California Historical Resources

California's historical resources represent the contributions and collective human experiences of a diversified population spanning 10,000-12,000 years of occupancy in California. This rich heritage is embodied in the cultural and historical landscapes of California as evidenced by archaeological remains, historic buildings, traditional customs, tangible artifacts, historical documents, and public records extant in California. All these evidences of the past contribute to the sum total of California's history. Such historical resources provide continuity with our past and enhance our quality of life.

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Name (Landmark Plaque Number) National Register California State Historical Landmark California Register of Historical Resources Point of Interest Date Listed City (County)
A. W. CLIFTON HOUSE, COMPTON MANSION (C17) Checkmark 2/1/2002 Sacramento (Sacramento)
ADAMS AND COMPANY BUILDING (607) Checkmark 5/22/1957 Sacramento (Sacramento)
ALKALI FLAT CENTRAL HISTORIC DISTRICT (N1294) Checkmark 7/26/1984 Sacramento (Sacramento)
ALKALI FLAT NORTH HISTORIC DISTRICT (N1279) Checkmark 4/19/1984 Sacramento (Sacramento)
ALKALI FLAT WEST HISTORIC DISTRICT (N1295) Checkmark 7/26/1984 Sacramento (Sacramento)
ALTA MESA FARM BUREAU HALL (N1476) Checkmark 1/7/1987 Wilton (Sacramento)
AMERICAN RIVER GRANGE HALL #172 (P823) Checkmark Checkmark 5/15/1996 Rancho Cordova (Sacramento)
ARCHWAY, THE (P614) Checkmark 5/18/1983 Rio Linda (Sacramento)
B. F. HASTINGS BUILDING (606) Checkmark 5/22/1957 Sacramento (Sacramento)
BLUE ANCHOR BUILDING (N1171) Checkmark 2/3/1983 Sacramento (Sacramento)
BREWSTER BUILDING (N2099) Checkmark 8/16/2000 Galt (Sacramento)
BREWSTER HOUSE (N638) Checkmark 6/23/1978 Galt (Sacramento)
BRIGHTON SCHOOL (N952) Checkmark 4/3/1981 Sacramento (Sacramento)
BROWN, JOHN STANFORD, HOUSE (N2252) Checkmark 7/28/2004 Walnut Grove (Sacramento)
CALIFORNIA ALMOND GROWERS EXCHANGE PROCESSING FACILITY (967) Checkmark 10/1/1985 Sacramento (Sacramento)
CALIFORNIA GOVERNOR'S MANSION (N60) Checkmark 11/10/1970 Sacramento (Sacramento)
CALIFORNIA STATE CAPITOL (N222) Checkmark 4/3/1973 Sacramento (Sacramento)
CALIFORNIA'S CAPITOL COMPLEX (872) Checkmark 5/6/1974 Sacramento (Sacramento)
CALIFORNIA'S FIRST PASSENGER RAILROAD (526) Checkmark 3/7/1955 Sacramento (Sacramento)
CALPAK PLANT NO. 11 (N1285) Checkmark 5/17/1984 Sacramento (Sacramento)
CAMP UNION, SUTTERVILLE (666) Checkmark 11/5/1958 Sacramento (Sacramento)
CAPITOL EXTENSION DISTRICT (N1288) Checkmark 5/24/1984 Sacramento (Sacramento)
CARLY, J.C., HOUSE (N2319) Checkmark 3/22/2006 Sacramento (Sacramento)
