NPS Number: 79000496

Casa de Rosas is a four building complex located in the North University Park neighborhood of Los Angeles. The vaguely Mission Revival Main building was designed in 1893 by Sumner Hunt for use as a Froebel Institute kindergarten. Three other buildings, simpler in concept and execution, are located to the rear of the Main building. They were constructed ca. 1907, 1915, and 1920. Casa de Rosas was listed at at the local level of significance under Criteria A and C in the area of education and architecture during the years 1893-1925. The complex is an early and rare surviving school building in Los Angeles. The Main building was constructed for the Froebel Institute and was one of the first kindergartens in Los Angeles. The complex was later used by the Girls’ Collegiate School, one of the first private schools for girls in Los Angeles. The Main building, designed by Sumner Hunt, was one of the first buildings in Los Angeles to suggest Mission Revival design.

Registration Date: 7/14/2004

City: Los Angeles
County: Los Angeles

2600 S. Hoover St.

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