco)
CAMERON-STANFORD HOUSE (N172) Checkmark 6/13/1972 Oakland (Alameda)
CAMILO YNITIA ADOBE (210) Checkmark 6/20/1935 Novato (Marin)
CAMINO OF RANCHO SAN ANTONIO (299) Checkmark 3/22/1939 Oakland (Alameda)
CAMP 4 (N2190) Checkmark 2/21/2003 Yosemite (Mariposa)
CAMP CADY (P405) Checkmark 5/9/1975 Barstow (San Bernardino)
CAMP CADY (ON THE MOJAVE ROAD) (963) Checkmark 3/19/1985 Barstow (San Bernardino)
CAMP CURRY HISTORIC DISTRICT (N831) Checkmark 11/1/1979 Yosemite National Park (Mariposa)
CAMP CURTIS (215) Checkmark 6/20/1935 Arcata (Humboldt)
CAMP EMERSON (P147) Checkmark 11/3/1969 Idyllwild (Riverside)
CAMP FAR WEST CEMETERY (P376) Checkmark 1/17/1975 Wheatland (Yuba)
CAMP INDEPENDENCE (FORT) (349) Checkmark 10/9/1939 Independence (Inyo)
CAMP LINCOLN (545) Checkmark 1/27/1956 Crescent City (Del Norte)
CAMP LOCKETT (1045) Checkmark 10/30/2009 Campo (San Diego)
CAMP ROCK SPRING (P408) Checkmark 5/9/1975 Cima (San Bernardino)
CAMP SALVATION (808) Checkmark 10/5/1965 Calexico (Imperial)
CAMP SAN LUIS OBISPO (P732) Checkmark 8/17/1990 San Luis Obispo (San Luis Obispo)
CAMP UNION, SUTTERVILLE (666) Checkmark 11/5/1958 Sacramento (Sacramento)
CAMP WRIGHT (482) Checkmark 11/9/1950 Oak Grove (San Francisco)
CAMP YOUNG--DESERT TRAINING CENTER, CAMA (P87) Checkmark 6/2/1968 Desert Center (Riverside)
CAMPBELL FIRE HOUSE #1, CAMPBELL HISTORICAL MUSEUM (P478) Checkmark 4/2/1976 Campbell (Santa Clara)
CAMPBELL HIGH SCHOOL, CAMPBELL COMMUNITY CENTER (P651) Checkmark 3/19/1985 Campbell (Santa Clara)
CAMPBELL NO. 2 ARCHEOLOGICAL SITE (N1817) Checkmark 1/25/1993 Goleta (Santa Barbara)
CAMPBELL UNION GRAMMAR SCHOOL (N790) Checkmark 7/20/1979 Campbell (Santa Clara)
CAMPBELL UNION HIGH SCHOOL HISTORIC DISTRICT (N1612) Checkmark 8/17/1989 Campbell (Santa Clara)
CAMPBELL'S HOUSE (P390) Checkmark 3/20/1975 Yuba City (Sutter)
CAMPO DE CAHUENGA (N2219) Checkmark 12/19/2003 Los Angeles (Los Angeles)
CAMPO DE CAHUENGA (151) Checkmark 1/11/1935 North Hollywood (Los Angeles)
CAMPO SECO (257) Checkmark 9/3/1937 Campo Seco (Calaveras)
CAMPO STONE STORE (411) Checkmark 11/15/1948 Campo (San Diego)
CAMPSITE OF EDWARD M. KERN (742) Checkmark 7/5/1960 Lake IsabelIa (Kern)
CANAL FARM INN (548) Checkmark 1/27/1956 Los Banos (Merced)
CANBY'S CROSS-1873 (110) Checkmark 3/29/1933 Tule Lake (Siskiyou)
CANFIELD-WRIGHT HOUSE (N2240) Checkmark 5/14/2004 Del Mar (San Diego)
CANNON POINT (P301) Checkmark 5/2/1973 Downieville (Sierra)
CANON SCHOOL (N177) Checkmark 6/13/1972 Brooks (Yolo)
CANTU RANCH/GALLEANO WINERY (P773) Checkmark 8/21/1992 Mira Loma (Riverside)
CAPAY SCHOOL (P567) Checkmark 3/13/1981 Capay (Yolo)
CAPITOL EXTENSION DISTRICT (N1288) Checkmark 5/24/1984 Sacramento (Sacramento)
CAPTAIN JACK'S STRONGHOLD (9) Checkmark Checkmark 6/1/1932 Tule Lake (Siskiyou)
CAPTAIN PEDRO FAGES TRAIL (853) Checkmark 1/20/1972 Danville (Contra Costa)
CAPTAIN WILLIAM BANNING HOME (P469) Checkmark 2/27/1976 Walnut (Los Angeles)
CARBONDALE (228) Checkmark 6/20/1935 Silverado (Orange)
CARDINAL GOLD MINE (P443) Checkmark 10/1/1975 Bishop (Inyo)
CARLOTTA HOTEL (N620) Checkmark 5/23/1978 Carlotta (Humboldt)
CARLSBAD SANTA FE DEPOT (N1849) Checkmark 9/30/1993 Carlsbad (San Diego)
CARLY, J.C., HOUSE (N2319) Checkmark 3/22/2006 Sacramento (Sacramento)
CARMELITA COURT (N1433) Checkmark 3/20/1986 Santa Cruz (Santa Cruz)
CARMICHAEL, NORMAN AND FLORENCE B., HOUSE (N1710) Checkmark 8/5/1991 Rancho Santa Fe (San Diego)
CARNEGIE (740) Checkmark 7/5/1960 Tracy (San Joaquin)
CARNEGIE FREE LIBRARY (N1415) Checkmark 1/23/1986 Eureka (Humboldt)
CARNEGIE LIBRARY (N825) Checkmark 10/22/1979 Anaheim (Orange)
CARNEGIE PUBLIC LIBRARY BUILDING (N1565) Checkmark 6/23/1988 Colton (San Bernardino)
CARNEGIE, ANDREW, LIBRARY (N502) Checkmark 6/29/1977 Corona (Riverside)
CARNEROS CREEK BRIDGE ON OLD SONOMA ROAD (N2298) Checkmark 8/5/2005 Napa (Napa)
CAROLANDS (886) Checkmark Checkmark 5/9/1975 Hillsborough (San Mateo)
CAROLINE HANSEN HOUSE (P402) Checkmark 5/9/1975 Grass Valley (Nevada)
CARPENTER HOUSE MUSEUM (P638) Checkmark 11/16/1984 Bellflower (Los Angeles)
CARPINTERIA AND INDIAN VILLAGE OF MISHOPSHNOW (535) Checkmark 5/31/1955 Carpinteria (Santa Barbara)
CARR HOUSE (N821) Checkmark 9/13/1979 Benicia (Solano)
CARRIAGE/WILLARD GRIFFIN HOUSE (P373) Checkmark 1/17/1975 Los Altos (Santa Clara)
CARRIGER, NICHOLAS, ESTATE (N2152) Checkmark 11/16/2001 Sonoma (Sonoma)
CARRILLO ADOBE (721) Checkmark 1/11/1960 Santa Barbara (Santa Barbara)
CARRIZO PLAIN ROCK ART DISCONTIGUOUS DISTRICT (N2133) Checkmark 5/23/2001 California Valley (San Luis Obispo)
CARROLL AVENUE, 1300 BLOCK (N406) Checkmark 4/22/1976 Los Angeles (Los Angeles)
CARSON HILL (274) Checkmark 10/6/1937 Angels Camp (Calaveras)
CARTAGO BOAT LANDING (P551) Checkmark 6/6/1980 Cartago (Inyo)
CARVED ROCK (187) Checkmark 6/20/1935 Corona (Riverside)
CASA ADOBE DE SAN RAFAEL (235) Checkmark 10/31/1935 Glendale (Los Angeles)
CASA DE BANDINI (72) Checkmark 12/6/1932 San Diego (San Diego)
CASA DE CARRILLO (74) Checkmark 12/6/1932 San Diego (San Diego)
CASA DE ESPERANZA (N1656) Checkmark 10/1/1990 San Juan Capistrano (Orange)
CASA DE ESTUDILLO (53) Checkmark 12/6/1932 San Diego (San Diego)
CASA DE GOVERNOR PÍO PICO (127) Checkmark 1/31/1934 Whittier (Los Angeles)
CASA DE LA GUERRA (307) Checkmark 7/12/1939 Santa Barbara (Santa Barbara)
CASA DE LOPEZ (60) Checkmark 12/6/1932 San Diego (San Diego)
CASA DE MACHADO (71) Checkmark 12/6/1932 San Diego (San Diego)
CASA DE ORO (532) Checkmark 3/7/1955 Monterey (Monterey)
CASA DE PARLEY JOHNSON (N1430) Checkmark 3/20/1986 Downey (Los Angeles)
CASA DE PEDRORENA (70) Checkmark 12/6/1932 San Diego (San Diego)
CASA DE RANCHO SAN ANTONIO (HENRY GAGE MANSION) (984) Checkmark 5/26/1989 Bell Gardens (Los Angeles)
CASA DE ROSAS (N2248) Checkmark 7/14/2004 Los Angeles (Los Angeles)
CASA DE SAN PEDRO (920) Checkmark 6/30/1978 San Pedro (Los Angeles)
CASA DE STEWART (73) Checkmark 12/6/1932 San Diego (San Diego)
CASA DE TABLETA (825) Checkmark 8/7/1968 Portola Valley (San Mateo)
CASA DE TABLETA (N256) Checkmark 8/14/1973 Portola Valley (San Mateo)
CASA PERALTA (N979) Checkmark 1/4/1982 San Leandro (Alameda)
CASA PERALTA (P225) Checkmark 10/5/1971 San Leandro (Alameda)
CASA ROMANTICA (N1746) Checkmark 12/27/1991 San Clemente (Orange)
CASCADE THEATRE (C6) Checkmark Checkmark 11/5/1999 Redding (Shasta)
CASCADES, THE (653) Checkmark 7/28/1958 San Fernando (Los Angeles)
CASTILLO DE SAN JOAQUÍN (82) Checkmark 3/29/1933 San Francisco (San Francisco)
CASTLE, THE (N570) Checkmark 3/30/1978 Ramona (San Diego)
CASTRO HOME (356) Checkmark 10/9/1939 El Cerrito (Contra Costa)
CASTRO, JOSE JOAQUIN, ADOBE (N466) Checkmark 12/12/1976 Watsonville (Santa Cruz)
CASTRO-BREEN ADOBE (179) Checkmark Checkmark 3/6/1935 San Juan Bautista (San Benito)
CASTROVILLE JAPANESE LANGUAGE SCHOOL (N1925) Checkmark 10/10/1995 Castoville (Monterey)
CATALINA ADOBE (637) Checkmark 3/10/1958 Glendale (Los Angeles)
CATTLE CABIN (N518) Checkmark 9/15/1977 Three Rivers (Tulare)
CECIL B. DeMILLE STUDIO BARN (554) Checkmark 7/10/1956 Hollywood (Los Angeles)
CECIL RANCH (N2238) Checkmark 5/14/2004 Grimes (Colusa)
CEDAR AVENUE COMPLEX (N1845) Checkmark 9/30/1993 Lancaster (Los Angeles)
CENTER OF SAN BERNARDINO, 1853 (P282) Checkmark 1/31/1973 San Bernardino (San Bernardino)
CENTERVILLE BEACH CROSS (173) Checkmark 3/6/1935 Ferndale (Humboldt)
CENTERVILLE SCHOOLHOUSE (P185) Checkmark Checkmark 1/19/1971 Paradise (Butte)
CENTINELA ADOBE (N284) Checkmark 5/2/1974 Los Angeles (Los Angeles)
CENTINELA SPRINGS (363) Checkmark 10/9/1939 Inglewood (Los Angeles)
CENTRAL EMBARCADERO PIERS HISTORIC DISTRICT (N2182) Checkmark 11/20/2002 San Francisco (San Francisco)
CENTRAL PARK (P624) Checkmark 12/15/1983 San Mateo (San Mateo)
