NPS Number: 07001351

The Hagemann Ranch Historic District consists of nine contributing buildings, two contributing structures and one site dating to the late-nineteenth and early-twentieth centuries that are associated with the Livermore Valley’s early agrarian industries. All the buildings were constructed by Martin Mendenhall, who established the ranch in 1870 and continued farming and ranching on the property until 1896. It then passed to the Hagemann Family who continued farming and ranching until 1962 when it was sold. It continued to operate as a small ranch until 2005. The district was listed at the local level of significance under Criterion C in the area of architecture during the years 1870-1930. The property is a good and rare surviving example of early Livermore Valley farmstead architecture. The district demonstrates the distinctive characteristics of agrarian architecture, including a layout typical of historic ranch properties and features common to agricultural building types, including: farmhouse, barns, and outbuildings. The historic construction methods represented in the district include a simple western building technology referred to as “plank-frame” construction, typical wood-frame, and post-and-beam construction. The district also exemplifies the common practice of using inexpensive materials for agricultural architecture and the customary adaptation of utilitarian farm buildings. The property retains integrity and still provides a strong feeling and association with early ranching.

Registration Date: 1/10/2008

City: Livermore
County: Alameda

455 Olivina Ave.

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