The Fox Fullerton Theatre Complex is a district comprised of two buildings totaling 37,875 square feet on two lots. The Italian Renaissance-style theatre was constructed in 1925 as a courtyard theatre by the architectural firm of Meyer and Holler, Inc. In 1929 an L-shaped super service station on the adjacent lot was added to the south side of the theatre building. It was designed in the Spanish Colonial Revival style by Stiles Oliver Clements of the firm Morgan, Walls & Clements. The complex was listed at the local level of significance under criterion C in the area of architecture. The super service station is a good example of Spanish Colonial Revival commercial-style building in Fullerton, and the theatre building is a good example of the Italian Renaissance-style in Fullerton. The theatre is further recognized for its type as a courtyard theatre, and as the work of Raymond M. Kennedy of the firm Meyer and Holler, Inc. Lastly, the theatre appears eligible in the area of art for the work of muralists Anthony B. Heinsbergen and John Gabriel Beckman. The Fox Fullerton Theatre is the City of Fullerton’s designated Local Historical Landmark Number 35.

Registration Date: 10/25/2006

City: Fullerton
County: Orange

500-512 N. Harbor Blvd.

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