The Galleano Winery consists of eight buildings ranging in size, material, and age from the original low-scale wood frame winery building (ca.1900) to the large concrete block main winery building constructed between 1947-1949. The other six buildings include a board and batten barn (ca. 1900), small wood frame guesthouse (ca. 1930), wood frame bunkhouse/office (ca. 1920), concrete block vinegar shed (ca. 1942), wood frame tasting room/workshop (ca. 1942, remodeled 1976, 1980 and a noncontributor), and a wood frame garage (ca. 1942). The property was listed at the local level of significance under Criterion A n the areas of commerce and agriculture during the years 1933-1953. The Cucamonga Valley was one of the nation’s largest suppliers of wine grapes to the Eastern United States and Canada from the end of Prohibition in 1933 into the 1960s. Today, because of development pressures, few of the original wineries remain. The Galleano Winery attains significance as a rare resource associated with an important era in the region’s history.

Registration Date: 6/22/2003

City: Mira Loma
County: Riverside

4231 Wineville Rd.

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