CHEVRA KADDISHA (HOME OF PEACE CEMETERY) (654-1) Checkmark 7/28/1958 Sacramento (Sacramento)
CHINESE DIGGINGS, NATOMA STATION GROUND SLUICE (P712) Checkmark 11/22/1988 Folsom (Sacramento)
CHUNG WAH CEMETERY (N1918) Checkmark 8/21/1995 Folsom (Sacramento)
COHN HOUSE (N1001) Checkmark 1/21/1982 Folsom (Sacramento)
COLOMA ROAD AT NIMBUS DAM (746) Checkmark 7/5/1960 Folsom (Sacramento)
COLOMA ROAD AT SUTTER'S FORT (745) Checkmark 7/5/1960 Sacramento (Sacramento)
COOLOT COMPANY BUILDING (N671) Checkmark 9/20/1978 Sacramento (Sacramento)
CRANSTON--GEARY HOUSE (N2010) Checkmark 1/23/1998 Sacramento (Sacramento)
CROCKER, E. B., ART GALLERY (N86) Checkmark Checkmark 5/6/1971 Sacramento (Sacramento)
CURRAN FARMHOUSE (P666) Checkmark 12/17/1985 Sacramento (Sacramento)
D. O. MILLS BANK BUILDING (609) Checkmark 5/22/1957 Sacramento (Sacramento)
DELTA MEADOWS SITE (N130) Checkmark 11/5/1971 Locke (Sacramento)
DUNLAP'S DINING ROOM (N1764) Checkmark 4/2/1992 Sacramento (Sacramento)
EAGLE THEATER (595) Checkmark 5/22/1957 Sacramento (Sacramento)
EASTERN STAR HALL (P754) Checkmark Checkmark 8/8/1991 Sacramento (Sacramento)
EBNER'S HOTEL (602) Checkmark 5/22/1957 Sacramento (Sacramento)
EHRHARDT, WILLIAM, HOUSE (N2209) Checkmark 7/10/2003 Elk Grove (Sacramento)
ELK GROVE GRAMMAR SCHOOL / ELK GROVE UNIFIED SCHOOL DISTR (P717) Checkmark 6/12/1989 Elk Grove (Sacramento)
ELK GROVE HISTORIC DISTRICT (N1553) Checkmark 3/1/1988 Elk Grove (Sacramento)
FIFTEEN MILE HOUSE-OVERLAND PONY EXPRESS ROUTE IN CALIFORNIA (698) Checkmark 9/11/1959 Rancho Cordova (Sacramento)
FIRE STATION NO. 6 (N1686) Checkmark 4/25/1991 Sacramento (Sacramento)
FIREHOUSE NO. 3 (N1743) Checkmark 10/29/1991 Sacramento (Sacramento)
FIRST TRANSCONTINENTAL RAILROAD (780) Checkmark 11/20/1962 Sacramento (Sacramento)
FIRST TRANSCONTINENTAL RAILROAD (780) Checkmark 11/20/1962 Sacramento (Sacramento)
FIVE MILE HOUSE-OVERLAND PONY EXPRESS ROUTE IN CALIFORNIA (697) Checkmark 9/11/1959 Sacramento (Sacramento)
FOLSOM DEPOT (N1035) Checkmark 2/19/1982 Folsom (Sacramento)
FOLSOM POWERHOUSE (N258) Checkmark 10/2/1973 Folsom (Sacramento)
FOLSOM-OVERLAND PONY EXPRESS ROUTE IN CALIFORNIA (702) Checkmark 9/11/1959 Folsom (Sacramento)
GALARNEAUX, MARY HALEY, HOUSE (N2121) Checkmark 2/12/2001 Sacramento (Sacramento)
GEORGE HACK HOUSE (P800) Checkmark 8/5/1994 Sacramento (Sacramento)
GOETHE HOUSE (N1036) Checkmark 2/19/1982 Sacramento (Sacramento)
GOVERNOR'S MANSION (823) Checkmark 6/7/1968 Sacramento (Sacramento)
GRAVE OF ALEXANDER HAMILTON WILLARD (657) Checkmark 9/26/1958 Franklin (Sacramento)
GRAVE OF ELITHA CUMI DONNER WILDER (719) Checkmark 12/2/1959 Elk Grove (Sacramento)