CENTRELLA HOTEL (N1145) Checkmark 10/29/1982 Pacific Grove (Monterey)
CERRO GORDO (P587) Checkmark 3/1/1982 Keeler (Inyo)
CH'ICHU'YAM-BAM (N2213) Checkmark 9/25/2003 Crescent Mills (Plumas)
CHALFANT PETROGLYPH SITE (N2111) Checkmark 11/21/2000 Bishop (Mono)
CHALONE CREEK ARCHEOLOGICAL SITES (N659) Checkmark 8/31/1978 Soledad (San Benito)
CHAMBER OF COMMERCE BUILDING (N1370) Checkmark 8/29/1985 Berkeley (Alameda)
CHAMBORD APARTMENTS (N1314) Checkmark 9/20/1984 San Francisco (San Francisco)
CHAPEL OF SAN RAMON (877) Checkmark 1/13/1975 Santa Maria (Santa Barbara)
CHAPEL OF SANTA YSABEL (SITE OF) (369) Checkmark 4/3/1940 Santa Ysabel (San Diego)
CHAPLAIN'S HOUSE (N708) Checkmark 11/24/1978 San Diego (San Diego)
CHAPMAN BUILDING (N1248) Checkmark 9/22/1983 Fullerton (Orange)
CHAPMAN, A. H., HOUSE (N1008) Checkmark 1/28/1982 Chico (Butte)
CHARLES CHAPLIN FILM STUDIO, A & M RECORDS STUDIO (P117) Checkmark 6/6/1969 Los Angeles (Los Angeles)
CHARLES COPELAND MORSE RESIDENCE (904) Checkmark 12/7/1976 Santa Clara (Santa Clara)
CHARLES KRUG WINERY (563) Checkmark 12/31/1956 St. Helena (Napa)
CHARLES MILLER / STATIONMASTER'S HOUSE (P296) Checkmark 4/29/2008 (Madera)
CHARMONT APARTMENTS (N1954) Checkmark 7/25/1996 Santa Monica (Los Angeles)
CHARTER OAK OR ELECTION TREE (410) Checkmark 11/15/1948 Visalia (Tulare)
CHATEAU CHEVALIER (N1532) Checkmark 6/12/1987 St. Helena (Napa)
CHATEAU COLLINE (N2200) Checkmark 5/22/2003 Los Angeles (Los Angeles)
CHATSWORTH CALERA SITE (911) Checkmark 6/27/1977 Chatsworth (Los Angeles)
CHAUTAUQUA HALL (839) Checkmark 3/20/1970 Pacific Grove (Monterey)
CHEMEHUEVI CEMETERY (P345) Checkmark 9/13/1974 Twentynine Palms (San Bernardino)
CHEROKEE (445) Checkmark 11/2/1949 Tuolumne City (Tuolumne)
CHEVRA KADDISHA (HOME OF PEACE CEMETERY) (654-1) Checkmark 7/28/1958 Sacramento (Sacramento)
CHICHIZOLA FAMILY STORE COMPLEX (N1788) Checkmark 8/14/1992 Jackson (Amador)
CHICO FORESTRY STATION AND NURSERY (840) Checkmark 3/20/1970 Chico (Butte)
CHILDS, WILLIAM, HOUSE (N2063) Checkmark 7/28/1999 Riverside (Riverside)
CHILES MILL (547) Checkmark 1/27/1956 St. Helena (Napa)
CHILI GULCH (265) Checkmark 9/3/1937 Mokelumne Hill (Calaveras)
CHIMNEY ROCK (109) Checkmark 3/29/1933 Alturas (Modoc)
CHIMNEY ROCK (737) Checkmark 6/6/1960 Lucerne Valley (San Bernardino)
CHINA CAMP (924) Checkmark 12/7/1978 Santa Venetia (Marin)
CHINA CAMP (N765) Checkmark 4/26/1979 San Rafael (Marin)
CHINAMAN MORTAR SITE (N374) Checkmark 6/20/1975 Strawberry (Tuolumne)
CHINATOWN (P74) Checkmark Checkmark 1/24/1968 Riverside (Riverside)
CHINESE CAMP (423) Checkmark 3/4/1949 Chinese Camp (Tuolumne)
CHINESE CEMETERY (P584) Checkmark 3/1/1982 Oroville (Butte)
CHINESE CEMETERY AND FUNERAL PYRE (P467) Checkmark 12/22/1975 Wheatland (Yuba)
CHINESE DIGGINGS, NATOMA STATION GROUND SLUICE (P712) Checkmark 11/22/1988 Folsom (Sacramento)
CHINESE TEMPLE (770) Checkmark 1/31/1962 Oroville (Butte)
CHINO OPERA HOUSE SITE (P593) Checkmark 6/9/1982 Chino (San Bernardino)
CHOY, SAM, BRICK STORE (N1309) Checkmark 9/20/1984 Angels Camp (Calaveras)
CHRIST COLLEGE SITE (N1830) Checkmark 4/16/1993 Irvine (Orange)
CHRISTIAN CHURCH OF GILROY (N1085) Checkmark 4/1/1982 Gilroy (Santa Clara)
CHRISTIANCY, GEORGE A. C., HOUSE (N1711) Checkmark 8/5/1991 Rancho Santa Fe (San Diego)
CHRISTMAS HOUSE (P454) Checkmark 12/22/1975 Rancho Cucamonga (San Bernardino)
CHRISTMAS TREE LANE (N1636) Checkmark 9/13/1990 Altadena (Los Angeles)
CHRISTMAS TREE LANE (990) Checkmark 11/20/1989 Altadena (Los Angeles)
CHRISTOPHER BUCKLEY ESTATE, RAVENSWOOD (P380) Checkmark 3/20/1975 Livermore (Alameda)
CHUNG WAH CEMETERY (N1918) Checkmark 8/21/1995 Folsom (Sacramento)
CHURCH OF SAN SECONDO D`ASTI, GUASTI CHURCH (P457) Checkmark 12/22/1975 Guasti (San Bernardino)
CHURCH OF ST. JAMES THE APOSTLE (694) Checkmark 9/11/1959 Oakland (Alameda)
CHURCH OF ST. JOSEPH (N2247) Checkmark 7/8/2004 Los Banos (Merced)
CHURCH OF THE GOOD SHEPHERD-EPISCOPAL (N1471) Checkmark 12/1/1986 Berkeley (Alameda)
CHURCH OF THE LIGHTED WINDOW (P138) Checkmark 8/6/1969 La Canada Flintridge (Los Angeles)
CHURCH OF THE NATIVITY (P197) Checkmark Checkmark 5/19/1971 Menlo Park (San Mateo)
CHURCHILL MANOR (N489) Checkmark 4/18/1977 Napa (Napa)
CITIZEN PUBLISHING COMPANY BUILDING (P670) Checkmark Checkmark 9/2/1986 Culver City (Los Angeles)
CITRUS EXPERIMENT STATION (P121) Checkmark 6/6/1969 Riverside (Riverside)
CITRUS MACHINERY PIONEERING (P123) Checkmark 6/6/1969 Riverside (Riverside)
CITY CREEK CIVILIAN CONSERVATION CORPS CAMP (P771) Checkmark 5/11/1992 Highland (San Bernardino)
CITY HALL (N971) Checkmark 9/11/1981 Berkeley (Alameda)
CITY HALL--CITY OF BURBANK (N1944) Checkmark 4/18/1996 Burbank (Los Angeles)
CITY HOTEL (N1195) Checkmark 6/30/1983 Sonora (Tuolumne)
CITY OF AUBURN (404) Checkmark 4/14/1948 Auburn (Placer)
CITY OF EUREKA (477) Checkmark 11/30/1950 Eureka (Humboldt)
CITY OF OAKLAND (USS HOGA) (N1596) Checkmark 6/30/1989 Oaklnad (Alameda)
CITY OF PARIS BUILDING (876) Checkmark Checkmark 1/13/1975 San Francisco (San Francisco)
CITY OF SAN DIEGO POLICE HEADQUARTERS, JAILS AND COURTS (N2025) Checkmark 7/9/1998 San Diego (San Diego)
CIVIC ART GALLERY (N204) Checkmark 1/29/1973 San Jose (Santa Clara)
CIVIC CENTER FINANCIAL DISTRICT (N1142) Checkmark 10/29/1982 Pasadena (Los Angeles)
CLARK, DR. GEORGE C., HOUSE (N461) Checkmark 12/12/1976 Fullerton (Orange)
CLARK, MARY ANDREWS, MEMORIAL HOME (N1922) Checkmark 10/5/1995 Los Angeles (Los Angeles)
CLARK, WILLIAM S., HOUSE (N1544) Checkmark 1/14/1988 Eureka (Humboldt)
CLARKE ESTATE (P723) Checkmark Checkmark 11/20/1989 Santa Fe Springs (Los Angeles)
CLARKE'S/WILSON'S LANDING (P156) Checkmark 11/3/1969 Palo Alto (Santa Clara)
CLAY BUILDING (N699) Checkmark 11/20/1978 Oakland (Alameda)
CLAY PITS (P88) Checkmark 6/4/1968 Rosamond (Kern)
CLAYTON VINEYARDS-DEMARTINI WINERY (N1299) Checkmark 8/30/1984 Clayton (Contra Costa)
CLEAR CREEK (78) Checkmark 12/6/1932 Redding (Shasta)
CLINTON (37) Checkmark 8/1/1932 Pine Grove (Amador)
CLIPPER GAP (P359) Checkmark 11/19/1974 Auburn (Placer)
CLOTFELTER, REGINALD M. AND CONSTANCE, ROW HOUSE (N1712) Checkmark 8/5/1991 Rancho Santa Fe (San Diego)
CLOVERDALE RAILROAD STATION (N467) Checkmark 12/12/1976 Cloverdale (Sonoma)
CLOYNE COURT HOTEL (N1806) Checkmark 12/24/1992 Berkeley (Alameda)
CLUB CASA DEL MAR (N2104) Checkmark 9/29/2000 Santa Monica (Los Angeles)
CNOPIUS HOUSE (N1090) Checkmark 4/12/1982 Santa Rosa (Sonoma)
COACHELLA VALLEY COUNTY WATER DISTRICT (P141) Checkmark 8/29/1969 Coachella (Riverside)
COACHELLA VALLEY FISH TRAPS (N175) Checkmark 6/13/1972 Valerie (Riverside)
COALING STATION A (P7) Checkmark 12/16/1966 Coalinga (Fresno)
COALINGA POLK STREET SCHOOL (N1099) Checkmark 5/6/1982 Coalinga (Fresno)
COASTGUARD LIGHTSHIP WLV-605 - RELIEF (Decommissioned) (1036) Checkmark Checkmark Checkmark 9/26/2003 Oakland (Alameda)
COBB VALLEY SCHOOL (P496) Checkmark 1/13/1977 Cobb (Lake)
COBBLESTONE BUILDING (P714) Checkmark 6/12/1989 Clearlake (Lake)
COFFIN--REDINGTON BUILDING (N2120) Checkmark 2/2/2001 San Francisco (San Francisco)
COHEN, ALFRED H., HOUSE (N241) Checkmark 6/19/1973 Oakland (Alameda)
COHN HOUSE (N1001) Checkmark 1/21/1982 Folsom (Sacramento)
COIT MEMORIAL TOWER (N2384) Checkmark 1/29/2008 San Francisco (San Francisco)
COLE'S FIVE CYPRESS FARM (N1561) Checkmark 5/25/1988 Stockton (San Joaquin)
COLFAX FREIGHT DEPOT (N2076) Checkmark 12/17/1999 Colfax (Placer)
COLFAX PASSENGER DEPOT (N2044) Checkmark 1/15/1999 Colfax (Placer)
COLLEGE WOMEN'S CLUB (N997) Checkmark 1/21/1982 Berkeley (Alameda)
COLOMA ROAD AT NIMBUS DAM (746) Checkmark 7/5/1960 Folsom (Sacramento)
COLOMA ROAD AT SUTTER'S FORT (745) Checkmark 7/5/1960 Sacramento (Sacramento)
COLOMA ROAD-COLOMA (748) Checkmark 7/5/1960 Coloma (El Dorado)
