California Historical Resources

California's historical resources represent the contributions and collective human experiences of a diversified population spanning 10,000-12,000 years of occupancy in California. This rich heritage is embodied in the cultural and historical landscapes of California as evidenced by archaeological remains, historic buildings, traditional customs, tangible artifacts, historical documents, and public records extant in California. All these evidences of the past contribute to the sum total of California's history. Such historical resources provide continuity with our past and enhance our quality of life.

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Name (Landmark Plaque Number) National Register California State Historical Landmark California Register of Historical Resources Point of Interest Date Listed City (County)
AETNA SPRINGS RESORT (N1490) Checkmark 3/9/1987 Pope Valley (Napa)
ALEXANDRIA HOTEL AND ANNEX (N989) Checkmark 1/11/1982 Napa (Napa)
ANDREWS, WILLIAM, HOUSE (N1773) Checkmark 6/18/1992 Napa (Napa)
ATKINSON HOUSE (N1653) Checkmark 9/13/1990 Rutherford (Napa)
BALE MILL (N181) Checkmark 6/22/1972 St. Helena (Napa)
BANK OF NAPA (N1774) Checkmark 6/18/1992 Napa (Napa)
BERINGER BROTHERS WINERY (814) Checkmark Checkmark 12/19/1966 St. Helena (Napa)
BRANNAN, SAM, COTTAGE (N1221) Checkmark 8/18/1983 Calistoga (Napa)
BUFORD HOUSE (N529) Checkmark 11/11/1977 Napa (Napa)
BURN & WISE CELLARS; GREYSTONE CELLARS, CHRISTIAN BROS. (P831) Checkmark 2/5/1998 St. Helena (Napa)
CARNEROS CREEK BRIDGE ON OLD SONOMA ROAD (N2298) Checkmark 8/5/2005 Napa (Napa)
CHARLES KRUG WINERY (563) Checkmark 12/31/1956 St. Helena (Napa)
CHATEAU CHEVALIER (N1532) Checkmark 6/12/1987 St. Helena (Napa)
CHILES MILL (547) Checkmark 1/27/1956 St. Helena (Napa)
CHURCHILL MANOR (N489) Checkmark 4/18/1977 Napa (Napa)
EARL, THOMAS, HOUSE (N1790) Checkmark 8/18/1992 Napa (Napa)
ELMSHAVEN (N1852) Checkmark 11/4/1993 St. Helena (Napa)
ESHCOL WINERY (N1534) Checkmark 7/16/1987 Napa (Napa)
FAR NIENTE WINERY (N756) Checkmark 2/28/1979 Oakville (Napa)
FIRST NATIONAL BANK (N1796) Checkmark 9/24/1992 Napa (Napa)
FIRST PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH BUILDING (878) Checkmark Checkmark 1/13/1975 Napa (Napa)
FIRST STREET BRIDGE (N2254) Checkmark 8/5/2004 Napa (Napa)
FRANCIS, JAMES H., HOUSE (N742) Checkmark 1/31/1979 Calistoga (Napa)
FRENCH LAUNDRY (N591) Checkmark 4/19/1978 Yountville (Napa)
GARNETT CREEK BRIDGE ON CA 29 (N2299) Checkmark 8/5/2005 Calistoga (Napa)
GARNETT CREEK BRIDGE ON GREENWOOD AVENUE (N2300) Checkmark 8/5/2005 Calistoga (Napa)
