Submission Guidance During Pandemic Protocols

As the Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation continues to evolve, the California Office of Historic Preservation (OHP) would like to inform you on how it is accommodating agencies that may face difficulties producing and sending hard copy submittals during the statewide stay-at-home order.

The OHP, located at 1725 23rd Street, Suite 100, Sacramento, CA, 95816, remains open during regular business hours for deliveries and mail. As such, hard copies of documents are able to be received.

In an effort to protect everyone’s safety, we kindly ask that, during this time, contact with staff be done via email, phone or available conference call mechanism.

Program specific contact information:

National Historic Preservation Act Section 106 or Public Resources Code Section 5024 Project Review Submittals

Email: Customers may submit some materials electronically. Materials that do not contain confidential information, may be sent in their entirety by email to This email account can accept messages with attachments up to 18 MB in size (Attachments may be sent with multiple emails if they collectively are larger than 18 MB). Please do not send submittals to the SHPO directly; all electronic submissions need to go through the calshpo.ohp email to be properly received and recorded.

For all submittals (to initiate consultation and for the formal steps while in process): Indicate in the subject line of the email which program the consultation is being submitted under and identify the project and agency.

Example: 106 EPA Soil Remediation Happy Mine
Example: 5024 Corrections Facility Upgrades Folsom Correctional Facility

If the submittal is for an undertaking in response to a declared emergency, please also indicate this in the subject line.

Example: 106 FEMA Temporary Housing Ex Order #12345AB
Example: 106 NPS Restrooms Point Reyes Nationwide PA XXX Ex Order YZ

Send the cover letter as a separate attachment from any other materials such as maps or reports.
In the body of the email, list the attachments included with the email.
If there is an issue with retrieving/opening any files, OHP staff will follow up with the submitter directly.

For submittals that do not contain any confidential information: Send cover letter and attachments in the same email message.

For submittals containing confidential information: Send the information as a password-encrypted zip file (using AES-256 encryption if possible) attached to an email. Do not include the file password in the email.

Instead, please call the OHP front desk at (916) 445-7000 to provide the password to open the file.
It is permissible to leave the password in a voicemail message as only OHP employees have access to this voicemail box.

Include the cover letter as an unencrypted attachment so it can be appropriately logged in without having to open the encrypted files.
If your email system is capable of encrypting entire emails (attachments included), it is fine to use this capability instead of creating encrypted zip files.


Agencies that have a secure FTP site or comparable secure file sharing location may upload documents to that site and send an email with information about how to access the file(s).
Include the cover letter for the submission as an unencrypted attachment to the email so it can be logged in appropriately and so the email isn’t mistakenly identified as spam.

FCC Reviews

Due to the high volume and extensive documentation of FCC submissions, all FCC620 and FCC621 materials must be submitted in hard copy as is the normal practice for this program. If there are any questions about this process or a hard copy is not possible, please contact Michelle C. Messinger, Agency Lead, at or (916) 445-7005.

Historic Tax Credit Program

All tax credit materials must be submitted in hard copy as is the normal practice for this program. If hard copy submission is not possible, please contact Tim Brandt, Senior Restoration Architect, at or (916) 445-7049.

Registration Programs

All nominations for registration of historical resources must be submitted in hard copy as is the normal practice for this program. If hard copy submission is not possible, please contact Jay Correia, Registration Programs Supervisor, at or (916) 445-7008.

Local Government Programs

Certified Local Government Annual Reports (due April 17) and CLG Grant Applications (due May 1) may be submitted electronically to To discuss the best way to submit an application to become a Certified Local Government, contact Lucinda Woodward at

Thank you for your patience and understanding as OHP navigates how best to continue to serve you during this time. Should there be any further updates or changes, they will be posted on the OHP website. In the meanwhile, if there are any questions, please contact State Historic Preservation Officer Julianne Polanco at or Deputy SHPO Jenan Saunders at