COLOMA ROAD-RESCUE (747) Checkmark 7/5/1960 Rescue (El Dorado)
COLONEL THOMAS BAKER MEMORIAL (382) Checkmark 1/3/1944 Bakersfield (Kern)
COLONIAL COURT (N1196) Checkmark 7/11/1983 Pasadena (Los Angeles)
COLONIAL HOUSE (N1091) Checkmark 4/15/1982 West Hollywood (Los Angeles)
COLONY HOUSE (N670) Checkmark 9/18/1978 Simi (Ventura)
COLORADO STREET BRIDGE (N941) Checkmark 2/12/1981 Pasadena (Los Angeles)
COLTON CARNEGIE PUBLIC LIBRARY / COLTON PUBLIC LIBRARY (P590) Checkmark 3/1/1982 Colton (San Bernardino)
COLTON HALL (126) Checkmark 1/31/1934 Monterey (Monterey)
COLUMBIA (123) Checkmark 7/6/1933 Columbia (Tuolumne)
COLUMBIA HILL SCHOOL (P194) Checkmark 5/19/1971 Nevada City (Nevada)
COLUMBIA HISTORIC DISTRICT (N34) Checkmark 10/15/1966 Sonora (Tuolumne)
COLUMBO BUILDING (N2386) Checkmark 1/31/2008 San Francisco (San Francisco)
COLUSA CARNEGIE LIBRARY (N1657) Checkmark 12/10/1990 Colusa (Colusa)
COLUSA COUNTY COURTHOUSE (890) Checkmark 12/29/1975 Colusa (Colusa)
COLUSA GRAMMAR SCHOOL (N632) Checkmark 6/13/1978 Colusa (Colusa)
COLUSA HIGH SCHOOL AND GROUNDS (N434) Checkmark 8/13/1976 Colusa (Colusa)
COLUSA IOOF HALL / ODD FELLOWS BUILDING (P505) Checkmark 7/28/1977 Colusa (Colusa)
COMBELLACK-BLAIR HOUSE (N1343) Checkmark 2/14/1985 Placerville (El Dorado)
COMMERCIAL AND SAVINGS BANK (N931) Checkmark 11/25/1980 Stockton (San Joaquin)
COMMUNITY CHURCH OF GONZALES (N1241) Checkmark 9/15/1983 Gonzales (Monterey)
COMMUNITY METHODIST CHURCH (P62) Checkmark 9/22/1967 Middletown (Lake)
COMMUNITY METHODIST CHURCH OF IONE (506) Checkmark 7/31/1953 Ione (Amador)
COMMUNITY OF SAN MARTIN (P615) Checkmark 5/18/1983 San Martin (Santa Clara)
CON CREEK SCHOOL (P523) Checkmark Checkmark 12/6/1978 Boonville (Mendocino)
CONCANNON VINEYARD (641) Checkmark 4/28/1958 Livermore (Alameda)
CONDEMNED BAR (572) Checkmark 4/1/1957 Folsom (El Dorado)
CONDOMINIUM 1 (N2293) Checkmark 7/29/2005 The Sea Ranch (Sonoma)
CONE AND KIMBALL BUILDING (N788) Checkmark 6/26/1979 Red Bluff (Tehama)
CONFEDERATE ATTACK MARKER SITE (P432) Checkmark 8/7/1975 San Bernardino (San Bernardino)
CONFIDENCE HALL (N980) Checkmark 1/4/1982 Placerville (El Dorado)
CONGDON, JOEL R., HOUSE (N2176) Checkmark 7/22/2002 San Juan Capistrano (Orange)
CONGREGATION B'NAI B'RITH (N978) Checkmark 12/21/1981 Los Angeles (Los Angeles)
CONGREGATION TALMUD TORAH OF LOS ANGELES (N2149) Checkmark 11/4/2001 Los Angeles (Los Angeles)
CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH (261) Checkmark 9/3/1937 Mokelumne Hill (Calaveras)
CONGRESS HALL SITE (66) Checkmark 12/6/1932 San Diego (San Diego)
CONNOR HOUSE, LATHROP HOUSE (P204) Checkmark 5/19/1971 Redwood City (San Mateo)
CONTRA COSTA COUNTY COURTHOUSE BLOCK (N1619) Checkmark 12/28/1989 Martinez (Contra Costa)
CONTRA COSTA COUNTY HALL OF RECORDS (N1732) Checkmark 9/13/1991 Martinez (Contra Costa)
COOK, MAJ. GEORGE BEECHER, HOUSE (N1240) Checkmark 9/15/1983 Merced (Merced)
COOLEY ADOBE (P417) Checkmark 8/7/1975 Colton (San Bernardino)
COOLOT COMPANY BUILDING (N671) Checkmark 9/20/1978 Sacramento (Sacramento)
COOPER ARMS (N2114) Checkmark 12/28/2000 Long Beach (Los Angeles)
COOPER'S SAWMILL (835) Checkmark 11/3/1969 Santa Rosa (Sonoma)
COPE ROW HOUSES (N1012) Checkmark 1/28/1982 Santa Cruz (Santa Cruz)
COPLIN HOUSE SPOKANE HOTEL PLUEGER REALTY (P759) Checkmark 11/8/1991 Banning (Riverside)
COPPEROPOLIS (296) Checkmark 9/19/1938 Copperopolis (Calaveras)
COPPEROPOLIS ARMORY (N1999) Checkmark 12/30/1997 Copperopolis (Calaveras)
COPPEROPOLIS CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH (N2000) Checkmark 12/30/1997 Copperopolis (Calaveras)
CORDER BUILDING (N984) Checkmark 1/11/1982 Berkeley (Alameda)
CORE SITE (N279) Checkmark 4/8/1974 Canby (Modoc)
CORN SPRINGS (N2038) Checkmark 10/30/1998 Desert Center (Riverside)
CORN SPRINGS (P80) Checkmark 1/24/1968 Desert Center (Riverside)
CORNELIUS AND MERCEDES JENSON RANCH (943) Checkmark 6/12/1981 Rubidoux (Riverside)
CORONA FOUNDERS MONUMENT (738) Checkmark 6/6/1960 Corona (Riverside)
CORONA HIGH SCHOOL (N2297) Checkmark 8/3/2005 Corona (Riverside)
CORRAL DE PIEDRA (N616) Checkmark 5/22/1978 San Luis Obispo (San Luis Obispo)
CORRAL HOLLOW (755) Checkmark 12/22/1960 Tracy (San Joaquin)
COSO HOT SPRINGS (N550) Checkmark 1/3/1978 Little Lake (Inyo)
COSO ROCK ART DISTRICT (N2069) Checkmark 10/8/1999 China Lake (Inyo)
COTATI DOWNTOWN PLAZA (879) Checkmark 3/14/1975 Cotati (Sonoma)
COTTAGE COURT (N1197) Checkmark 7/11/1983 Pasadena (Los Angeles)
COTTONWOOD CHARCOAL KILNS (537) Checkmark 9/14/1955 Cartago (Inyo)
COTTONWOOD CREEK (P757) Checkmark 8/8/1991 Encinitas (San Diego)
COTTONWOOD HISTORIC DISTRICT (N252) Checkmark 7/16/1973 Cottonwood (Shasta)
COTTONWOOD SCHOOL (P520) Checkmark 2/1/1978 Sage (Riverside)
COTTONWOOD SPRING (P291) Checkmark 1/31/1973 Lucerne Valley (San Bernardino)
COTTRELL, JOHN A., HOUSE (N2305) Checkmark 9/28/2005 Eureka (Humboldt)
COULTER HOUSE (N1251) Checkmark 9/30/1983 San Diego (San Diego)
COULTERVILLE (332) Checkmark 8/8/1939 Coulterville (Mariposa)
COULTERVILLE MAIN STREET HISTORIC DISTRICT (N1059) Checkmark 3/12/1982 Coulterville (Mariposa)
COURT (N1198) Checkmark 7/11/1983 Pasadena (Los Angeles)
COURT (N1199) Checkmark 7/11/1983 Pasadena (Los Angeles)
COURT (N1200) Checkmark 7/11/1983 Pasadena (Los Angeles)
COURT AT 1274--1282 NORTH RAYMOND AVENUE (N1883) Checkmark 11/15/1994 Pasadena (Los Angeles)
COURT AT 275 NORTH CHESTER AVENUE (N1884) Checkmark 11/15/1994 Pasadena (Los Angeles)
COURT AT 533--549 NORTH LINCOLN AVENUE (N1885) Checkmark 11/15/1994 Pasadena (Los Angeles)
COURT AT 638--650 NORTH MAR VISTA AVENUE (N1886) Checkmark 11/15/1994 Pasadena (Los Angeles)
COURT AT 940--948 NORTH RAYMOND AVENUE (N1887) Checkmark 11/15/1994 Pasadena (Los Angeles)
COURTHOUSE OF CALAVERAS COUNTY, 1852-1866, AND LEGER HOTEL (663) Checkmark 11/5/1958 Mokelumne Hill (Calaveras)
COVARRUBIAS ADOBE (308) Checkmark 7/12/1939 Santa Barbara (Santa Barbara)
COW CAMP (N395) Checkmark 10/29/1975 Twentynine Palms (San Bernardino)
COW CREEK PETROGLYPHS (N131) Checkmark 11/5/1971 Millville (Shasta)
COWELL LIME WORKS HISTORIC DISTRICT (N2376) Checkmark 11/21/2007 Santa Cruz (Santa Cruz)
COWELL MEMORIAL HOSPITAL (N1809) Checkmark 1/6/1993 Berkeley (Alameda)
COX-BRADLEY HOME (P686) Checkmark 7/1/1987 San Bernardino (San Bernardino)
COXEY ROAD (P283) Checkmark 1/31/1973 Fawnskin (San Bernardino)
COXHEAD, ERNEST, HOUSE (N2086) Checkmark 4/6/2000 San Mateo (San Mateo)
COYOTE CREEK ARCHEOLOGICAL DISTRICT (N125) Checkmark 10/14/1971 Gilroy Hot Springs (Santa Clara)
CRAFTS HOUSE (P424) Checkmark 8/7/1975 Redlands (San Bernardino)
CRAM RANCH AND HOUSE (P331) Checkmark 5/15/1974 Highland (San Bernardino)
CRANE FLAT FIRE LOOKOUT (N1941) Checkmark 4/4/1996 Aspen Valley (Mariposa)
CRANK HOUSE (N1984) Checkmark 7/23/1997 Altadena (Los Angeles)
CRANSTON--GEARY HOUSE (N2010) Checkmark 1/23/1998 Sacramento (Sacramento)
CRAWFORD DITCH (N1741) Checkmark 10/21/1991 Pleasant Valley (El Dorado)
CRESCENT BATHHOUSE (N380) Checkmark 7/30/1975 Lake Elsinore (Riverside)
CRESCENT CITY PLANK AND TURNPIKE ROAD (645) Checkmark 4/28/1958 Crescent City (Del Norte)
CRESENT CITY LIGHTHOUSE (N1234) Checkmark 9/15/1983 Crescent City (Del Norte)
CRESSLER AND BONNER TRADING POST, 1865 (14) Checkmark 6/1/1932 Cedarville (Modoc)
CRESTA BLANCA WINERY (586) Checkmark 5/22/1957 Livermore (Alameda)
CROCKER, E. B., ART GALLERY (N86) Checkmark Checkmark 5/6/1971 Sacramento (Sacramento)
CROLL BUILDING (N1135) Checkmark 10/4/1982 Alameda (Alameda)
CROLL BUILDING (954) Checkmark 1/14/1983 Alameda (Alameda)
CROOKS MANSION (N690) Checkmark 11/14/1978 Benicia (Solano)
CROSSING, MCELLROY MILITARY RD (P129) Checkmark 6/6/1969 Round Mountain (Shasta)
