This property was also listed as a California Point of Historical Interest on 9/29/05. Once part of a 10,000-acre ranch, the Camarillo Ranch House property includes a contributing 1892 Queen Anne ranch house, a contributing ca. 1905 mule barn, and a noncontributing 1967 stable on 4.49 acres. The ranch historically featured numerous buildings that supported ranch functions. It was listed as California Point of Historical Interest because because it is associated with Adolfo Camarillo who lived in the house during the years 1892-1952 and was one of the most successful ranchers, largest landowners, and influential citizens in Ventura County history. The house was also listed as an outstanding example of its period and style of architecture. The house is an excellent example of Queen Anne design; one of three large, elaborate ranch houses from the era remaining in Ventura County. It was listed in the National Register of Historic Places at the local level of signficance under Criterion B for its assocaition with Adolfo Camarillo and under Criterion C for its architecture.

Registration Date: 2/20/2003

City: Camarillo
County: Ventura

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