GREENE, JOHN T., HOUSE (N1092) Checkmark 4/15/1982 Sacramento (Sacramento)
HEADQUARTERS OF THE BIG FOUR (600) Checkmark 5/22/1957 Sacramento (Sacramento)
HEILBRON HOUSE (N462) Checkmark 12/12/1976 Sacramento (Sacramento)
HOTEL REGIS (N1147) Checkmark 10/29/1982 Sacramento (Sacramento)
HOTEL SENATOR (N782) Checkmark 5/30/1979 Sacramento (Sacramento)
HOWE, EDWARD P., JR., HOUSE (N1037) Checkmark 2/19/1982 Sacramento (Sacramento)
HUBBARD-UPSON HOUSE (N543) Checkmark 12/2/1977 Sacramento (Sacramento)
I STREET BRIDGE (N1094) Checkmark 4/22/1982 Sacramento (Sacramento)
IMPERIAL THEATRE (N1148) Checkmark 10/29/1982 Walnut Grove (Sacramento)
INDIAN STONE CORRAL (N349) Checkmark 4/16/1975 Orangevale (Sacramento)
ISLETON CHINESE AND JAPANESE COMMERCIAL DISTRICTS (N1674) Checkmark 3/14/1991 Isleton (Sacramento)
J STREET WRECK (N1692) Checkmark 5/16/1991 Sacramento (Sacramento)
JEAN HARVIE SCHOOL, WALNUT GROVE COMMUNITY CENTER (P665) Checkmark 8/20/1985 Walnut Grove (Sacramento)
JOE MOUND (N121) Checkmark 10/14/1971 Sacramento (Sacramento)
JOHNSON, J. NEELY, HOUSE (N438) Checkmark 9/13/1976 Sacramento (Sacramento)
JOSEPH HAMPTON KERR HOMESITE (P126) Checkmark 6/6/1969 Sacramento (Sacramento)
JUDAH, THEODORE, SCHOOL (N1985) Checkmark 7/25/1997 Sacremento (Sacramento)
KUCHLER ROW (N1121) Checkmark 6/25/1982 Sacramento (Sacramento)
LADY ADAMS BUILDING (603) Checkmark 5/22/1957 Sacramento (Sacramento)
LAIS, CHARLES, HOUSE (N1350) Checkmark 2/28/1985 Sacramento (Sacramento)
LIBBY MCNEIL AND LIBBY FRUIT AND VEGETABLE CANNERY (N1050) Checkmark 3/2/1982 Sacramento (Sacramento)
LIBERTY SCHOOLHOUSE (P579) Checkmark 12/21/1981 Galt (Sacramento)
LOCKE HISTORIC DISTRICT (N87) Checkmark 5/6/1971 Locke (Sacramento)
MCCLATCHY, C.K., SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL (N2148) Checkmark 11/2/2001 Sacramento (Sacramento)
MERCHANTS NATIONAL BANK OF SACRAMENTO (N1936) Checkmark 2/16/1996 Sacramento (Sacramento)
MERRIUM APARTMENTS (N1654) Checkmark 9/13/1990 Sacramento (Sacramento)
MESICK HOUSE (N1002) Checkmark 1/21/1982 Sacramento (Sacramento)
MICHIGAN (468) Checkmark 8/30/1950 (Sacramento)
MOTOR VEHICLE BUILDING, DEPARTMENT OF FOOD & AGRICULTURE (C4) Checkmark 11/5/1999 Sacramento (Sacramento)
MURPHY'S RANCH (680) Checkmark 5/11/1959 Elk Grove (Sacramento)
NEGRO BAR (P798) Checkmark 5/31/1994 Folsom (Sacramento)
NEW HELVETIA CEMETERY (592) Checkmark 5/22/1957 Sacramento (Sacramento)
NISENAN VILLAGE SITE (N562) Checkmark Checkmark 3/21/1978 Carmichael (Sacramento)
NISIPOWINAN VILLAGE SITE (900) Checkmark 6/16/1976 Sacramento (Sacramento)