CROSSROADS OF THE WORLD (N901) Checkmark 9/8/1980 Hollywood (Los Angeles)
CROWDER CANYON ARCHEOLOGICAL DISTRICT (N427) Checkmark 6/16/1976 San Bernardino (San Bernardino)
CRUCIFIXION THORNS (P187) Checkmark 1/19/1971 Calexico (Imperial)
CRYSTAL COVE HISTORIC DISTRICT (1050) Checkmark Checkmark 12/2/2013 Laguna Beach (Orange)
CUCAMONGA CHINATOWN SITE (P458) Checkmark 12/22/1975 Rancho Cucamonga (San Bernardino)
CUCAMONGA RANCHO WINERY (490) Checkmark 10/10/1951 Cucamonga (San Bernardino)
CUEVA PINTADA (N329) Checkmark 2/13/1975 King City (Monterey)
CULBERTSON, CORDELIA A., HOUSE (N1376) Checkmark 9/12/1985 Pasadena (Los Angeles)
CULVER HOTEL (N1976) Checkmark 4/14/1997 Culver City (Los Angeles)
CULVER, C. Z., HOUSE (N1431) Checkmark 3/20/1986 Orange (Orange)
CUPPY CAVE (N295) Checkmark 7/12/1974 Canby (Modoc)
CURRAN FARMHOUSE (P666) Checkmark 12/17/1985 Sacramento (Sacramento)
CUSTOM HOUSE (1) Checkmark Checkmark 6/1/1932 Monterey (Monterey)
CUYUMACA VILLAGE (N2404) Checkmark 4/2/2008 (San Diego)
CYPRESS COURT (N1201) Checkmark 7/11/1983 Pasadena (Los Angeles)
D'AGOSTINI WINERY (762) Checkmark 4/28/1961 Plymouth (Amador)
D. O. MILLS BANK BUILDING (609) Checkmark 5/22/1957 Sacramento (Sacramento)
D. STEWART CO. STORE (788) Checkmark 11/21/1963 lone (Amador)
DALEY TOLL ROAD MONUMENT (579) Checkmark 5/17/1957 Rim Forest (San Bernardino)
DALLAM-MERRITT HOUSE (N1280) Checkmark 4/19/1984 San Francisco (San Francisco)
DALLIDET ADOBE (720) Checkmark 1/11/1960 San Luis Obispo (San Luis Obispo)
DANA ADOBE (N91) Checkmark 5/6/1971 Nipomo (San Luis Obispo)
DANA POINT (189) Checkmark 6/20/1935 Dana Point (Orange)
DANA, RICHARD HENRY, BRANCH (N1510) Checkmark 5/19/1987 Los Angeles (Los Angeles)
DANIEL BEST HOME (P216) Checkmark 10/5/1971 San Leandro (Alameda)
DANVILLE SOUTHERN PACIFIC RAILROAD DEPOT (P718) Checkmark Checkmark 10/4/1989 Danville (Contra Costa)
DARWIN (P577) Checkmark 12/21/1981 Darwin (Inyo)
DAVENPORT JAIL (N1769) Checkmark 4/27/1992 Davenport (Santa Cruz)
DAVID FAMILIAN CHAPEL (P835) Checkmark 9/22/1999 North Hollywood (Los Angeles)
DAVIS CABIN (P530) Checkmark 3/30/1979 Yreka (Siskiyou)
DAVIS SUBWAY (N2023) Checkmark 6/26/1998 Davis (Yolo)
DE ANZA CROSSING OF THE SANTA ANA RIVER, 1775 AND 1776 (787) Checkmark 9/18/1963 Riverside (Riverside)
DE ANZA HOTEL (N1005) Checkmark 1/21/1982 San Jose (Santa Clara)
DE ANZA PARK MARKER / ANZA TRAIL (P292) Checkmark 1/31/1973 Ontario (San Bernardino)
DE LEMOS, PEDRO, HOUSE (N854) Checkmark 1/10/1980 Palo Alto (Santa Clara)
DE NEVE, FELIPE, BRANCH (N1511) Checkmark 5/19/1987 Los Angeles (Los Angeles)
DE SABLA, EUGENE J., JR., TEAHOUSE AND TEA GARDEN (N1786) Checkmark 7/30/1992 San Mateo (San Mateo)
DE TURK ROUND BARN (N2237) Checkmark 4/21/2004 Santa Rosa (Sonoma)
DE-NO-TO CULTURAL DISTRICT (N1356) Checkmark 4/24/1985 Hoopa (Humboldt)
DEADMAN'S SUMMIT (P17) Checkmark 3/29/1967 Bridgeport (Mono)
DEATH VALLEY GATEWAY (442) Checkmark 10/24/1949 Furnace Creek (Inyo)
DEATH VALLEY JUNCTION HISTORIC DISTRICT (N935) Checkmark 12/10/1980 Death Valley Junction (Inyo)
DEATH VALLEY SCOTTY HISTORIC DISTRICT (N645) Checkmark 7/20/1978 Olancha (Inyo)
DECLEZ RANCH; FELICE PAGLIUSO WINERY (P596) Checkmark 6/9/1982 Fontana (San Bernardino)
DEETJEN'S BIG SUR INN (N1652) Checkmark 9/13/1990 Big Sur (Monterey)
DEL ROSA SWAMP (P430) Checkmark 8/7/1975 San Bernardino (San Bernardino)
DELANE HOUSE (N1149) Checkmark 10/29/1982 San Francisco (San Francisco)
DELTA KING (N577) Checkmark 3/31/1978 Rio Vista (Solano)
DELTA MEADOWS SITE (N130) Checkmark 11/5/1971 Locke (Sacramento)
DENAIR MERCANTILE DEVELOPMENT COMPANY BUILDING (P566) Checkmark 3/13/1981 Denair (Stanislaus)
DEPUE, GRACE BLAIR, HOUSE AND INDIAN MUSEUM (N1101) Checkmark 5/7/1982 Jackson (Amador)
DERBY DIKE (244) Checkmark 6/10/1936 San Diego (San Diego)
DERBY, JAMES DANIEL, HOUSE (N717) Checkmark 12/14/1978 Glendale (Los Angeles)
DERSCH HOMESTEAD (120) Checkmark 3/31/1933 Anderson (Shasta)
DERSCH-TAYLOR PETROGLYPHS (N126) Checkmark 10/14/1971 Millville (Shasta)
DESCANSO GARDENS (P104) Checkmark 8/15/1968 La Canada Flintridge (Los Angeles)
DESERT INN (P307) Checkmark 7/13/1973 Palm Springs (Riverside)
DESERT QUEEN MINE (N402) Checkmark 1/17/1976 Twentynine Palms (Riverside)
DESERT SPRING (476) Checkmark 11/30/1950 Cantil (Kern)
DESERT VIEW TOWER (N900) Checkmark 8/29/1980 Ocotillo (Imperial)
DEWENTER MANSION, GUEST HOUSE AND GROUNDS (N1804) Checkmark 11/5/1992 La Verne (Los Angeles)
DIAMOND APARTMENTS (N1754) Checkmark 3/26/1992 Redondo Beach (Los Angeles)
DIAMOND SPRINGS (487) Checkmark 8/7/1951 Diamond Springs (El Dorado)
DICKERMAN BARN (N991) Checkmark 1/11/1982 Pescadero (San Mateo)
DIEGO SEPÚLVEDA ADOBE (227) Checkmark 6/20/1935 Costa Mesa (Orange)
DINKEY CREEK BRIDGE (N1957) Checkmark 9/5/1996 Dinkey Creek (Fresno)
DISCOVERY OF CALIFORNIA REDWOODS (P177) Checkmark 3/19/1970 Freedom (Santa Cruz)
DISCOVERY SITE OF THE LAST YAHI INDIAN (809) Checkmark 10/5/1965 Oroville (Butte)
DISCOVERY WELL OF KERN RIVER OILFIELD (290) Checkmark 6/27/1938 Bakersfield (Kern)
DIXIE SCHOOLHOUSE (N199) Checkmark 12/26/1972 San Rafael (Marin)
DOE MEMORIAL LIBRARY (N1064) Checkmark 3/25/1982 Berkeley (Alameda)
DOG TOWN (792) Checkmark 7/3/1964 Bridgeport (Mono)
DOGTOWN NUGGET DISCOVERY SITE (771) Checkmark 1/31/1962 Magalia (Butte)
DOHENY ESTATE/GREYSTONE (N408) Checkmark 4/23/1976 Beverly Hills (Los Angeles)
DOHRMANN BUILDING (N1424) Checkmark 2/20/1986 San Jose (Santa Clara)
DOLLAR, ROBERT, ESTATE (N195) Checkmark 12/11/1972 San Rafael (Marin)
DOLLAR, ROBERT, HOUSE (N1705) Checkmark Checkmark 7/23/1991 San Rafael (Marin)
DOLLIVER HOUSE (N612) Checkmark 5/22/1978 Larkspur (Marin)
DOMINGUEZ RANCH ADOBE (N420) Checkmark 5/28/1976 Compton (Los Angeles)
DOMÍNGUEZ RANCHHOUSE (152) Checkmark 1/11/1935 Compton (Los Angeles)
DON BERNARDO YORBA RANCHHOUSE SITE (226) Checkmark 6/20/1935 Yorba Linda (Orange)
DON CARLOS COURT (N1202) Checkmark 7/11/1983 Pasadena (Los Angeles)
DON FERNANDO PACHECO ADOBE (455) Checkmark 1/11/1950 Concord (Contra Costa)
DON SALVIO PACHECO ADOBE (515) Checkmark 11/25/1953 Concord (Contra Costa)
DONNER MONUMENT (or) PIONEER MONUMENT (134) Checkmark 1/31/1934 Truckee (Nevada)
DONNER SUMMIT BRIDGE (P709) Checkmark 11/22/1988 Donner Lake (Nevada)
DONNER--HOUGHTON HOUSE (N2158) Checkmark 1/24/2002 San Jose (Santa Clara)
DORRINGTON HOTEL AND RESTAURANT (P787) Checkmark 8/16/1993 Dorrington (Calaveras)
DOS PALMAS (P78) Checkmark 1/24/1968 Mecca (Riverside)
DOUBLE SPRINGS (264) Checkmark 9/3/1937 Valley Springs (Calaveras)
DOUGLAS FLAT (272) Checkmark 10/6/1937 Douglas Flat (Calaveras)
DOUGLAS FLAT SCHOOL (N237) Checkmark 5/24/1973 Douglas Flat (Calaveras)
DOUGLASS HALL (P263) Checkmark 6/22/1972 Menlo Park (San Mateo)
DOWNING, T. B., HOUSE (N265) Checkmark 10/30/1973 Palo Alto (Santa Clara)
DOWNTOWN HOLLISTER HISTORIC DISTRICT (N1789) Checkmark 8/14/1992 Hollister (San Benito)
DOWNTOWN OAKLAND HISTORIC DISTRICT (N2024) Checkmark 7/1/1998 Oakland (Alameda)
DOWNTOWN WOODLAND HISTORIC DISTRICT (N2060) Checkmark 6/22/1999 Woodland (Yolo)
DR. GEORGE C. CLARK HOME, FULLERTON STATE HERITAGE HOUSE (P483) Checkmark 9/1/1976 Fullerton (Orange)
DR. GRAINGER HYER HOME (P461) Checkmark 12/22/1975 Upland (San Bernardino)
DR. HOWE WAFFLE HOUSE (P341) Checkmark 9/13/1974 Santa Ana (Orange)
DR. W.C. JONES HOME (P547) Checkmark 3/31/1980 Grass Valley (Nevada)
DRAKESBAD GUEST RANCH (N2216) Checkmark 10/22/2003 Chester (Plumas)
DRAWING BUILDING (N452) Checkmark 11/18/1976 Berkeley (Alameda)
DRESBACH-HUNT-BOYER HOUSE (N439) Checkmark 9/13/1976 Davis (Yolo)
DRUM BARRACKS (169) Checkmark Checkmark 3/6/1935 Wilmington (Los Angeles)
DRY LAKES PLATEAU (N2184) Checkmark 11/21/2002 Bodie Hills (Mono)
DRYTOWN (31) Checkmark 8/1/1932 Drytown (Amador)