GEORGE YOUNT BLOCKHOUSE (564) Checkmark 12/31/1956 Yountville (Napa)
GOODMAN LIBRARY (P266) Checkmark Checkmark 8/28/1972 Napa (Napa)
GOODMAN, GEORGE E., JR., HOUSE (N1821) Checkmark 4/1/1993 Napa (Napa)
GOODMAN, GEORGE E., MANSION (N1828) Checkmark 4/15/1993 Napa (Napa)
GORDON BUILDING (N1379) Checkmark 9/12/1985 Napa (Napa)
GRAVE OF GEORGE C. YOUNT (693) Checkmark 7/31/1959 Yountville (Napa)
GREYSTONE CELLARS (N653) Checkmark 8/10/1978 St. Helena (Napa)
GROEZINGER WINE CELLARS (N1020) Checkmark 2/4/1982 Yountville (Napa)
HACKETT HOUSE (N1278) Checkmark 4/19/1984 Napa (Napa)
HATT BUILDING (N492) Checkmark 5/2/1977 Napa (Napa)
HELIOS RANCH (N1357) Checkmark 5/9/1985 St. Helena (Napa)
HENESSEY, DR. EDWIN, HOUSE (N1456) Checkmark 8/28/1986 Napa (Napa)
JUAREZ ADOBE (P70) Checkmark 1/24/1968 Napa (Napa)
KEE, SAM, LAUNDRY BUILDING (N303) Checkmark 10/1/1974 Napa (Napa)
KREUZER RANCH (N1027) Checkmark 2/11/1982 Napa (Napa)
KRUG, CHARLES, WINERY (N310) Checkmark 11/8/1974 St. Helena (Napa)
LARKMEAD WINERY (N1015) Checkmark 2/1/1982 Calistoga (Napa)
LARKMEAD WINERY, HANNS KORNELL CHAMPAGNE CELL (P825) Checkmark 11/8/1996 Calistoga (Napa)
LISBON WINERY (N759) Checkmark 3/1/1979 Napa (Napa)
MANASSE MANSION (N686) Checkmark 11/14/1978 Napa (Napa)
MANASSE, EDWARD G., HOUSE (N1829) Checkmark 4/15/1993 Napa (Napa)
MAXWELL CREEK BRIDGE ON HARDIN ROAD (N2301) Checkmark 8/5/2005 Locoallomi (Napa)
MIGLIAVACCA HOUSE (N569) Checkmark 3/30/1978 Napa (Napa)
MILANI CONCRETE HOME (P73) Checkmark 1/24/1968 St. Helena (Napa)
MILLIKEN CREEK BRIDGE (N2255) Checkmark 8/5/2004 Napa (Napa)
MOUNT GEORGE FARM CENTER (P69) Checkmark 1/24/1968 Napa (Napa)
MOUNT VIEW HOTEL (N1088) Checkmark 4/12/1982 Calistoga (Napa)
NAPA ABAJO--FULLER PARK HISTORIC DISTRICT (N1974) Checkmark 2/19/1997 Napa (Napa)
NAPA COUNTY COURTHOUSE PLAZA (N1775) Checkmark 6/18/1992 Napa (Napa)
NAPA OPERA HOUSE (N262) Checkmark 10/25/1973 Napa (Napa)
NAPA RIVER BRIDGE ON ZINFANDEL LANE (N2302) Checkmark 8/5/2005 St. Helena (Napa)
NAPA VALLEY RAILROAD DEPOT (N490) Checkmark 4/18/1977 Calistoga (Napa)
NAPA VALLEY RAILROAD DEPOT, CALISTOGA (687) Checkmark 7/31/1959 Calistoga (Napa)
NAPA WOMEN'S CLUB HOUSE (P697) Checkmark 3/30/1988 Napa (Napa)
NICHELINI WINERY (N797) Checkmark 8/24/1979 St. Helena (Napa)
NOYES MANSION (N1776) Checkmark 6/18/1992 Napa (Napa)
OAKVILLE GROCERY (N1838) Checkmark 7/22/1993 Oakville (Napa)
OAT HILL MINE ROAD (P67) Checkmark 1/24/1968 Calistoga (Napa)
OLD BALE MILL (359) Checkmark 10/9/1939 St. Helena (Napa)
OLD MAN WITH A PIPE (P68) Checkmark 1/24/1968 Napa (Napa)
