NO. 426 SITE OF STONE AND KELSEY HOME - This home was built by Charles Stone and Andy Kelsey on land purchased from Salvador Vallejo. They forced Indians to do the construction work, causing much resentment. Finally, in the fall of 1849, the Indians killed both Stone and Kelsey - their remains are buried beneath this monument.
Location: Intersection of Main St and Bell Hill Rd, Kelseyville

NO. 427 THE BATTLE OF BLOODY ISLAND - One-fourth mile west is Bloody Island, now a hill surrounded by reclaimed land, where, in 1850, U.S. soldiers nearly annihilated the Indian inhabitants for the murder of two white men. Doubt exists of these Indians' guilt. In 1851 a treaty was negotiated between whites and Indians.
Location: Intersection of State Hwy 20 and Reclamation Rd, 1. 7 mi SE of Upper Lake

NO. 428 SULPHUR BANK MINE - This sulphur mine also became one of the most noted quicksilver producers in world. First worked for sulphur in 1865, in four years it produced a total of 2,000,000 pounds - reopened and developed for quicksilver in 1873, it is credited with total output of 92,400 flasks, and was an important producer in World Wars I and II.
Location: Intersection of State Hwy 20 (P.M. 29.5) and Sulphur Bank Rd, 1.5 mi S of Clearlake Oaks

NO. 429 LOWER LAKE STONE JAIL - This jail, claimed to be the smallest in the United States, was erected in 1876 of stone locally quarried and reinforced with iron. During the stirring days of the first quicksilver operations of the Sulphur Bank Mine, lasting from 1873 to 1883, obvious need for a jail led to its construction.
Location: 0.1 mi S of intersection of State Hwys 29 and 53, 16118 Main St, Lower Lake

NO. 450 STONE HOUSE - Oldest building in Lake County, the Stone House was erected of stone in 1853-54 by Robert Sterling, whose wife was first non-Indian woman in Coyote Valley. It was rebuilt in 1894 and served as headquarters of the Guenoc land grant and the first store in the valley.
Location: NE corner Hwy 29 and Hidden Valley Rd, 5.3 mi N of Middletown

NO. 467 ST. HELENA TOLL ROAD AND BULL TRAIL - The old bull trail from Napa Valley to Middletown was built by volunteers in the 1850s. A number of its grades were 35 percent. An official road in 1861, it was abandoned in 1868. The St. Helena Toll Road, completed in 1868, ran between the same points with grades of 12 percent.
Location: NW corner of State Hwy 29 (P.M. 5.5) and Hill Ave, Middletown

NO. 897 OLD LAKE COUNTY COURTHOUSE - This brick courthouse, constructed by A. P. Pettit in 1870-71, was one of the few buildings in the vicinity to survive the 1906 earthquake with only minor damage. It served Lake County as a seat of government from 1871 until 1968. Precedent-setting trials on water rights were held here, along with the 'White Cap' murder trial in 1890.
Location: 255 N Main St, Lakeport
Listed on the National Register of Historic Places: NPS-70000134