DUDLEY HOUSE (N497) Checkmark 5/12/1977 Ventura (Ventura)
DUNCAN'S LANDING SITE (N136) Checkmark 11/12/1971 Jenner (Sonoma)
DUNKER HOUSE (N1041) Checkmark 2/19/1982 Palo Alto (Santa Clara)
DUNLAP'S DINING ROOM (N1764) Checkmark 4/2/1992 Sacramento (Sacramento)
DUNNS BLOCK (N691) Checkmark 11/15/1978 Oakland (Alameda)
DUNSMUIR HISTORIC COMMERCIAL DISTRICT (N1161) Checkmark 11/10/1982 Dunsmuir (Siskiyou)
DUNSMUIR HOUSE (N171) Checkmark 5/19/1972 Oakland (Alameda)
DURANT HALL (N1065) Checkmark 3/25/1982 Berkeley (Alameda)
DURHAM, W. W., HOUSE (N1761) Checkmark 4/2/1992 Durham (Butte)
DUTCH FLAT HISTORIC DISTRICT (N219) Checkmark 3/28/1973 Dutch Flat (Placer)
DUTTON HOTEL, STAGECOACH STATION (N120) Checkmark 10/14/1971 Jolon (Monterey)
DYNAMO POND AND POWER STATION (P32) Checkmark 3/29/1967 Bridgeport (Mono)
E JANSSEN BUILDING, HUMBOLDT CULTURAL CENTER (P303) Checkmark 7/13/1973 Eureka (Humboldt)
E. G. VAN ARSDALE HOUSE (P393) Checkmark 3/20/1975 Yuba City (Sutter)
E. J. BALDWIN'S QUEEN ANNE COTTAGE (367) Checkmark 4/3/1940 Arcadia (Los Angeles)
E. J. PARRISH HOUSE (P253) Checkmark 4/25/1972 Cupertino (Santa Clara)
EAGLE BORAX WORKS (N320) Checkmark 12/31/1974 Furnace Creek (Inyo)
EAGLE MOUNTAIN IRON (P229) Checkmark 10/5/1971 Desert Center (Riverside)
EAGLE ROCK BRANCH LIBRARY (N1512) Checkmark 5/19/1987 Los Angeles (Los Angeles)
EAGLE THEATER (595) Checkmark 5/22/1957 Sacramento (Sacramento)
EAGLES HALL (N1389) Checkmark 10/4/1985 San Diego (San Diego)
EAMES HOUSE (N2341) Checkmark 9/20/2006 Pacific Palisades (Los Angeles)
EARL, THOMAS, HOUSE (N1790) Checkmark 8/18/1992 Napa (Napa)
EASLEY, OSCAR, BLOCK (N1178) Checkmark 2/17/1983 San Clemente (Orange)
EAST BROTHER ISLAND LIGHT STATION (N63) Checkmark 2/12/1971 Richmond (Contra Costa)
EAST LOS ANGELES RAILROAD STATION (P789) Checkmark 8/16/1993 Commerce (Los Angeles)
EAST NICOLAUS HIGH SCHOOL (P333) Checkmark 5/15/1974 East Nicolaus (Sutter)
EAST SAN JOSE CARNEGIE LIBRARY (N1663) Checkmark 12/10/1990 San Jose (Santa Clara)
EAST WHITTIER WOMAN'S IMPROVEMENT CLUB (P671) Checkmark 9/2/1986 Whittier (Los Angeles)
EASTERN SIERRA MADRE RIDGE ARCHEOLOGICAL DISTRICT (N726) Checkmark 12/19/1978 New Cuyama (Santa Barbara)
EASTERN STAR HALL (P754) Checkmark Checkmark 8/8/1991 Sacramento (Sacramento)
EASTERN TERMINUS OF CLAY STREET HILL RAILROAD (500) Checkmark 12/16/1952 San Francisco (San Francisco)
EBBETTS PASS ROUTE (318) Checkmark 7/12/1939 Markleeville (Alpine)
EBELL CLUB OF SANTA PAULA (N1602) Checkmark 7/20/1989 Santa Paula (Ventura)
EBELL OF LOS ANGELES (N1865) Checkmark 5/6/1994 Los Angeles (Los Angeles)
EBELL SOCIETY OF SANTA ANA VALLEY (N2135) Checkmark 7/2/2001 Santa Ana (Orange)
EBNER'S HOTEL (602) Checkmark 5/22/1957 Sacramento (Sacramento)
EDDY TREE BREEDING STATION (N1492) Checkmark 3/31/1987 Placerville (El Dorado)
EDEN CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH (N2368) Checkmark 8/3/2007 (Alameda)
EDGEMOOR FARM DAIRY BARN (N1360) Checkmark 5/16/1985 Santee (San Diego)
EDGEWOOD STORE (N2230) Checkmark 3/10/2004 Edgewood (Siskiyou)
EDISON HISTORIC DISTRICT (N1452) Checkmark 8/13/1986 Pomona (Los Angeles)
EDWARDS, FRANK G., HOUSE (N1150) Checkmark 10/29/1982 San Francisco (San Francisco)
EDWARDS, GEORGE C., STADIUM (N1819) Checkmark 4/1/1993 Berkeley (Alameda)
EDWIN MARKHAM HOME (416) Checkmark 1/6/1949 San Jose (Santa Clara)
EHRHARDT, WILLIAM, HOUSE (N2209) Checkmark 7/10/2003 Elk Grove (Sacramento)
EICHBAUM TOLL ROAD (848) Checkmark 5/19/1971 Stovepipe Wells (Inyo)
EIGHT MILE HOUSE (N1905) Checkmark 3/31/1995 Santa Margarita (San Luis Obispo)
EINSTEIN HOME, YWCA ACTIVITY BLDG (P440) Checkmark 10/1/1975 Fresno (Fresno)
EINSTEIN HOUSE (N554) Checkmark 1/31/1978 Fresno (Fresno)
EL ADOBE DE LOS ROBLES RANCHO (206) Checkmark 6/20/1935 Lemoore (Kings)
EL CABRILLO (N2282) Checkmark 3/30/2005 Los Angeles (Los Angeles)
El CAMPO SANTO (68) Checkmark 12/6/1932 San Diego (San Diego)
EL CASTILLO (N141) Checkmark 11/23/1971 Monterey (Monterey)
EL CORTEZ APARTMENT HOTEL (N2155) Checkmark 1/17/2002 San Diego (San Diego)
EL DORADO (282) Checkmark 1/8/1938 Mountain Ranch (Calaveras)
EL DORADO (ORIGINALLY MUD SPRINGS) (486) Checkmark 8/7/1951 El Dorado (El Dorado)
EL DORADO ELEMENTARY SCHOOL (N510) Checkmark 8/15/1977 Stockton (San Joaquin)
EL DORADO, PARKER HOUSE, AND DENNISON'S EXCHANGE (192) Checkmark 6/20/1935 San Francisco (San Francisco)
EL GARCES (N2170) Checkmark 5/17/2002 Needles (San Bernardino)
EL GRECO APARTMENT (N1578) Checkmark 11/3/1988 Los Angeles (Los Angeles)
EL MIRADOR HOTEL AND TOWER (P570) Checkmark 6/12/1981 Palm Springs (Riverside)
EL MOLINO VIEJO (N80) Checkmark 5/6/1971 Pasadena (Los Angeles)
EL PALO ALTO (P327) Checkmark 3/15/1974 Palo Alto (Santa Clara)
EL PASEO AND CASA DE LA GUERRA (N469) Checkmark 2/2/1977 Santa Barbara (Santa Barbara)
EL PORTAL ARCHEOLOGICAL DISTRICT (N654) Checkmark 8/18/1978 Mariposa (Mariposa)
EL PRADO COMPLEX (N464) Checkmark 12/12/1976 San Diego (San Diego)
EL VADO (634) Checkmark 3/3/1958 Anza-Borrego (San Diego)
ELDON H. GORDON HOUSE (P661) Checkmark 7/2/1985 Lathrop (San Joaquin)
ELEPHANT PACKING HOUSE (N1246) Checkmark 9/21/1983 Fullerton (Orange)
ELIAS ANDERSON HOUSE (P510) Checkmark 7/28/1977 Anderson (Shasta)
ELIZABETHTOWN (231) Checkmark 6/20/1935 Quincy (Plumas)
ELK GROVE GRAMMAR SCHOOL / ELK GROVE UNIFIED SCHOOL DISTR (P717) Checkmark 6/12/1989 Elk Grove (Sacramento)
ELK GROVE HISTORIC DISTRICT (N1553) Checkmark 3/1/1988 Elk Grove (Sacramento)
ELKS BUILDING (N868) Checkmark 6/3/1980 Stockton (San Joaquin)
ELLIOTT CEMETERY (P745) Checkmark 5/8/1991 Lockeford (San Joaquin)
ELLIS-MARTIN HOUSE (N2343) Checkmark 10/4/2006 Petaluma (Sonoma)
ELLISTON (N1361) Checkmark 6/19/1985 Sunol (Alameda)
ELMSHAVEN (N1852) Checkmark 11/4/1993 St. Helena (Napa)
ELSINORE WOMEN'S CLUB (P832) Checkmark 2/5/1998 Lake Elsinore (Riverside)
ELSINORE'S HOTTEST SULPHUR SPRINGS (P97) Checkmark 6/7/1968 Lake Elsinore (Riverside)
ELSTER, C. A., BUILDING (N1082) Checkmark 3/25/1982 Springville (Tulare)
EMIGRANT GAP (403) Checkmark 4/14/1948 Emigrant Gap (Placer)
EMIGRANT TRAIL CROSSING OF PRESENT HIGHWAY (517) Checkmark 3/25/1954 Weed (Siskiyou)
EMMANUEL EPISCOPAL CHURCH (P246) Checkmark 4/25/1972 Grass Valley (Nevada)
EMPIRE CITY (418) Checkmark 2/28/1949 Empire (Stanislaus)
EMPIRE MINE (298) Checkmark Checkmark 2/23/1939 Grass Valley (Nevada)
EMPORIUM (N558) Checkmark 2/17/1978 Jamestown (Tuolumne)
ENDERT'S BEACH ARCHEOLOGICAL SITES (N503) Checkmark 6/30/1977 Crescent City (Del Norte)
ENGINE CO. NO. 27 (N1383) Checkmark 9/24/1985 Los Angeles (Los Angeles)
ENGINE COMPANY NO. 28 (N836) Checkmark 11/16/1979 Los Angeles (Los Angeles)
ENGINE HOUSE NO. 18 (N1143) Checkmark 10/29/1982 Los Angeles (Los Angeles)
ENGINE HOUSE NO. 31 (N1541) Checkmark 1/7/1988 San Francisco (San Francisco)
ENGLEBRIGHT HOUSE (P326) Checkmark 3/15/1974 Nevada City (Nevada)
ENGLISH-MOHR HOUSE (P468) Checkmark 2/27/1976 Pleasanton (Alameda)
ENNIS HOUSE (N115) Checkmark 10/14/1971 Los Angeles (Los Angeles)
ENTRANCE OF THE SAN CARLOS INTO SAN FRANCISCO BAY (236) Checkmark 2/19/1936 San Francisco (San Francisco)
EPISCOPAL CHURCH OF OUR SAVIOUR (N532) Checkmark 11/17/1977 Placerville (El Dorado)
EPISCOPAL CHURCH OF THE ASCENSION (N511) Checkmark 8/19/1977 Sierra Madre (Los Angeles)
EPISCOPAL CHURCH OF THE MESSIAH (P515) Checkmark 12/1/1977 Santa Ana (Orange)
ERNEST COXHEAD HOME (P699) Checkmark 3/30/1988 San Mateo (San Mateo)
ERREA HOUSE (N1986) Checkmark 7/29/1997 Tehachapi (Kern)
ESHCOL WINERY (N1534) Checkmark 7/16/1987 Napa (Napa)
ESSLINGER BUILDING (N1555) Checkmark 5/16/1988 San Juan Capistrano (Orange)
ESTRELLA ADOBE CHURCH (542) Checkmark 9/14/1955 Paso Robles (San Luis Obispo)
ESTUDILLO HOME (279) Checkmark 1/8/1938 San Leandro (Alameda)
