NPS Number: 03000775

The Andalusia is a two-story Spanish Colonial Revival courtyard apartment complex designed in 1926 by Arthur and Nina Wilcox Zwebell. The complex includes nine living units, plus a caretaker’s basement apartment, arranged around a central garden courtyard with an original tiled fountain. Two freestanding garages flank a forecourt. The property was listed at the local level of significance under Criterion C in the area of architecture as an excellent example of Spanish Colonial Revival courtyard housing and the work of builders and designers Arthur and Nina Wilcox Zwebell. The Zwebells built a number of courtyard housing complexes in the 1920s. The Andalusia is also an excellent example of 1920s Spanish Colonial Revival design at the populist end of the spectrum. Los Angeles’ rapid growth and severe housing shortage in the 1920s corresponded with the popularity of Spanish Colonial Revival design, which became a favorite with builders. The Andalusia incorporates many features of the style made popular by Wallace Neff and endlessly copied throughout the region: silo tower, egg-shaped arch, corbeled balconies, horizontality, low roof pitch. The result is a multifamily residential environment with great visual interest and individuality.

Registration Date: 8/21/2003

City: Los Angeles
County: Los Angeles

1471-1475 Havenhurst Dr.

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