CLG Grant Awards

2019-2020 CLG Grant Awards

The Office of Historic Preservation (OHP) is required to sub grant a minimum of ten percent of its yearly allocation of federal funds from the Historic Preservation Fund (HPF) Grants Program to Certified Local Governments. These are local governments where the NPS has certified their preservation programs. The 2019-2020 HPF allocation is $1,612,070. The OHP received eight applications requesting $296,000, and awarded five grants totaling $176,000. The OHP awards Certified Local Government grants on a competitive basis; the local government must provide a 40 percent match that can be a combination of public funds, private funds, and allowable in-kind donations. The grants support local preservation efforts. 

Below are the cities awarded 2019-2020 grants. Congratulations!

  • Long Beach. The city will use the CLG grant to prepare the Long Beach Historic Context on Suburbanization and Race. The context will supplement the 2009 citywide historic context statement with a detailed study of the social history of suburbanization in the city. Also addressed will be development patterns associated with communities of color, including exculsionary practices that played a significant role in post-World War II settlement patterns. 
  • Los Angeles. The CLG grant will be used to assist the Office of Historic Resources (OHR) in fully integrating citywide ethnic and cultural context statement data into HistoricPlaces LA, the city's online historic resources inventory and management system. The contexts to be integrated include African Americans in Los Angeles, Asian Americans in Los Angeles, Jewish History, Latino Los Angeles, LGBT Los Angeles, and Women's Rights in Los Angeles.  
  • San Clemente. Following a recommendation from its 2006 survey, San Clemente will use the CLG grant to prepare a National Register of Historic Places Historic District nomination for North Beach, a historic entertainment district at the northern gateway to the city. The city also will pursue local listing for the district. As part of this effort, but not part of the grant, San Clemente will amend its historic preservation ordinance to accommodate the listing of historic districts.
  • San Jose. The city will use the CLG grant to update San Jose's 25-page 1992 citywide historic context statement. Since 1992, various thematic context statements were developed, including San Jose Modernism (2009), and a Japantown survey (2007). The updated citywide context will incorporate all previous contexts as well as expanded information on themes, periods, and property types.
  • Ventura. The CLG grant will be used to support development of a historic context statement documenting the pattern of development in Ventura's 2,240 acre Midtown Community. The neighborhood, founded in 1909, had its significant growth during the oil boom, and lasted from 1921 to 1929. The context statement will provide the foundation for a Midtown Community historic survey.

The OHP is a Division of California State Parks. The mission of the OHP, in partnership with the people of California and governmental agencies, is to preserve and enhance California's irreplaceable historic heritage as a matter of public interest.  

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