The Architectural Review and Environmental Compliance Unit administers the Federal Historic Preservation Tax Incentives Program and provides architectural review for federal and state projects or project funding affecting historic resources based on conformance with the Secretary of the Interior's Standards for the Treatment of Historic Properties.

The California Office of Historic Preservation is the point of contact within the state for property owners wishing to use the federal historic preservation tax credit. OHP may also provide technical guidance before a project begins to make the process as expeditious and economical as possible.

Explore the links below for information and guidance on the following programs and topics:

Federal Historic Preservation Tax Incentive Program

Certified California Tax Incentive Projects

Becoming a State or Local Certified District

California Certified Districts

State Historical Building Code

Preservation and Sustainability

California Sustainable Tax Credit Success Stories

Incentives and Grants for Historic Preservation

OHP Tax Credit Application Upload Portal is active!

To request a project upload folder, email with the subject line"Request for project folder link". Include the Part number (1, 2, 3, Amendment x, etc.), the project name, and city in the body of the email. Include the NPS five-digit number and OHP project number if known.

Include the emails of any associates who will need access to the upload folder.

A hyperlink to the folder will be emailed back to the original sender within a few hours.

First time users will be prompted for a verification code. Click the "send code" button to receive a verification code by email. Fill the code field of the first email with the code and click "continue".

The empty folder will open. Use the "upload" button to select the PDF format submission files. Name the files using the NPS Naming Convention guidelines.

Include a Transmittal log in the Microsoft Word or compatible format, using the NPS Transmittal log example as a template.

OHP staff are notified when uploads are completed. The files are removed from the folder, date stamped in the order received, and assigned to a reviewer.

The link remains active for all associates whose emails are included in the folder permissions.

If the link to the upload folder does not work, email and a new link will be sent.


Use the new NPS Application forms and instructions dated "Rev. 6/2023". Previous forms will be returned.



Electronic Tax Incentive Application Submissions Required After August 15th

As of August 15, 2023, all historic preservation certification applications must be submitted electronically, both new applications submitted to State Historic Preservation Offices (SHPOs) and materials submitted to the National Park Servoce (NPS) in response to requests for additional information. The OHP is coordinating our own process for the submission of electronic applications to the NPS. Visit our Federal Tax Credit page for full details regarding this upcoming procedural change.


National Parks Service Webinars

Upcoming NPS Webinars

The National Parks Service's Technical Preservation Services periodically holds in-person and virtual events for the public to assist consultants, architects, developers and other program users navigate the tax incentive programs. Please contact the Technical Preservation Services with any quetions about these events at 

The 2020 California Completed Tax Credit Project Report Available Now

Front view of restored Italianate Chapman House painted white.

Review 2020's completed federal tax credit projects in California by visiting the Certified California Tax Incentive Projects page.