ESTUDILLO HOUSE (N49) Checkmark 4/15/1970 San Diego (San Diego)
ESTUDILLO MANSION (N2146) Checkmark 10/25/2001 San Jacinto (Riverside)
EUCLID AVENUE (N2304) Checkmark 8/10/2005 Upland and Ontario (San Bernardino)
EUCLID COURT (N1203) Checkmark 7/11/1983 Pasadena (Los Angeles)
EUGENE BOYD HOUSE (P396) Checkmark 3/20/1975 Yuba City (Sutter)
EUGENE O'NEILL NATIONAL HISTORIC SITE (N75) Checkmark 5/6/1971 Danville (Contra Costa)
EUREKA (N231) Checkmark 4/24/1973 San Francisco (San Francisco)
EUREKA HISTORIC DISTRICT (N1739) Checkmark 10/15/1991 Eureka (Humboldt)
EUREKA INN (N1025) Checkmark 2/11/1982 Eureka (Humboldt)
EVANS AND BAILEY FIGHT-1861 (125) Checkmark 7/6/1933 Canby (Modoc)
EVANSTON INN (N1304) Checkmark 9/13/1984 Pasadena (Los Angeles)
EVERGREEN CEMETERY (P86) Checkmark 1/26/1968 Santa Cruz (Santa Cruz)
EXCHANGE HOTEL (491) Checkmark 10/10/1951 San Diego (San Francisco)
EXECUTIVE OFFICE BUILDING, OLD WARNER BROTHERS STUDIO (N2179) Checkmark 11/1/2002 Los Angeles (Los Angeles)
EXETER PUBLIC LIBRARY (N1665) Checkmark 12/10/1990 Exeter (Tulare)
EXPOSITION PARK ROSE GARDEN (P690) Checkmark Checkmark 8/13/1987 Los Angeles (Los Angeles)
FACULTY CLUB (N1066) Checkmark 3/25/1982 Berkeley (Alameda)
FAGAN HOUSE (P727) Checkmark 8/17/1990 Gridley (Butte)
FAGES-DE ANZA TRAIL-SOUTHERN EMIGRANT ROAD (N203) Checkmark 1/29/1973 Borrego Springs (San Diego)
FAGES-ZALVIDEA CROSSING (291) Checkmark 6/27/1938 Mettler (Kern)
FAIRMONT HOTEL (N2165) Checkmark 4/17/2002 San Francisco (San Francisco)
FAIRVIEW INDIAN SITE (N184) Checkmark 6/27/1972 Costa Mesa (Orange)
FAITH MISSION (N992) Checkmark 1/11/1982 Santa Barbara (Santa Barbara)
FALCK HOUSE (P350) Checkmark 9/13/1974 Challenge (Yuba)
FALES' HOT SPRINGS (P21) Checkmark 3/29/1967 Bridgeport (Mono)
FALKENSTEIN, LEWIS, HOUSE (N848) Checkmark 12/31/1979 Yreka (Siskiyou)
FALLON HOUSE (P411) Checkmark 8/7/1975 Pleasanton (Alameda)
FAR NIENTE WINERY (N756) Checkmark 2/28/1979 Oakville (Napa)
FARALLONE ISLANDS (N473) Checkmark 3/8/1977 San Francisco (San Francisco)
FARLEY'S OLANCHA MILL SITE (796) Checkmark 9/16/1964 Olancha (Inyo)
FARMER'S AND MERCHANT'S BANK (N907) Checkmark 10/9/1980 Stockton (San Joaquin)
FARMERS AND MERCHANTS BANK OF FULLERTON (N1863) Checkmark 4/19/1994 Fullerton (Orange)
FARNSWORTH'S GREEN STREET LAB (941) Checkmark 2/19/1971 San Francisco (San Francisco)
FARNSWORTH, GEN. CHARLES S., COUNTY PARK (N1971) Checkmark 2/7/1997 Altadena (Los Angeles)
FARRINGTON HOUSE (P372) Checkmark 1/17/1975 San Jose (Santa Clara)
FASHION SHOP AND STEPHEN PORCELLA HOUSE (N886) Checkmark 6/25/1980 Novato (Marin)
FATHER RINALDI'S FOUNDATION OF 1856 (483) Checkmark 4/10/1951 Shasta (Shasta)
FAULKNER, GEORGE WASHINGTON, HOUSE (N1687) Checkmark 4/25/1991 Santa Paula (Ventura)
FAWN LODGE (P804) Checkmark 8/23/1994 Fawnskin (San Bernardino)
FEDERAL POST OFFICE (N705) Checkmark 11/20/1978 Riverside (Riverside)
FEDERAL REALTY BUILDING (N737) Checkmark 1/2/1979 Oakland (Alameda)
FEDERAL RESERVE BANK OF SAN FRANCISCO (N1607) Checkmark 7/31/1989 San Francisco (San Francisco)
FEDERAL RESERVE BANK OF SAN FRANCISCO (N1310) Checkmark 9/20/1984 Los Angeles (Los Angeles)
FEHMANN-MORGAN HOUSE (C23) Checkmark 2/4/2005 San Diego (San Diego)
FELTON COVERED BRIDGE (583) Checkmark Checkmark 5/17/1957 Felton (Santa Cruz)
FELTON PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH (N586) Checkmark 4/6/1978 Felton (Santa Cruz)
FENYES ESTATE (N1373) Checkmark Checkmark 9/5/1985 Pasadena (Los Angeles)
FERAUD GENERAL MERCHANDISE STORE (N1419) Checkmark 1/23/1986 Ventura (Ventura)
FERN AVENUE SCHOOL (N1753) Checkmark 2/20/1992 Torrance (Los Angeles)
FERN CAVE ARCHEOLOGICAL SITE (N363) Checkmark 5/29/1975 Tule Lake (Modoc)
FERN COTTAGE HISTORIC DISTRICT (N1539) Checkmark 1/7/1988 Ferndale (Humboldt)
FERNANDEZ, BERNARDO, HOUSE (N223) Checkmark 4/11/1973 Pinola (Contra Costa)
FERNBRIDGE (N1498) Checkmark 4/2/1987 Fernbridge (Humboldt)
FERNDALE (883) Checkmark 5/9/1975 Ferndale (Humboldt)
FERNDALE MAIN STREET HISTORIC DISTRICT (N1858) Checkmark 1/10/1994 Ferndale (Humboldt)
FERNDALE PUBLIC LIBRARY (N1658) Checkmark 12/10/1990 Ferndale (Humboldt)
FERRARA WINERY (P234) Checkmark 10/5/1971 Escondido (San Diego)
FERRETTI SHRINE (P349) Checkmark 9/13/1974 Big Oak Flat (Tuolumne)
FERRY STATION POST OFFICE BUILDING (N712) Checkmark 12/1/1978 San Francisco (San Francisco)
FERRYBOAT BERKELEY (1031) Checkmark 4/23/1999 San Diego (San Diego)
FEUSIER OCTAGON HOUSE (N278) Checkmark 3/24/1974 San Francisco (San Francisco)
FIDDLETOWN (N627) Checkmark 6/7/1978 Fiddletown (Amador)
FIFTEEN MILE HOUSE-OVERLAND PONY EXPRESS ROUTE IN CALIFORNIA (698) Checkmark 9/11/1959 Rancho Cordova (Sacramento)
FIG GARDEN WOMAN'S CLUB (P799) Checkmark 7/18/1994 Fresno (Fresno)
FILLMORE-PINE BUILDING (N990) Checkmark 1/11/1982 San Francisco (San Francisco)
FILOLI (907) Checkmark 2/8/1977 Woodside (San Mateo)
FINCH, JAMES W., HOUSE (N1138) Checkmark 10/19/1982 Monterey (Monterey)
FINNISH TEMPERANCE HALL, FINN HALL (P664) Checkmark 8/20/1985 Rocklin (Placer)
FIRE STATION NO. 23 (N874) Checkmark 6/9/1980 Los Angeles (Los Angeles)
FIRE STATION NO. 6 (N1686) Checkmark 4/25/1991 Sacramento (Sacramento)
FIREHOUSE NO. 3 (N1743) Checkmark 10/29/1991 Sacramento (Sacramento)
FIRST AND F STREET BUILDING (N294) Checkmark 7/12/1974 Eureka (Humboldt)
FIRST AND SECOND FILIPINO REGIMENTS MONUMENT (P639) Checkmark 11/16/1984 Salinas (Monterey)
FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH (N739) Checkmark 1/2/1979 Bakersfield (Kern)
FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH OF ORANGE (N1939) Checkmark 3/28/1996 Orange (Orange)
FIRST BERKELEY ADOBE SITE (P139) Checkmark 8/29/1969 Berkeley (Alameda)
FIRST CHRISTIAN CHURCH OF RIALTO (N2188) Checkmark 2/20/2003 Rialto (San Bernardino)
FIRST CHURCH OF CHRIST, SCIENTIST (N1794) Checkmark 9/22/1992 Riverside (Riverside)
FIRST CHURCH OF CHRIST, SCIENTIST (N548) Checkmark 12/22/1977 Berkeley (Alameda)
FIRST COMMUNITY CENTER AND PALO ALTO CITY FLAG POLE (P161) Checkmark 11/3/1969 Palo Alto (Santa Clara)
FIRST CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH (N2043) Checkmark 1/5/1999 Porterville (Tulare)
FIRST CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH OF PESCADERO (N921) Checkmark Checkmark 10/31/1980 Pescadero (San Mateo)
FIRST CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH OF RIVERSIDE (N1975) Checkmark 4/3/1997 Riverside (Riverside)
FIRST ELEMENTARY SCHOOL (P157) Checkmark 11/3/1969 Palo Alto (Santa Clara)
FIRST GLENN COUNTY FRAME HOUSE (P103) Checkmark 8/15/1968 Hamilton City (Glenn)
FIRST HOME OF POMONA COLLE (289) Checkmark 6/27/1938 Pomona (Los Angeles)
FIRST HOSPITAL (P158) Checkmark 11/3/1969 Palo Alto (Santa Clara)
FIRST JAIL & OFFICE OF FIRST AUDITOR & RECORDER OF MODOC (P182) Checkmark 9/24/1970 Alturas (Modoc)
FIRST JAPANESE FARM, PALOS VERDES PENINSULA (P769) Checkmark 5/11/1992 Rancho Palos Verdes (Los Angeles)
FIRST JEWISH SITE IN LOS ANGELES (822) Checkmark 1/26/1968 Los Angeles (Los Angeles)
FIRST LANDING PLACE OF SAILING LAUNCH COMET (437) Checkmark 6/2/1949 Tracy (San Joaquin)
FIRST MANUFACTURING SITE OF THE PELTON WHEEL (1012) Checkmark 5/27/1993 Nevada City (Nevada)
FIRST MAYFIELD SCHOOL (P151) Checkmark 11/3/1969 Palo Alto (Santa Clara)
FIRST MILITARY FLYING SCHOOL IN AMERICA (818) Checkmark 6/1/1967 Coronado (San Diego)
FIRST NATIONAL BANK (N1796) Checkmark 9/24/1992 Napa (Napa)
FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF LONG BEACH (N1637) Checkmark 9/13/1990 Long Beach (Los Angeles)
FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF OAKDALE BUILDING (N2087) Checkmark 4/6/2000 Oakdale (Stanislaus)
FIRST NORMAL SCHOOL IN CALIFORNIA (SAN JOSE STATE COLLEGE) (417) Checkmark 1/6/1949 San Jose (Santa Clara)
