American Institute of Architects Committee on the Environment/Sustainability

Association for Preservation Technology International

Build It Green

California Climate Action Registry

California Energy Commission

Clinton Climate Initiative

Green California

Green Building Alliance

LEED for Existing Buildings / Neighborhood Development

Portfolio Manager Energy Star Benchmarking

Thoreau Center for Sustainability - San Francisco

U. S. Green Building Council (USGBC) (LEED)

Whole Building Design Guide – Sustainable Historic Preservation

Whole Building Design Guide – Sustainability

Whole Building Design Guide – Historic Preservation

International Council of Local Environmental Initiatives (ICLEI) is a democratic, international association of national and regional local government organizations that have made a commitment to sustainable development, founded in 1990. ICLEI offers a broad range of campaigns and programs that address local sustainability issues while protecting global common goods (such as air quality, climate, water), and link local action to internationally agreed goals and targets.

ICLEI provides information, delivers training, organizes conferences, facilitates networking and city-to-city exchanges, carries out research and pilot projects, and offers technical services and consultancy; helps local governments generate political awareness of key issues; establish plans of action towards defined, concrete, measurable targets; work towards meeting these targets through the implementation of projects; and evaluate local and cumulative progress toward sustainable development.

Local governments in California have used the technical services of ICLEI to help them quantify their consumption of resources and generation of wastes for use as benchmarks to measure anticipated progress in environmental sustainability.

National Trust - Sustainability Initiative aims to help people better understand preservation’s value in fostering development that is environmentally, economically and socially sustainable. More and more projects are demonstrating that older buildings can “go green.” The Sustainability Initiative website is a “best practices” resource for employing green technology in the reuse and rehabilitation of historic structures. 


Technical Preservation Services has helped home owners, preservation professionals, organizations, and government agencies by publishing easy-to read guidance on preserving, rehabilitating and restoring historic buildings.  Preservation Briefs 1-43 are now available online and include the following briefs related to sustainability;

03: Conserving Energy in Historic Buildings

04: Roofing for Historic Buildings

08: Aluminum and Vinyl Siding on Historic Buildings: The Appropriateness of Substitute Materials for Resurfacing Historic Wood Frame Buildings

09: The Repair of Historic Wooden Windows

13: The Repair and Thermal Upgrading of Historic Steel Windows

14: New Exterior Additions to Historic Buildings: Preservation Concerns

16: The Use of Substitute Materials on Historic Building Exteriors

24: Heating, Ventilating, and Cooling Historic Buildings: Problems and Recommended Approaches

28: Painting Historic Interiors

41: The Seismic Retrofit of Historic Buildings: Keeping Preservation in the Forefront