NO. 421 HENNESS PASS ROAD - The main emigrant trail between Virginia City, Nevada and Marysville, California, the Henness Pass Road was in use as early as 1849. At that time, this was the only road through the Henness Pass.
Location: SW corner intersection of Ridge and Henness Pass Rds, 3.3 mi W of Alleghany

NO. 695 PLUM VALLEY HOUSE - In 1854, John Bope built the Plum Valley House of hewn logs and whipsawn lumber. Named for the wild plums which grow in the area, it was a toll station on the Henness Pass Road between Marysville and Virginia City.
Location: On Ridge Rd, 8.6 mi E of State Hwy 49 and 9.0 mi W of Alleghany

NO. 971 SIERRA COUNTY SHERIFF'S GALLOWS - On November 27, 1885, 20-year-old James O'Neill was hanged from this gallows for the August 7, 1884 murder of Webber Lake dairyman John Woodward. That execution, conducted by Sheriff Samuel C. Stewart approximately 100 feet west of this site, was the last legal execution in Sierra County and the only time this gallows was used. Changes in State law in 1891 ended local executions in California, and further changes in 1941 ended hanging as a means of legal execution within the state.
Location: Sierra County Jail Yard, Downieville