African Americans in California Multiple Property Document

Multiple Property Documentation Form for African Americans in California

Project Background and Objectives

The California Office of Historic Preservation is developing a Multiple Property Documentation Form (MPDF) related to the long history of African Americans in California. The MPDF, informed by National Park Service guidelines and theme studies, presents information common to a group of historic properties related by theme, area, or time period.

The history of African Americans in California is complex and encompasses a variety of themes and geographical areas, both urban and rural. Although there is a substantial amount of scholarship on African American history in California, a comprehensive document covering that history and relating that history to potentially significant properties does not yet exist. The MPDF will guide the identification and nomination of properties significant for their association with California’s diverse Black community. No properties will be designated as part of this specific project, but the MPDF will provide a framework for future nominations.

More information on MPDFs, including recent examples of similar projects, can be found here.

Nationwide theme studies of African American history can be found here.

Project Timeline

The project commenced in September 2022 and will continue until February 2024. The first draft of the MPDF is scheduled for submittal by the consultant team in July 2023. Researchers are currently gathering information about the long history of African Americans in California as a first step in the process. A virtual public meeting will be held in late 2023 to solicit information about properties that may be significant for their association with topics covered in the MPDF. The date and time for this meeting have not yet been set - please bookmark this page and check back for more information about that meeting.You can also submit questions, comments, and ideas by completing this Google form, or contact William Burg directly.

MPDF Advisory Group

The following individuals, including historians, archivists, museum curators, scholars, and historic preservation professionals, are volunteer members of the advisory group convened to review, comment, and advise on the African Americans in California MPDF. Preliminary documents, drafts, and final work products will be reviewed by the advisory committee, whose feedback will be integrated into subsequent drafts. The advisory group will also provide recommendations for outreach and potential methods of future distribution for the MPDF once it is formally adopted.

Shonna McDaniels
NeFesha Ruth Yisra'el
Dr. Elaine Jackson-Retondo
Gaidi Finnie
Rick Moss
Gail Kennard
Nia McAllister
Susan D. Anderson
Dr. Alison Rose Jefferson
Carson Anderson