NO. 851 WOODLAND OPERA HOUSE - The first opera house to serve the Sacramento Valley was built on this site in 1885. The present structure, built in 1895-96, continues to represent an important center for theatrical arts of that period. Erected by David M. Hershey and incorporating the classic American playhouse interior, it served vast agricultural regions of the Sacramento Valley. Motion picture competition hastened its closing in 1913.
Location: W side of 2nd St between Main St and Dead Cat Alley, Woodland

NO. 864 GABLE MANSION - The Gable Mansion, an outstanding example of 19th-century Victorian Italianate architecture, is one of the last of its style, size, and proportion in California. This structure was built in 1885 for Amos and Harvey Gable, pioneer Yolo County ranchers.
Location: 659-1st St, Woodland

NO. 1040 First Pacific Coast Salmon Cannery Site - From here to the Sacramento River is the approximate site of California’s first Pacific Coast Salmon Cannery in Washington (Broderick), Yolo County, founded by Hapgood, Hume and Company in 1864.  This small canning operation was the beginning of the West Coast’s salmon canning industry.  Salmon caught in the Sacramento River were canned by the cooker-boiler method, rather than the contemporary salt preservation method of that time.  This allowed for wider markets and lower prices.  In 1866, due to the decline in salmon runs in the river, the operation was relocated along the Columbia River, Oregon.
Location:  Sacramento River, opposite foot of K Street, West Sacramento