NO. 549 FROG WOMAN ROCK- Frog Woman Rock is a site associated with the Pomo legend of Frog Woman, the clever and powerful wife of Coyote, who lived near this rock.
Location: Approx 6 mi S of Hopland on Hwy 101 (P.M. 5.1)

NO. 615 FORT BRAGG - The fort was established in this vicinity June 11, 1857 by 1st Lieutenant (later Brigadier General) Horatio Gates Gibson, 3rd Artillery, U.S. Army, who named it in honor of his former company commander, Braxton Bragg, later General, CSA. The fort was abandoned in October 1864.
Location: 321 Main St, Fort Bragg

NO. 674 ROUND VALLEY - This valley was discovered by Frank M. Azbill, who arrived from Eden Valley on May 15, 1854. During the same year, Charles Kelsey from Clear Lake also visited it and George E. White sighted it from Blue Nose.
Location: Inspiration Pt, on State Hwy 162 (P.M. 23.7), 5 mi S of Covelo

NO. 714 MENDOCINO PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH - This is one of the oldest Protestant churches in continuous use in California. The Presbyterian Church, organized on November 6, 1859, dedicated the redwood building on July 5, 1868.
Location: 44831 Main St, Mendocino

NO. 926 SUN HOUSE - This house, constructed in 1911-12, is a unique Craftsman style redwood building which incorporates northwestern designs into its architecture. The Sun House was designed by George Wilcox and John W. and Grace Carpenter Hudson. Dr. Hudson was a recognized authority on American Indians, and especially California Pomo Indians. Mrs. Hudson, an outstanding artist, became widely known for her paintings of Pomo life.
Location: 431 S Main St, Ukiah

NO. 927 TEMPLE OF KWAN TAI - One of the oldest of California's Chinese houses of worship in continuous use, the temple may date back as far as 1854, though its documented history reaches only to 1883. The Chinese built many temples in California, but most have been destroyed, and no others remain on the North Coast.
Location: 45160 Albion St, Mendocino

NO. 980 UKIAH VICHY SPRINGS RESORT - Frank Marble discovered these springs in 1848, and William Day established a resort here in the 1850s. Ukiah Vichy represents one of the oldest and one of the few continuously operating mineral springs in California. Its waters remain among the most important of the thermal, alkaline-carbonated waters once so highly valued by both European and American believers in hydropathy. It is the only mineral springs in California that resembles the famed Grand Grille Springs of Vichy, France.
Location: 2701 Vichy Springs Rd, Ukiah 

NO. 1035 Point Arena Light Station -In 1989 the Point Arena Light Station was listed in the National Register of Historic Places for its statewide significance in the area of maritime history.  Coastal traffic increased substantially during the 1860s, and heavy storms and fogs often made trips along the coast treacherous.  The first buildings at the station were constructed in 1870 and were destroyed in 1906 during the San Francisco Earthquake.  At that time the U. S. Lighthouse Service decided to use reinforced concrete in the light house replacement.  Prior to this, reinforced concrete had not been employed in the construction of a California lighthouse.  Thus, when the Point Arena Lighthouse began operation in 1908, it became the first lighthouse of reinforced concreted in the State.  Strikingly situated between the Pacific Ocean to the west and rolling farmland on the east, the Point Arena Light Station retains the character and appearance of one hundred years ago. 
Location:  Lighthouse Road, Point Arena