The Fullerton City Hall, constructed between the years 1939-1942, is a one and two story concrete Spanish Colonial Revival building with sunken patio and clock tower. Gladding, McBean and Company produced all the colorful ceramic and terra cotta tiles. Murals depicting Southern California history by famed American artist Helen Lundeberg adorn the former City Council Chambers. The building served as Fullerton’s first full-fledged City Hall until 1963 when a new city hall was completed across the street and the Fullerton Police Department and jail took possession of the older facility. It was listed at the local level under Criterion C The City of Fullerton unofficially adopted design guidelines in 1919 for all public and semi-public buildings to follow Spanish styles. By the 1930s Spanish Colonial Revival was the architectural style in the community. Fullerton’s City Hall is a late example of the style, showing the influence of Arc Deco in some of the decorative detailing. The building is both compatible with the community’s older, established architectural heritage while illustrating modern ideas of design. In the area of art the property is significant for its murals. the WPA funded Helen Lundeberg murals in the former city council chambers. Titled “The History of Southern California,” the three-paneled mural depicts early California history from the landing of Juan Rodriquez Cabrillo at San Diego Bay in 1542 to the early days of the Hollywood film industry. Lundeberg (1908-1999) was a seminal figure in Los Angeles art history. With her husband Lorser Feitelson, she co-founded an art movement called New Classicism. It fused the fantastical style of Surrealism with the formal structure of Renaissance painting. Her painting was known for radiating a sense of calm and order, reflecting what she perceived as the laws of nature. The Fullerton murals marked the first and only time Lundeberg focused solely on local history and legends.

Registration Date: 5/22/2003

City: Fullerton
County: Orange

237 W. Commonwealth Ave.

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