Historical Landmark

Built by Frederick and Jacob Beringer, natives of Mainz, Germany, this winery has the unique distinction of never having ceased operations since its founding in 1876. Here, in the European tradition, were dug underground wine tunnels hundreds of feet in length. These maintain a constant temperature of 58 degrees, a factor considered necessary in the maturing and aging of fine wines. This property was also listed in the National Register of Historic Places on 8/17/01 as the Beringer Brothers-Los Hermanos Winery consisting of approximately eight acres with six contributing buildings, four contributing structures, one contributing site, and two noncontributing buildings. The complex includes the winery, residential buildings, winery support structures, and a series of circulation routes and landscape features. The district also includes the famous and familiar Rhine House, which was completed in 1884 and is already individually listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The winery was listed in the National Register of Historic Places at the state level of significance under Criterion A.

Registration Date: 12/19/1966

City: St. Helena
County: Napa

2000 Main St, St. Helena

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