2023-2024 CLG Grant Awards

The Office of Historic Preservation (OHP) is required to sub grant a minimum of ten percent of its yearly allocation of federal funds from the Historic Preservation Fund (HPF) Grants Program to Certified Local Governments. These are local governments where the NPS has certified their preservation programs. The OHP awards Certified Local Government grants on a competitive basis; the local government must provide a 40 percent match that can be a combination of public funds, private funds, and allowable in-kind donations. The grants support local preservation efforts. 

Below are the municipalities awarded 2023-2024 project-specific grants:

  • Carmel: The city will use the CLG grant to complete updates to the citywide historic context statement. This is Phase II of a process started in 2021-2022 and will complete the work to make the document more comprehensive and accessible to stakeholders, researchers, the public, and others interested in the historic resources and heritage of the city.

  • Los Angeles: The CLG grant will support the development of an Indigenous Peoples Historic Context that will become part of the citywide historic context statement. This is Phase II of a process started last year and will continue the work through additional community engagement and the preparation of the final context statement.

  • Pomona: The city will use the CLG grant to develop a historic context statement focused on Pomona’s Latino community and South Pomona. The context will provide a foundation for future preservation efforts, including identifying cultural resources and documenting oral histories of this underrepresented community.

  • Riverside: The CLG grant will support the development of design guidelines for Accessory Dwelling Units at historic properties. The project will address State Preservation Plan goals as the design guidelines will apply to all historic resources in the City, including those from the recent past.

  • Sacramento: The CLG grant will be used to develop a historic context statement and survey focused on LGBTQ+ history and associated historical resources in Sacramento from the late 19th century to the recent past. The project will allow the city to incorporate these resources into planning processes and decision-making.

  •  Santa Barbara: The city will use the CLG grant to update the city’s Master Environmental Assessment Guidelines for Archaeological Resources to ensure important archaeological and tribal resources are protected from future development. The updates will include documenting the social and cultural history of the region’s Native Chumash population.

Previous CLG Grant Recipients

The mission of the OHP, in partnership with the people of California and governmental agencies, is to preserve and enhance California's irreplaceable historic heritage as a matter of public interest.