FIRST PACIFIC COAST SALMON CANNERY SITE (N35) Checkmark 10/15/1966 Broderick (Yolo)
FIRST POST OFFICE (P174) Checkmark 3/19/1970 Temecula (Riverside)
FIRST PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH BUILDING (878) Checkmark Checkmark 1/13/1975 Napa (Napa)
FIRST PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH SANCTUARY BUILDING (N928) Checkmark 11/25/1980 Alameda (Alameda)
FIRST PUBLIC SCHOOL (587) Checkmark 5/22/1957 San Francisco (San Francisco)
FIRST PUBLICLY OWNED SCHOOL BUILDING (538) Checkmark 9/14/1955 San Diego (San Francisco)
FIRST SAWMILL IN MARIN COUNTY (207) Checkmark 6/20/1935 (Marin)
FIRST SITE OF EL PUEBLO DE SAN JOSÉ DE GUADALUPE (433) Checkmark 3/16/1949 San Jose (Santa Clara)
FIRST STREET BRIDGE (N2254) Checkmark 8/5/2004 Napa (Napa)
FIRST TEHAMA COUNTY COURTHOUSE (183) Checkmark 6/20/1935 Tehama (Tehama)
FIRST THEATER IN CALIFORNIA (136) Checkmark 1/31/1934 Monterey (Monterey)
FIRST TRANSCONTINENTAL RAILROAD (780) Checkmark 11/20/1962 Sacramento (Sacramento)
FIRST TRANSCONTINENTAL RAILROAD (780) Checkmark 11/20/1962 Sacramento (Sacramento)
FIRST TRANSCONTINENTAL RAILROAD (780) Checkmark 11/20/1962 Sacramento (Sacramento)
FIRST TRANSCONTINENTAL RAILROAD (780) Checkmark 11/20/1962 Sacramento (Sacramento)
FIRST TRANSCONTINENTAL RAILROAD (780) Checkmark 11/20/1962 Sacramento (Sacramento)
FIRST TRANSCONTINENTAL RAILROAD (780) Checkmark 11/20/1962 Sacramento (Sacramento)
FIRST TRANSCONTINENTAL RAILROAD (780) Checkmark 11/20/1962 Sacramento (Sacramento)
FIRST TRANSCONTINENTAL RAILROAD (780) Checkmark 11/20/1962 Sacramento (Sacramento)
FIRST TRANSCONTINENTAL RAILROAD (780) Checkmark 11/20/1962 Sacramento (Sacramento)
FIRST TRUST BUILDING AND GARAGE (N1531) Checkmark 6/12/1987 Pasadena (Los Angeles)
FIRST TULE RIVER INDIAN RESERVATION (388) Checkmark 8/19/1947 Porterville (Tulare)
FIRST U.S. NAVAL STATION IN THE PACIFIC (751) Checkmark 10/11/1960 Vallejo (Solano)
FIRST UNITARIAN CHURCH (N976) Checkmark 12/10/1981 Berkeley (Alameda)
FIRST UNITARIAN CHURCH OF OAKLAND (896) Checkmark Checkmark 6/16/1976 Oakland (Alameda)
FIRST UNITARIAN CHURCH OF SAN JOSE (902) Checkmark 9/1/1976 San Jose (Santa Clara)
FIRST UNITARIAN UNIVERSALIST CHURCH (N537) Checkmark 11/17/1977 San Jose (Santa Clara)
FISCHER, JOSEPH, HOUSE (N779) Checkmark 5/24/1979 Benicia (Solano)
FISCHER-HANLON HOUSE (880) Checkmark 3/14/1975 Benicia (Solano)
FISHER HOUSE (P426) Checkmark 8/7/1975 Redlands (San Bernardino)
FISHER'S COYOTE RANCH HEADQUARTERS (P492) Checkmark 12/2/1976 Coyote (Santa Clara)
FIVE MILE DRIVE--SUTTER CREEK BRIDGE (N1437) Checkmark 4/11/1986 Ione (Amador)
FIVE MILE HOUSE-OVERLAND PONY EXPRESS ROUTE IN CALIFORNIA (697) Checkmark 9/11/1959 Sacramento (Sacramento)
FLEISHHACKER, DELIA, MEMORIAL BUILDING (N847) Checkmark 12/31/1979 San Francisco (San Francisco)
FLEMING, GUY AND MARGARET, HOUSE (N2020) Checkmark 6/18/1998 San Diego (San Diego)
FLOOD PARK (P676) Checkmark 9/2/1986 Menlo Park (San Mateo)
FLOOD, JAMES C., MANSION (N40) Checkmark 11/13/1966 San Francisco (San Francisco)
FLORES PEAK (225) Checkmark 6/20/1935 Modjeska Canyon (Orange)
FOLGER COFFEE COMPANY BUILDING (N1950) Checkmark 6/21/1996 San Francisco (San Francisco)
FOLGER ESTATE STABLE HISTORIC DISTRICT (N2234) Checkmark 4/16/2004 Woodside (San Mateo)
FOLSOM DEPOT (N1035) Checkmark 2/19/1982 Folsom (Sacramento)
FOLSOM POWERHOUSE (N258) Checkmark 10/2/1973 Folsom (Sacramento)
FOLSOM-OVERLAND PONY EXPRESS ROUTE IN CALIFORNIA (702) Checkmark 9/11/1959 Folsom (Sacramento)
FONTANA COMMUNITY CHURCH COMPLEX (P598) Checkmark 6/9/1982 Fontana (San Bernardino)
FONTANA COMPANY TRACT OFFICE/LIBRARY/C OF C BUILDING (P595) Checkmark 6/9/1982 Fontana (San Bernardino)
FONTANA FARMS COMPANY RANCH HOUSE, CAMP NO. 1 (N1159) Checkmark 11/1/1982 Fontana (San Bernardino)
FONTANA FARMS RANCH HOUSE, PEPPER STREET HOUSE (P594) Checkmark 6/9/1982 Fontana (San Bernardino)
FONTANA PIT AND GROOVE PETROGLYPH SITE (N860) Checkmark 4/17/1980 Fontana (San Bernardino)
FONTANA WOMAN'S CLUB HOUSE (P597) Checkmark 6/9/1982 Fontana (San Bernardino)
FOOTE'S CROSSING (P401) Checkmark 5/9/1975 North San Juan (Nevada)
FOOTE'S CROSSING ROAD (N939) Checkmark 1/29/1981 Nevada City (Sierra)
FOOTHILL BOULEVARD MILESTONE (MILE 11) (N1949) Checkmark 4/19/1996 Pasadena (Los Angeles)
FORBES FLOUR MILL (458) Checkmark 4/17/1950 Los Gatos (Santa Clara)
FORBES MILL ANNEX (N649) Checkmark 7/31/1978 Los Gatos (Santa Clara)
FORD BUILDING (N233) Checkmark 4/26/1973 San Diego (San Diego)
FORD MOTOR COMPANY ASSEMBLY PLANT (N1563) Checkmark 6/23/1988 Richmond (Contra Costa)
FOREST CITY (N1956) Checkmark 9/3/1996 Forest City (Sierra)
FOREST HOME FARMS (N2174) Checkmark 6/28/2002 San Ramon (Contra Costa)
FORESTIERE UNDERGROUND GARDENS (916) Checkmark Checkmark 1/31/1978 Fresno (Fresno)
FORKS OF BUTTE (N2220) Checkmark 1/2/2004 Paradise (Butte)
FORSTER, FRANK A., HOUSE (N1464) Checkmark 9/11/1986 San Juan Capistrano (Orange)
FORT BENSON (617) Checkmark 9/11/1957 Colton (San Bernardino)
FORT BIDWELL (430) Checkmark 3/16/1949 Fort Bidwell (Modoc)
FORT BRAGG (615) Checkmark 7/24/1957 Fort Bragg (Mendocino)
FORT BRAGG LIBRARY (P683) Checkmark 3/6/1987 Fort Bragg (Mendocino)
FORT CROOK (SITE OF) (355) Checkmark 10/9/1939 Glenburn (Shasta)
FORT GUNNYBAGS (90) Checkmark 3/29/1933 San Francisco (San Francisco)
FORT HUMBOLDT (154) Checkmark 1/11/1935 Eureka (Humboldt)
FORT JANESVILLE (758) Checkmark 2/15/1961 Janesville (Lassen)
FORT JONES HOUSE (N407) Checkmark 4/22/1976 Fort Jones (Siskiyou)
FORT JONES UNITED METHODIST CHURCH (P574) Checkmark 9/11/1981 Fort Jones (Siskiyou)
FORT MASON HISTORIC DISTRICT (N170) Checkmark 4/25/1972 San Francisco (San Francisco)
FORT MASON HISTORIC DISTRICT (BOUNDARY INCREASE) (N764) Checkmark 4/23/1979 San Fransisco (San Francisco)
FORT MILEY MILITARY RESERVATION (N862) Checkmark 5/23/1980 San Francisco (San Francisco)
FORT MILLER (584) Checkmark 5/22/1957 Friant (Fresno)
FORT PIUTE/PIUTE SPRINGS/FORT BEALE/PIUTE CREEK/PIUTE HIL (P250) Checkmark 4/25/1972 Needles (San Bernardino)
FORT POINT NATIONAL HISTORIC SITE (N58) Checkmark 10/16/1970 San Francisco (San Francisco)
FORT READING (379) Checkmark 1/3/1944 Anderson (Shasta)
FORT ROSECRANS (62) Checkmark 12/6/1932 San Diego (San Diego)
FORT ROSECRANS NATIONAL CEMETERY (55) Checkmark 12/6/1932 San Diego (San Diego)
FORT ROSS (5) Checkmark Checkmark 6/1/1932 Jenner (Sonoma)
FORT ROSS COMMANDER'S HOUSE (N56) Checkmark 4/15/1970 Fort Ross (Sonoma)
FORT STOCKTON (54) Checkmark 12/6/1932 San Diego (San Diego)
FORT TAFT (P559) Checkmark 12/19/1980 Taft (Kern)
FORT TEJÓN (129) Checkmark Checkmark 1/31/1934 Lebec (Kern)
FORT TER-WER (544) Checkmark 1/27/1956 Klamath (Del Norte)
FORT YUMA (806) Checkmark 6/28/1965 Winterhaven (Imperial)
FORT, THE (N963) Checkmark 7/22/1981 Taft (Kern)
FORTS BAKER, BARRY, AND CRONKHITE (N267) Checkmark 12/12/1973 Sausalito (Marin)
FOSSIL CANYON PETROGLYPH SITE (N2192) Checkmark 3/3/2003 Barstow (San Bernardino)
FOSSIL FALLS ARCHEOLOGICAL DISTRICT (N888) Checkmark 7/9/1980 Little Lake (Inyo)
FOUNDATION OF RANCHO SAN JOAQUIN ADOBE (P629) Checkmark 5/31/1984 Irvine (Orange)
FOUNDERS' ROCK (N1067) Checkmark 3/25/1982 Berkeley (Alameda)
FOUNTAIN SPRINGS (648) Checkmark 5/29/1958 Fountain Springs (Tulare)
FOUNTAIN-TALLMAN SODA WORKS (N1302) Checkmark 9/13/1984 Placerville (El Dorado)
FOURTH CROSSING (258) Checkmark 9/3/1937 San Andreas (Calaveras)
FOWLER'S SWITCH (P299) Checkmark 5/2/1973 Fowler (Fresno)
FOX CALIFORNIA THEATER (N789) Checkmark 6/27/1979 Stockton (San Joaquin)
FOX COURT (N1018) Checkmark 2/4/1982 Berkeley (Alameda)
FOX FULLERTON THEATRE COMPLEX (N2345) Checkmark 10/25/2006 Fullerton (Orange)
