Suggested Activities in Support of the State Plan

Everyone is a member of some community! Here are some ideas for what you might do in yours...

Use the historic resources in your community (take yoga classes at your local historic YWCA, visit the farmer’s market in the courtyard of your historic neighborhood school, etc.).

Plan events to take place in historic buildings and gardens (weddings, holiday parties, retirement parties, anniversaries, etc.).

Make your voice heard when new developments are proposed for your community.

Learn how to find out about historic resources in your neighborhood.

Shop at our local Main Street—use businesses in your community.

Go on your local home tours.

Find out about the history of your place of worship and put together a talk, poster, or exhibit about it.

Use your local library (often it’s located in a historic building).

Always remember that you know best what are the important historic places in your community, and you are in the best position to advocate on their behalf—so get in the know and get involved!