The State Historical Resources Commission (SHRC) is a nine-member state review board, appointed by the Governor, with responsibilities for the identification, registration, and preservation of California's cultural heritage. Five members of the SHRC shall be recognized professionals in the disciplines of history, pre-historic archaeology, historical archaeology, architectural history, and restoration architecture. One member shall be knowledgeable in ethnic history; one member shall be knowledgeable in Folklife; and two members shall represent the public or possess expertise in fields that the Governor deems necessary or desirable to enable the Commission to carry out its responsibilities. Commissioners serve in their appointed positions until such time that they resign or are replaced. The State Historic Preservation Officer (SHPO) serves as Executive Secretary to the SHRC. The SHRC meets four times per year and welcomes public attendance and participation. 

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Pending Nominations


B Brandes
Bryan K. Brandes
Public Member

Commissioner Hansen
Janet Hansen
Vice Chair
Palm Springs

Lee Adams III
Public Member

A Hess
Alan Hess

Commissioner Hoyos
Luis Hoyos
Architectural History
San Dimas

A Sriro
Adam Sriro
Historical Archaeology
Culver City

R Vellanoweth
René Vellanoweth
Prehistoric Archaeology
Sierra Madre