NO. 12 RESIDENCE OF GENERAL WILLIAM B. IDE - General Ide came to California with his family in 1845. Ide helped organize the revolt against the Mexican mandate requiring Americans to leave California, and was the first and only President of the California Republic, under Bear Flag Party proclamation.
Location: William B. Ide Adobe State Historic Park, 3040 Adobe Rd, 1.5 mi N of Red Bluff
NO. 117 HOME OF MRS. JOHN BROWN - In 1864 the widow of John Brown, the famous abolitionist of Harpers Ferry, came to Red Bluff with her children. So great was the admiration for John Brown in that area that a considerable sum of money was raised to provide his widow and children with a home. Mrs. Brown lived there until the summer of 1870, when she and her children moved to Humboldt County.
Location: 135 Main St, Red Bluff

NO. 183 FIRST TEHAMA COUNTY COURTHOUSE - Tehama County's Board of Supervisors and other county officials first met in rented rooms in the Union Hotel, later called Heider House. The county seat remained here from May 1856 to March 1857, when it was moved to Red Bluff. The Heider House was destroyed by fire in 1908. This property is part of original land grant to Robert Hasty Thomes, 1844.
Location: 75 ft E of intersection of 2nd and D Sts, Tehama

NO. 357 INDIAN MILITARY POST, NOMI LACKEE INDIAN RESERVATION - An Indian military post from 1854 to 1866, the Nomi Lackee Indian Reservation controlled 300 to 2,500 militant Indians. U.S. Survey of 1858 showed the reservation to cover 25,139.71 acres. The Indians moved to Round Valley in 1866.
Location: On Osborn Rd, 3.9 mi N of Flournoy