Beverly Ranch was listed at the local level of significance under Criterion C in the area of community planning and development as a once ubiquitous, but now rare, example of a transforming property type: picturesque grove house surrounded by citrus groves and formal gardens. This property type helped transform Redlands’ (and southern California’s) semi-arid indigenous landscape into consciously aesthetic, irrigated lushness within the rigid geometry of five to ten acre parcels. Beverly Ranch exemplifies the major characteristics of the property type. The grand two-story residence is hugged by a formal garden area and is set within an intact grove of over 350 trees. The only missing feature is the original 1888 barn, which was demolished in 1961 and replaced by citrus trees. It is extremely rare to find intact grove houses with their groves.

Registration Date: 2/11/2004

City: Redlands
County: San Bernardino

923 W. Fern Ave.

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