OLD ELK GROVE HOTEL SITE (P532) Checkmark 6/29/1979 Sacramento (Sacramento)
OLD FAIR OAKS BRIDGE (N2342) Checkmark 9/25/2006 Fair Oaks (Sacramento)
OLD FOLSOM POWERHOUSE (633) Checkmark 3/3/1958 Folsom (Sacramento)
OLD FOLSOM POWERHOUSE (633) Checkmark 3/3/1958 Folsom (Sacramento)
OLD SACRAMENTO (812) Checkmark Checkmark 12/30/1965 Sacramento (Sacramento)
OLD TAVERN (N1242) Checkmark 9/15/1983 Sacramento (Sacramento)
ORIGINAL SACRAMENTO BEE BUILDING (611) Checkmark 5/22/1957 Sacramento (Sacramento)
OVERTON BUILDING (610) Checkmark 5/22/1957 Sacramento (Sacramento)
PIONEER TELEGRAPH STATION (366) Checkmark 10/9/1939 Sacramento (Sacramento)
PRAIRIE CITY (464) Checkmark 8/30/1950 Prairie City (Sacramento)
PUBLIC WORKS OFFICE BUILDING, CALTRANS BUILDING (C5) Checkmark 11/5/1999 Sacramento (Sacramento)
RAE HOUSE (P743) Checkmark 5/8/1991 Galt (Sacramento)
RIVER MANSION (P149) Checkmark 11/3/1969 Sacramento (Sacramento)
ROSEBUD RANCH (N846) Checkmark 12/31/1979 Hood (Sacramento)
RUHSTALLER BUILDING (N1003) Checkmark 1/21/1982 Sacramento (Sacramento)
RUNYON HOUSE (N2109) Checkmark 10/27/2000 Courtland (Sacramento)
RUSCH HOME (P737) Checkmark 2/11/1991 Citrus Heights (Sacramento)
SACRAMENTO AIR DEPOT HISTORIC DISTRICT (N1747) Checkmark 1/21/1992 North Highlands (Sacramento)
SACRAMENTO BANK BUILDING (N1004) Checkmark 1/21/1982 Sacramento (Sacramento)
SACRAMENTO CITY CEMETERY (566) Checkmark 2/25/1957 Sacramento (Sacramento)
SACRAMENTO CITY LIBRARY (N1784) Checkmark 7/30/1992 Sacramento (Sacramento)
SACRAMENTO HALL OF JUSTICE (N2067) Checkmark 9/24/1999 Sacremento (Sacramento)
SACRAMENTO JUNIOR COLLEGE ANNEX AND EXTENSIONS (N1874) Checkmark 8/22/1994 Sacramento (Sacramento)
SACRAMENTO MASONIC TEMPLE (N2131) Checkmark 5/17/2001 Sacramento (Sacramento)
SACRAMENTO MEMORIAL AUDITORIUM (N566) Checkmark 3/29/1978 Sacramento (Sacramento)
SITE OF CHINA SLOUGH (594) Checkmark 5/22/1957 Sacramento (Sacramento)
SITE OF CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH (613) Checkmark 5/22/1957 Sacramento (Sacramento)
SITE OF FIRST AND SECOND STATE CAPITOLS AT SACRAMENTO (869) Checkmark 1/11/1974 Sacramento (Sacramento)
SITE OF FIRST COUNTY FREE LIBRARY BRANCH IN CALIFORNIA (817) Checkmark 6/1/1967 Elk Grove (Sacramento)
SITE OF GRIST MILL BUILT BY JARED DIXON SHELDON (439) Checkmark 6/2/1949 Sloughhouse (Sacramento)
SITE OF HOME OF NEWTON BOOTH (596) Checkmark 5/22/1957 Sacramento (Sacramento)
SITE OF ORLEANS HOTEL (608) Checkmark 5/22/1957 Sacramento (Sacramento)
SITE OF SACRAMENTO UNION (605) Checkmark 5/22/1957 Sacramento (Sacramento)
SITE OF STAGE AND RAILROAD (FIRST) (598) Checkmark 5/22/1957 Sacramento (Sacramento)
