National Register Multiple Property Submission Contexts for California

Note: These contexts can be used to nominate and register thematically-related properties or to evaluate the National Register eligibility of related properties. Properties can be nominated to the National Register if they fit within the definitions of an already established historic context, allowing much simpler and shorter nomination forms. National Register Bulletins 16A and 16B provide information on how to use these contexts.

For more information about how to nominate properties to the National Register using a Multiple Property Document context, watch this video and contact Registration Unit staff.

Multiple Covers (Historic Contexts) developed for other states and themes are also available online through the NPS Focus database.

African Americans in Los Angeles MPS 

Architectural and Historic Resources of Auburn, California MPS

Architecture of Albert Frey, The

Architecture of E. Stewart Williams MPS

Arts and Crafts in Pasadena MPS

 Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders in California MPS

Berkeley, University of California MRA

Big Basin Redwoods MPS

Bungalow Courts of Pasadena TR

California Carnegie Libraries MPS

Case Study Houses MPS

Civilian Conservation Corps in California State Parks MPS

Cultural Resources of Recent Past, City of Pasadena MPS 

Desert Training Center/California-Arizona Maneuver Area (DTC/C-AMA) MPS - Not Scanned Yet

Early Automobile-Related Properties in Pasadena MPS

Earth Figures of California--Arizona Colorado River Basin TR

Historic Highway Bridges of California MPD

Historic Park Landscapes in National and State Parks MPS

Historic Residential Suburbs MPS (Note: External link to National Park Service website)

Historic Resources of Martinez, California MPS

Hollister MPS

La Grange MRA Lassen Volcanic National Park MPS

Late 19th-Early 20th Century Architecture in Pasadena MPS

Latinos in 20th Century California MPS

Light Stations of California MPS

Lilian Rice Designed Buildings in Rancho Santa Fe MPS

Los Angeles Branch Library System TR

 Native Americans and the California Mission System MPDF

Newlands Reclamation TR

Point Arena MPS

Recreation Residence Tracts in the National Forests of California from 1906-1959 - Not Scanned Yet

Residential Architecture of John Lautner in Southern California

Residential Architecture of Pasadena: Influence of the Arts and Crafts Movement MPS

Torrance High School Campus TR

Twentieth Century Folk Art Environment in California TR

U.S. Highway 66 in California MPS

US Post Offices in California 1900-1941 TR