Historic Contexts Library

Local Historic Contexts

Benicia -
City of Benicia (2010)

Berkeley -
Shattuck Ave Commercial Corridor Historic Context and Survey (2015)

Fresno -
Mid-Century Modernism (2008)
South Van Ness Industrial District Historic Survey Part 1  Part 2 (2015)

Los Angeles -
African American History of Los Angeles (2017)
Chinese-American Historic Context Statement (2013)
Jewish History of Los Angeles (2016)
LGBT Historic Context Statement (2014)
Latino Los Angeles Historic Context Statement (2015)

Monterey County - 
Agricultural Resources Evaluation Handbook Part 1 (2011)                 
Agricultural Resources Evaluation Handbook Part 2 (2011)  
Agriculture in North County (2010)
Agriculture in South County (2009) 

Napa -  
City-Wide Pages 1-130   Pages 131-163    Pages 164-208    (2009)         
Spencer's Addition (2010)
West Napa (2010)

Ontario -
Ontario Airport Historic Context and Survey Part 1  (2017)
Ontario Airport Part 2 

Pebble Beach -
Pebble Beach Historic Context Statement (2012)
Pebble Beach Historic Context Statement User Guide (2012)

Riverside - 
Modernism Context Statement Part 1    Part 2 (2009) 
Chinese American in Riverside: Historic Context Statement (2016)           

San Diego - 
San Diego Modernism (2007)
San Ysidro (2010)
San Diego Citywide LGBTQ Historic Context Statement (2016)

San Francisco - 
Mission District (2007*)
Auto-Related Buildings: Van Ness Auto Row (2010)
Modern Architecture and Landscape Design (2010)
Citywide Historic Context Statement for LGBTQ History in San Francisco (2016)

San Jose -
Guadalupe/Washington Conservation Area (2009)

San Luis Obispo -
Citywide Context  (2010)

Raised Streets & Hollow Sidewalks
Mid-Century Modern in City of Sacramento Historic Context Statement and Survey Results Part 1   Mid-Century Modern Part 2 (2017)



Statewide Historic Contexts

A Historical Context and Archaeological Research Design for Agricultural Properties in California (2007)

A Historic Context and Archaeological Research Design for Mining Properties in California (2008)

General Guidelines for Identifying and Evaluating Historic Landscapes (1999)

Tract Housing in California, 1945-1973: A Context for National Register Evaluation (2011)

Water Conveyance Systems in California, Historic Context Development and Evaluation Procedures (2000)

Underrepresented Communities

Latinos in Twentieth Century California (2015)

Five Views - An Ethnic Site Survey For California (1988)


African Reflections On the American Landscape: Identifying And Interpreting Africans (2003)

Asian Reflections On the American Landscape: Identification And Interpreting Asian Heritage (2005)

Hispanic Reflections On the American Landscape: Identifying And Interpreting Historic Heritage (2009)

Reflejos Hispanos en el Paisaje Americanos: Identificacion e Interpretation de la Herencia Hispana (2009)