SITE OF PIONEER MUTUAL VOLUNTEER FIREHOUSE  (612) Checkmark 5/22/1957 Sacramento (Sacramento)
SLOCUM HOUSE (N744) Checkmark 1/31/1979 Fair Oaks (Sacramento)
SLOUGHHOUSE (575) Checkmark 5/17/1957 Sloughhouse (Sacramento)
SOUTHERN PACIFIC RAILROAD COMPANY'S SACRAMENTO DEPOT (N353) Checkmark 4/21/1975 Sacramento (Sacramento)
SOUTHERN PACIFIC RAILROAD SUPERINTENDENT HOUSE (N2411) Checkmark 6/13/2008 Folsom (Sacramento)
ST. ELIZABETH'S CHURCH (P611) Checkmark 3/2/1983 Sacramento (Sacramento)
STANFORD-LATHROP HOUSE (614) Checkmark Checkmark 5/22/1957 Sacramento (Sacramento)
STATE INDIAN MUSEUM (991) Checkmark 8/17/1990 Sacramento (Sacramento)
SUTTER'S FORT (525) Checkmark Checkmark 11/1/1954 Sacramento (Sacramento)
SUTTER'S LANDING (591) Checkmark 5/22/1957 Sacramento (Sacramento)
SUTTERVILLE (593) Checkmark 5/22/1957 Sacramento (Sacramento)
TERMINAL OF CALIFORNIA'S FIRST PASSENGER RAILROAD (558) Checkmark 12/31/1956 Folsom (Sacramento)
THE VILLA (SERVE OUR SENIORS, INCORPORATED) (P764) Checkmark 2/14/1992 Orangevale (Sacramento)
TOWER BRIDGE (N1116) Checkmark 6/24/1982 Sacramento (Sacramento)
TRAVELERS' HOTEL (N680) Checkmark 10/19/1978 Sacramento (Sacramento)
U.S. POST OFFICE, COURTHOUSE AND FEDERAL BUILDING (N855) Checkmark 1/25/1980 Sacramento (Sacramento)
UTAH CONDENSED MILK COMPANY PLANT (N650) Checkmark 8/3/1978 Galt (Sacramento)
VAN VOORHIES HOUSE (N535) Checkmark 11/17/1977 Sacramento (Sacramento)
VERNON-BRANNAN HOUSE (604) Checkmark 5/22/1957 Sacramento (Sacramento)
WAGNER, ANTON, DUPLEX (N923) Checkmark 11/10/1980 Sacramento (Sacramento)
WALNUT GROVE CHINESE-AMERICAN HISTORIC DISTRICT (N1630) Checkmark 3/22/1990 Walnut Grove (Sacramento)
WALNUT GROVE COMMERCIAL/RESIDENTIAL HISTORIC DISTRICT (N1634) Checkmark 4/12/1990 Walnut Grove (Sacramento)
WALNUT GROVE GAKUEN HALL (N882) Checkmark 6/17/1980 Walnut Grove (Sacramento)
WALNUT GROVE JAPANESE-AMERICAN HISTORIC DISTRICT (N1631) Checkmark 3/22/1990 Walnut Grove (Sacramento)
WESTERN HOTEL (601) Checkmark 5/22/1957 Sacramento (Sacramento)
WESTMINSTER PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH (N2203) Checkmark 5/22/2003 Sacramento (Sacramento)
WETZLAR, JULIUS, HOUSE (N1183) Checkmark 3/31/1983 Sacramento (Sacramento)
WHAT CHEER HOUSE (597) Checkmark 5/22/1957 Sacramento (Sacramento)
WHITTER RANCH (ORIGINALLY SAYLOR RANCH), WITTER RANCH (P744) Checkmark 5/8/1991 Sacramento (Sacramento)
WINTERS HOUSE (N2046) Checkmark 1/25/1999 Sacremento (Sacramento)
WITTER, EDWIN, RANCH (N1675) Checkmark 3/14/1991 Sacramento (Sacramento)
WOODLAKE SITE (N88) Checkmark 5/6/1971 Sacramento (Sacramento)
YEONG WO CEMETERY (P810) Checkmark 5/30/1995 Folsom (Sacramento)