FOX-OAKLAND THEATER (N752) Checkmark 2/2/1979 Oakland (Alameda)
FOXTROT PETROGLYPH SITE (N1901) Checkmark 2/23/1995 Twentynine Palms (San Bernardino)
FRANCES PACKING HOUSE (N509) Checkmark 8/2/1977 Irvine (Orange)
FRANCIS SCOTT KEY STATUE (P479) Checkmark 4/2/1976 San Francisco (San Francisco)
FRANCIS, JAMES H., HOUSE (N742) Checkmark 1/31/1979 Calistoga (Napa)
FRANCISCO SOLANO ALVISO ADOBE (510) Checkmark 9/24/1953 Dublin (Alameda)
FRANK TORRES MARINE VIEW HOTEL AND RESTAURANT (P833) Checkmark 5/14/1998 Moss Beach (San Mateo)
FRANKISH BUILDING (N897) Checkmark 8/11/1980 Ontario (San Bernardino)
FRANZ, EMMANUEL, HOUSE (N1122) Checkmark 6/25/1982 Ventura (Ventura)
FRATERNAL HALL BUILDING (N1625) Checkmark 2/15/1990 Palo Alto (Santa Clara)
FRED T. PERRIS HOUSE SITE (P425) Checkmark 8/7/1975 San Bernardino (San Bernardino)
FREE PUBLIC LIBRARY OF PETALUMA (N1568) Checkmark 6/23/1988 Petaluma (Sonoma)
FREE, ARTHUR MONROE, HOUSE (N2169) Checkmark 4/26/2002 San Jose (Santa Clara)
FREEMAN JUNCTION (766) Checkmark 11/3/1961 (Kern)
FREEMAN, SAMUEL, HOUSE (N116) Checkmark 10/14/1971 Los Angeles (Los Angeles)
FREMONT AND CORA OLDER RANCH (P339) Checkmark 7/12/1974 Cupertino (Santa Clara)
FREMONT MONUMENT (P309) Checkmark 7/13/1973 Sutter (Sutter)
FREMONT PEAK (181) Checkmark 3/6/1935 San Juan Bautista (San Benito)
FRÉMONT'S CAMP (6) Checkmark 6/1/1932 Tule Lake (Modoc)
FREMONT, JOHN C., BRANCH (N1513) Checkmark 5/19/1987 Los Angeles (Los Angeles)
FRENCH CAMP (668) Checkmark 12/1/1958 French Camp (San Joaquin)
FRENCH GULCH (166) Checkmark 1/11/1935 French Gulch (Shasta)
FRENCH GULCH HISTORIC DISTRICT (N169) Checkmark 3/24/1972 French Gulch (Shasta)
FRENCH LAUNDRY (N591) Checkmark 4/19/1978 Yountville (Napa)
FRENCH PARK HISTORIC DISTRICT (N2052) Checkmark 5/12/1999 Santa Ana (Orange)
FRENCHMAN'S TOWER (P150) Checkmark 11/3/1969 Stanford (Santa Clara)
FRESNO BEE BUILDING (N1158) Checkmark 11/1/1982 Fresno (Fresno)
FRESNO BREWING COMPANY OFFICE AND WAREHOUSE (N1260) Checkmark 1/5/1984 Fresno (Fresno)
FRESNO CITY (488) Checkmark 8/7/1951 Tranquillity (Fresno)
FRESNO FLATS TOWNSITE (P845) Checkmark 5/14/2002 Oakhurst (Madera)
FRESNO MEMORIAL AUDITORIUM (N1867) Checkmark 5/10/1994 Fresno (Fresno)
FRESNO REPUBLICAN PRINTERY BUILDING (N738) Checkmark 1/2/1979 Fresno (Fresno)
FRESNO SANITARY LANDFILL (N2140) Checkmark 8/7/2001 Fresno (Fresno)
FRIDAY MORNING CLUB (N1283) Checkmark 5/17/1984 Los Angeles (Los Angeles)
FRIENDSHIP BAPTIST CHURCH (N703) Checkmark 11/20/1978 Pasadena (Los Angeles)
FRINK ADOBE (C20) Checkmark 11/7/2003 Loma Linda (San Bernardino)
FRINK ADOBE (P293) Checkmark 1/31/1973 Bryn Mawr (San Bernardino)
FRINK RANCH (P94) Checkmark 6/7/1968 Beaumont (Riverside)
FRISBIE, EDWARD, HOUSE (N1633) Checkmark 3/29/1990 Redding (Shasta)
FROG WOMAN ROCK (549) Checkmark 1/17/1956 Hopland (Mendocino)
FROGTOWN (P521) Checkmark 2/1/1978 Yreka (Siskiyou)
FROLIC (BRIG) (N1691) Checkmark 5/16/1991 Caspar (Mendocino)
FRUTO, A SMALL FOOTHILL VILLAGE (P53) Checkmark 9/22/1967 Willows (Glenn)
FT BRAGG REDWOOD CO. COTTAGE, GUEST HOUSE (P673) Checkmark 9/2/1986 Fort Bragg (Mendocino)
FULLER COMPANY GLASS WAREHOUSE (N2145) Checkmark 10/11/2001 San Francisco (San Francisco)
FULLERTON CITY HALL (N2202) Checkmark 5/22/2003 Fullerton (Orange)
FULLERTON FIRST METHODIST EPISCOPAL CHURCH (N2122) Checkmark 2/13/2001 Fullerton (Orange)
FULLERTON ODD FELLOWS TEMPLE (N2168) Checkmark 4/26/2002 Fullerton (Orange)
FULLERTON UNION PACIFIC DEPOT (N1252) Checkmark 10/12/1983 Fullerton (Orange)
FURNACE OF THE OWENS LAKE SILVER-LEAD COMPANY (752) Checkmark 12/22/1960 Keeler (Inyo)
G.B. NEIGHBORS HOME (P37) Checkmark 6/2/1967 Snelling (Merced)
G.W. CARPENTER HOUSE (P391) Checkmark 3/20/1975 Yuba City (Sutter)
GABILAN LODGE NO. 372--INDEPENDENT ORDER OF ODD FELLOWS (N1469) Checkmark 10/2/1986 Gonzales (Monterey)
GABLE MANSION (864) Checkmark 9/13/1973 Woodland (Yolo)
GABLES, THE (N1318) Checkmark 9/20/1984 Santa Rosa (Sonoma)
GALARNEAUX, MARY HALEY, HOUSE (N2121) Checkmark 2/12/2001 Sacramento (Sacramento)
GALINDO, DON FRANCISCO, HOUSE (N1557) Checkmark 5/20/1988 Concord (Contra Costa)
GALINDO-LEIGH HOUSE (N899) Checkmark 8/22/1980 Campbell (Santa Clara)
GALLEANO WINERY (N2207) Checkmark 6/22/2003 Mira Loma (Riverside)
GAMBLE BUILDING AND MINER'S BEAN KETTLE (N1680) Checkmark 3/22/1991 Big Oak Flat (Tuolumne)
GAMBLE HOUSE (P675) Checkmark 9/2/1986 Palo Alto (Santa Clara)
GAMBLE HOUSE (871) Checkmark Checkmark 9/3/1971 Pasadena (Los Angeles)
GAMLIN CABIN (N471) Checkmark 3/8/1977 Wilsonia (Fresno)
GANO, PETER, HOUSE (N1237) Checkmark 9/15/1983 Avalon (Los Angeles)
GARBANI, ROCCO, HOMESTEAD (N2079) Checkmark 12/22/1999 Winchester (Riverside)
GARBUTT HOUSE (N1537) Checkmark 7/22/1987 Los Angeles (Los Angeles)
GARCÉS BAPTISMAL SITE (631) Checkmark 1/29/1958 Woody (Kern)
GARCÉS CIRCLE (277) Checkmark 10/21/1937 Bakersfield (Kern)
GARCÉS-SMITH MONUMENT (618) Checkmark 9/11/1957 (San Bernardino)
GARCIA RANCH HOUSE (P462) Checkmark 12/22/1975 Etiwanda (San Bernardino)
GARFIELD BUILDING (N1120) Checkmark 6/25/1982 Los Angeles (Los Angeles)
GARFIELD HOUSE (N227) Checkmark 4/24/1973 South Pasadena (Los Angeles)
GARFIELD INTERMEDIATE SCHOOL (N1112) Checkmark 6/14/1982 Berkeley (Alameda)
GARFIELD PARK BRANCH LIBRARY (N1757) Checkmark 3/26/1992 Santa Cruz (Santa Cruz)
GARNETT CREEK BRIDGE ON CA 29 (N2299) Checkmark 8/5/2005 Calistoga (Napa)
GARNETT CREEK BRIDGE ON GREENWOOD AVENUE (N2300) Checkmark 8/5/2005 Calistoga (Napa)
GARROTT'S SAW MILL (P116) Checkmark 6/6/1969 Oroville (Butte)
GARTZ COURT (N1226) Checkmark 8/25/1983 Pasadena (Los Angeles)
GASLAMP QUARTER HISTORIC DISTRICT (N861) Checkmark 5/23/1980 San Diego (San Diego)
GASQUET RANGER STATION HISTORIC DISTRICT (N2019) Checkmark 3/26/1998 Gasquet (Del Norte)
GAVIOTA PASS (248) Checkmark 6/2/1937 Gaviota (Santa Barbara)
GEARY THEATRE (N360) Checkmark 5/27/1975 San Francisco (San Francisco)
GENERAL M. G VALLEJO HOME (4) Checkmark 6/1/1932 Sonoma (Sonoma)
GENERAL PETROLEUM BUILDING (N2244) Checkmark 6/22/2004 Los Angeles (Los Angeles)
GENERALS' HIGHWAY STONE BRIDGES (N663) Checkmark 9/13/1978 Mineral King (Tulare)
GEORGE C. SMITH RESIDENCE (P681) Checkmark 11/28/1986 Santa Maria (Santa Barbara)
GEORGE HACK HOUSE (P800) Checkmark 8/5/1994 Sacramento (Sacramento)
GEORGE S. BLOSS MANSION (P323) Checkmark 3/15/1974 Atwater (Merced)
GEORGE YOUNT BLOCKHOUSE (564) Checkmark 12/31/1956 Yountville (Napa)
GEORGETOWN (484) Checkmark 8/7/1951 Georgetown (El Dorado)
GEORGIA STREET BRIDGE--CALTRANS BRIDGE (N2048) Checkmark 2/12/1999 San Diego (San Diego)
GERMANTOWN (P50) Checkmark 9/22/1967 Willows (Glenn)
GERRY BUILDING (N2208) Checkmark 7/5/2003 Los Angeles (Los Angeles)
GETCHELL, O. W., HOUSE (N903) Checkmark 10/3/1980 Anchor Bay (Mendocino)
GEW, WONG K., MANSION (N672) Checkmark 9/20/1978 Stockton (San Joaquin)
GEYSERVILLE UNION SCHOOL (N826) Checkmark 10/24/1979 Geyserville (Sonoma)
GIANELLA BRIDGE (N1124) Checkmark 7/8/1982 Hamilton City (Glenn)
GIANELLA BRIDGE, BR #12-54 SITE (P812) Checkmark 8/23/1995 Chico Hamilton City (Butte)
GIANNINI HALL (N1068) Checkmark 3/25/1982 Berkeley (Alameda)
GIANT DESERT FIGURES (101) Checkmark 3/29/1933 Blythe (Riverside)
GIANT FOREST LODGE HISTORIC DISTRICT (N603) Checkmark 5/5/1978 Three River (Tulare)
GIANT FOREST VILLAGE-CAMP KAWEAH HISTORIC DISTRICT (N619) Checkmark 5/22/1978 Three Rivers (Tulare)
GIBB, DANIEL, & CO. WAREHOUSE (N1993) Checkmark 10/10/1997 San Francisco (San Francisco)
GIBSON, WILLIAM B., HOUSE (N449) Checkmark 11/7/1976 Woodland (Yolo)
GIL, JOSE MARIO, ADOBE (N288) Checkmark 6/7/1974 Jolon (Monterey)
GILLMORE, E. P. AND CLARA, HOUSE (N1640) Checkmark 9/13/1990 Point Arena (Mendocino)
GILMAN RANCH (P41) Checkmark Checkmark 6/2/1967 Banning (Riverside)