OLD NAPA REGISTER BUILDING (N1033) Checkmark 2/19/1982 Napa (Napa)
OLD WHITE CHURCH (P66) Checkmark 1/24/1968 Angwin (Napa)
PALMER, JUDGE AUGUSTUS C., HOUSE (N743) Checkmark 1/31/1979 Calistoga (Napa)
PINKHAM, CAPT. GEORGE, HOUSE (N1777) Checkmark 6/18/1992 Napa (Napa)
POPE STREET BRIDGE (N188) Checkmark Checkmark 10/5/1972 St. Helena (Napa)
RAMOS, JOHN, SHERRY HOUSE-DEPOT SALOON (N2370) Checkmark 8/30/2007 St. Helena (Napa)
RHINE HOUSE (N155) Checkmark 2/23/1972 St. Helena (Napa)
ROBERT LOUIS STEVENSON STATE PARK (710) Checkmark 9/11/1959 Calistoga (Napa)
ROVEGNO, CHARLES, HOUSE (N1733) Checkmark 9/13/1991 Yountville (Napa)
SAINT HELENA SOUTHERN PACIFIC RAILROAD DEPOT (N1968) Checkmark 1/7/1997 Saint Helena (Napa)
SAM BRANNAN COTTAGE, CALISTOGA (685) Checkmark 7/31/1959 Calistoga (Napa)
SAM BRANNAN STORE, CALISTOGA (684) Checkmark 7/31/1959 Calistoga (Napa)
SCHRAMSBERG (561) Checkmark 12/31/1956 Calistoga (Napa)
SCHRAMSBERG VINEYARD (N2036) Checkmark 10/22/1998 Calistoga (Napa)
SEMORILE BUILDING (N313) Checkmark 11/21/1974 Napa (Napa)
SITE OF HUDSON CABIN, CALISTOGA (683) Checkmark 7/31/1959 Calistoga (Napa)
SITE OF KELSEY HOUSE, CALISTOGA (686) Checkmark 7/31/1959 Calistoga (Napa)
SITE OF YORK'S CABIN, CALISTOGA (682) Checkmark 7/31/1959 Calistoga (Napa)
SMITH, WILLIAMS, HOUSE (N1914) Checkmark 6/30/1995 Napa (Napa)
ST. HELENA CATHOLIC CHURCH (N621) Checkmark 5/23/1978 St. Helena (Napa)
ST. HELENA HIGH SCHOOL (N615) Checkmark 5/22/1978 St. Helena (Napa)
ST. HELENA HISTORIC COMMERCIAL DISTRICT (N2009) Checkmark 1/23/1998 St. Helena (Napa)
ST. HELENA PUBLIC LIBRARY (N740) Checkmark 1/19/1979 St. Helena (Napa)
STAGE STOP BUILDING (P398) Checkmark 5/9/1975 Yountville (Napa)
SUSCOL HOUSE (N757) Checkmark 2/28/1979 Napa (Napa)
SWARTZ CREEK BRIDGE ON AETNA SPRINGS ROAD (N2303) Checkmark 8/5/2005 Aetna Springs (Napa)
TAYLOR, DUCKWORTH AND COMPANY FOUNDRY BUILDING (N1000) Checkmark 1/21/1982 St. Helena (Napa)
US POST OFFICE--NAPA FRANKLIN STATION (N1331) Checkmark 1/11/1985 Napa (Napa)
VETERANS HOME OF CALIFORNIA (828) Checkmark 12/4/1968 Yountville (Napa)
VETERANS HOME OF CALIFORNIA CHAPEL (N754) Checkmark 2/13/1979 Yountville (Napa)
WEBBER, JOHN LEE, HOUSE (N996) Checkmark 1/19/1982 Yountville (Napa)
WHITE SULPHUR SPRINGS (P71) Checkmark 1/24/1968 St. Helena (Napa)
WILLIAM TELL SALOON AND HOTEL (N1102) Checkmark 5/7/1982 St. Helena (Napa)
WINSHIP-SMERNES BUILDING (N508) Checkmark 7/29/1977 Napa (Napa)
WULFF, CAPT. N. H., HOUSE (N1791) Checkmark 8/18/1992 Napa (Napa)
YOUNT, ELIZA G., HOUSE (N1797) Checkmark 9/24/1992 Napa (Napa)